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    4d9rfan4life  56, Female, Arizona, USA - 15 entries
Jun 2012
2:25 AM CDT

The conversation

So despite that Shawn and I seemed to hit it off, both on the phone and then in person, we seemed to be heading in the opposite direction.

We were so comfortable with each other that it felt as though we were best friends for many many years, to the point that we somehow managed to keep from crossing a line, one that neither of us put down, but obviously was there.

So for the last week, contact between us has been sporadic.� So I finally asked him the other day, what's going on?� To my surprise, he was wondering the same thing.� So after deciding that perhaps we are just better off as friends, he totally turned the tables on me, something that no one, no man in my life has ever done.� He is pleading his case on why we should give it another shot, a second date.

In the movie, Jerry Maguire, that scene where he is told to 'Shut Up', 'You had me at Hello'... now I get the exact depth of that saying.� I have never been so speechless in my life, I have never been so flattered.
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    4d9rfan4life  56, Female, Arizona, USA - 15 entries
Jun 2012
7:23 PM CDT

Date with Shawn....

So our date has come and gone, it was an awesome time, great evening, great company, what more can I ask for?

After meeting up at BullShooters in Phoenix and playing a few rounds of pool, we headed over to his house for a barbecue and some swimming.�

Although this situation would never have taken place prior, I found myself feeling very comfortable with him, it is actually a very nice change of pace for me.

So for now, he is going to call me when he gets home from work.� I hope that we make another set of plans to see each other real soon, I really thoroughly enjoyed myself and I think he did too.
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    4d9rfan4life  56, Female, Arizona, USA - 15 entries
Jun 2012
8:24 PM CDT

In a few hours.... wow!

So am I getting nervous that the date between Shawn and myself is less than a day away... surprisingly, no!

I think that since we took the opportunity to talk as much as possible, putting everything on the table that was asked, I think that makes the pending meeting not such a nervous or stressful thing.

Don't get me wrong, there are going to be nerves in play just on the idea that we have never met before, but I believe it is going to go real well.

As for the meeting place, it is at a very well known and semi-busy place, even for a Sunday.

As for Colin.... you know I haven't heard from him since sending that email in which I believed it was best for us to go our seperate ways.� I hope that he is okay, I really do, but at this time, I couldn't really tell you.
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    4d9rfan4life  56, Female, Arizona, USA - 15 entries
Jun 2012
6:20 PM CDT

To smile a smile... its great!

Since meeting Shawn on the dating site, my days seem as though there is more color in everything I view, I find that I can laugh at myself, laugh to myself and just smile for no reason... most of the time it is from something that he said during any one of our conversations.

Although we had initially agreed to meet in a couple of weeks, we both can't wait that long.� If he's not considering a chance to come out here to meet me, I am considering a chance to go down there to meet him, it's a crazy, whirlwind, lack of planning notion and one that we have both came very close to doing at one time or another.

So we swapped ideas, made some changes that we both felt comfortable with and will be seeing each other on Sunday.

Is it possible to find someone so perfect for me and not even know him yet?

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    tellxmexwhy  30, Female, North Carolina, USA - 4 entries
Dec 2009
8:07 PM EDT

It's Been a While

Wow, it has been a loooong time since I wrote. I have just been too busy to get on the computer, much less come on here. A lot has happened since the day I got my nose pierced. I broke my ankle 2 weeks ago, but it's almost better now thank goodness. And I also lost my friends. I guess it's just teenage drama but I'll let you know what happened anyway simply for the fact that I need to vent and I can't trust anyone else. I know you won't tell. lol So anyways, my friends have helped me with my stuff the past 2 weeks. Ya know getting around school and everything since I was on crutches and whatnot. So one of my best friends got a new phone. The next day it fell out of her pocket book and broke while she was helping me. Now, apparently, it's my fault. She has practically the whole school hating me and every one is calling me a b**** and saying I'm rude and blah blah blah. I have never gotten so many hate texts in my life! Well, I had an emotional meltdown at school today and I did the unthinkable-I cried. In front of everyone. And not once, but twice. I hate crying in front of people; it makes me feel so weak and vulnerable. Well, now I'm friendless and every one hates me. I didn't even do anything! I mean, I know people who are guilty always say that but I am honestly telling the truth! I. did. nothing. wrong. But, of course everyone blames me, the crippled. I always get blamed for everything! So, like, literally the whole school hates me. Every time I hobble by they whisper about me like I can't even hear them. But oh well. This too shall pass, and karma's a beast. They will soon regret ever giving me up. And if they don't then I didn't really need them to begin with. Right? I don't need them and their drama and their talking about people. I may be a "b****" but at least I'm a nice one. And I really do believe that I'm a good friend. Others might not think that but who cares? I'll eventually find some one who is a true friend; some one who is worth my time and my tears. I regret crying, I really do. I think they were tears of anger. I think I know why the loners at school are...well...loners. It is probably best to be a loner. At least you don't have to put up with anyone's bullcrap. But I am a Libra, a social butterfly. I just have to socialize or I will go insane! I just don't know what to do. I guess I will try to be a loner since no one wants to talk to me. Since I have become a leper. *sigh* Why do things have to crash and burn right when life is starting to get good? But maybe life wasn't getting good then, maybe it's getting good now. Maybe I was supposed to break my ankle so that I would open my eyes and realize (I rhymed heehee) that my "friends" were wearing a big fat mask the whole time. True, it does hurt. A whole year of friendship went right down the toilet, but maybe it's for the best. Like a quote by Publilious Syrus, "A friendship that can end never really began." Maybe our friendship never even began. So, I don't know what's going to happen. I'm gonna just go to school and hold my head held high and act like being hated don't bother me. Now that that little rant is over with I am gonna go read some before bed. Wish me luck and merry Christmas everyone!

2 comment(s) - 08:19 PM - 02/08/2010
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    darkgal23  32, Female, Malaysia - 25 entries
May 2008
5:52 AM EDT

these few days~

I am quite happy for these few days~

shiong na dmangkuk came to my house yesterday~^^

and at night me and mangkuk went to shiong house~so happy~^^haha

i finally got a chance to explore his house~^^

we had our dinner near by shiong house and my mum came to fetch me at about 11 oclock in the mamak stall infront shiong house~^^

these few day i usually having arguement with my mum==

i hate it!

how come she can be so fussy and yet talking about something without logic......

wat's wrong came out from her mouth and wat's right also came out from her mouth.........wat ever she said is correct for herself ONLY.......

every time also like this.......

hate it!!!

yew no longer my bestfriend already...........

i found that he never treat us as his best friend...........a bit hurt......

but nvm lo~

i still have shiong hui and mangkuk wat~^^

hope days can just as normal as wat i have~^^

exam coming~^^

need bug up already!!! gambateh lo!!

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    darkgal23  32, Female, Malaysia - 25 entries
Apr 2008
7:31 AM EDT

Exam is coming==

exam is coming, for the following week we ned to bug up already!

there are still many works for me to do==homework and also notes~

but there are also many things happen for this few days==

yew fail in the singing competition......feel very sorry for him.......

and yet the teacher days audition is coming......

and the mid-term exam is coming......

shiong is also very busy........feel very sorry ........coz i can do nth to help him.......

he is a very pour thing.......

he�being as�a leader so that need to have meeting every day during recess and yet being hungry but eat nth.......

and�since exam is coming.......

he is�being stressful with all the things he need to do.......feel sorry to him.....

busy busy busy thats wat he got==

everyday reach school study then recess time go meeting and then study again....after school go society or tuition.........everyday also reach home after 9 or 10 o clock......then bath and sleep........and next morning wake up at the early 5 and go school study meeting and others keep repeating..........

this is wat he do for everyday.......

for me.......i still got time to ress and even play.......but he have no choice.......


if ony i could help him on........

and since exam is coming, he need to have more time�to study and do revision.....but no! he have no time.......

hope that i could help least i can teach him about the i also need to bug up already........

if not, i might coz his result getting worse becoz of my careless mistake on teaching like last time...........

so lo==

i really cares u de leh~

so u must let me know wat r u thinking wor~and let me know when u really need help~^^

and i will always be there for u~^^

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    heykaro89  35, Female, Taiwan - 6 entries
Aug 2007
9:40 AM EDT

Just don't know why couldn'tshe move on and openher mind simply to a friend.
we used to be friends,but then we got into a fight because we werecooperatingon an art competetion but duty problems crushed out our friendship and intrigued the war between us.

after all these time i've moved on and not pissed anymore,and i tried to apologize,she said she didnt mind but she seemed still upset,i don't know why and i'm tired of pleasing her or care about her feelings.

some say,"Let The Begones Be Gone",well, it's time to let go and start my brain new freshman life.
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