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    4d9rfan4life  53, Female, Arizona, USA - 15 entries
Jun 2012
8:24 PM CDT

In a few hours.... wow!

So am I getting nervous that the date between Shawn and myself is less than a day away... surprisingly, no!

I think that since we took the opportunity to talk as much as possible, putting everything on the table that was asked, I think that makes the pending meeting not such a nervous or stressful thing.

Don't get me wrong, there are going to be nerves in play just on the idea that we have never met before, but I believe it is going to go real well.

As for the meeting place, it is at a very well known and semi-busy place, even for a Sunday.

As for Colin.... you know I haven't heard from him since sending that email in which I believed it was best for us to go our seperate ways.� I hope that he is okay, I really do, but at this time, I couldn't really tell you.
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    LyaDanae  27, Female, Arizona, USA - 8 entries
Jan 2008
5:42 PM EDT

Today was the first day back, and was it boring. I just couldn't stop thinking of the fact that those annoying days of teachers excessively talking and tests, and homework came back. Vacation just seemed so relaxing, even though they seemed very short, boring, and uninteresting.

But anyways, not here to whine about homework, instead, to avoid homework, I would like to talk to friends online, myspace, msn, and everything. I'm taking a "break" from homework. Write to me, I'd like to meet somebodyhere. c/b

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    wateringthedaisies  30, Female, Alabama, USA - First entry!
Jan 2008
5:28 PM CST

do you know you're unlike any other, you'll always be my thunder

So, I started out 2008 with a bang... I was reading Wicked, and didn't even notice it was midnight. No wild parties, no drunken songs were sung. Though alcohol could have made it a better night, no I spent that night working, and then going home to snuggle in my bed and read. Exciting? I know, I live a wild life. I told myself I'd start keeping a journal for 2008... well 3 days later, here I am starting one. Just a few days off. I'm never one to start things when they should be.

That song (the one in the title) has been on repeat for me, all day. It reminds me of last year. And the year before. When all I could think about was... him. No, I wasn't in love, try infatuation. He led me on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, that ended with me saying to hell with it, I can't handle it anymore. Now he's moved on, to a 15 year old. Yeah, that boost my confidence a whole lot, one upped by a kid who can't even do Algebra without help. He wants to eat lunch with me, tomorrow. Just when I was getting completely over him. He does this. But, I'll handle it. I can. I just have to.

I guess I could tell the internet world about myself? But where would be the fun in that? Where would the mystery be in there? I guess you can just read on, that is if anyone reads this, and decipher who I amby what I say.

I'm out, Flowers For Algernon is calling my name...

-the girl in second place

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