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Dec 2009
8:07 PM EDT

It's Been a While

Wow, it has been a loooong time since I wrote. I have just been too busy to get on the computer, much less come on here. A lot has happened since the day I got my nose pierced. I broke my ankle 2 weeks ago, but it's almost better now thank goodness. And I also lost my friends. I guess it's just teenage drama but I'll let you know what happened anyway simply for the fact that I need to vent and I can't trust anyone else. I know you won't tell. lol So anyways, my friends have helped me with my stuff the past 2 weeks. Ya know getting around school and everything since I was on crutches and whatnot. So one of my best friends got a new phone. The next day it fell out of her pocket book and broke while she was helping me. Now, apparently, it's my fault. She has practically the whole school hating me and every one is calling me a b**** and saying I'm rude and blah blah blah. I have never gotten so many hate texts in my life! Well, I had an emotional meltdown at school today and I did the unthinkable-I cried. In front of everyone. And not once, but twice. I hate crying in front of people; it makes me feel so weak and vulnerable. Well, now I'm friendless and every one hates me. I didn't even do anything! I mean, I know people who are guilty always say that but I am honestly telling the truth! I. did. nothing. wrong. But, of course everyone blames me, the crippled. I always get blamed for everything! So, like, literally the whole school hates me. Every time I hobble by they whisper about me like I can't even hear them. But oh well. This too shall pass, and karma's a beast. They will soon regret ever giving me up. And if they don't then I didn't really need them to begin with. Right? I don't need them and their drama and their talking about people. I may be a "b****" but at least I'm a nice one. And I really do believe that I'm a good friend. Others might not think that but who cares? I'll eventually find some one who is a true friend; some one who is worth my time and my tears. I regret crying, I really do. I think they were tears of anger. I think I know why the loners at school are...well...loners. It is probably best to be a loner. At least you don't have to put up with anyone's bullcrap. But I am a Libra, a social butterfly. I just have to socialize or I will go insane! I just don't know what to do. I guess I will try to be a loner since no one wants to talk to me. Since I have become a leper. *sigh* Why do things have to crash and burn right when life is starting to get good? But maybe life wasn't getting good then, maybe it's getting good now. Maybe I was supposed to break my ankle so that I would open my eyes and realize (I rhymed heehee) that my "friends" were wearing a big fat mask the whole time. True, it does hurt. A whole year of friendship went right down the toilet, but maybe it's for the best. Like a quote by Publilious Syrus, "A friendship that can end never really began." Maybe our friendship never even began. So, I don't know what's going to happen. I'm gonna just go to school and hold my head held high and act like being hated don't bother me. Now that that little rant is over with I am gonna go read some before bed. Wish me luck and merry Christmas everyone!

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Aug 2009
9:39 PM EDT

Nose piercing and other things

Today I got my nose pierced! I thought it was gonna hurt but it didn't! My eyes didn't even water! I am so proud of myself because I am a complete whimp and I went through with it and didn't scream or anything. Now I'm just trying to keep it from getting infected. But, I love it! Some of my friends like it but others are saying I'm stupid for doing. And you know what I tell all the haters? It doesn't matter what anyone thinks, as long as I like it.

Oh, and I got my hair cut, too. It's a little shorter than I'm used to (right above my shoulders) but I like it. Today has been nothing but change; which I think is a good thing because I needed some change in my life.

I have orientation for school tomorrow. I start back Wed. Ugh! I so don't wanna go back. But, oh well. You gotta do what you gotta do, and I gotta go to school.

5 comment(s) - 05:05 PM - 08/04/2009
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Jul 2009
9:38 PM EDT

Beach Trip

I just got back from a beach trip w/ my mom, grandma, and best friend. I look like a lobster. My sunburn hurts SO bad! And I got stung by a jellyfish! The lifeguard said I would have a 1 in 50 chance of getting stung, so I guess I'm 1 in 50 lol. It was the first time I've experienced that and it was the worst pain I've ever experienced in my life. My whole leg felt like it was burning for, like, 5 hours! And it was swollen. It even left a scar. But other than the sunburn and jellyfish sting I had a wonderful time. I can't wait to go back next year. Hopefully I won't get stung by a jellyfish or get a lobster tan haha.

3 comment(s) - 06:01 PM - 07/30/2009
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Jul 2009
9:13 PM EDT

I Wonder...

Have you ever wondered about something, and it just got on your nerves so bad because you couldn't figure out the answer or reason why? Well, I have been feeling that way for a while now. I've been wondering why my dad hasn't called me in almost a month after he promised me he would keep in touch this time. I've been wondering why my grandpa, the most wonderful, amazing, sweetest...awesomest, person in the entire world is lying in a nasty hospital bed dying from Leukemia. I wonder why little innocent children are starving to death all around the world while rich snobby people pig out on expensive food and take everything they have for granted. I wonder all of these things and more, and I am just so frustrated that I can't ever get the answers I need! Ugh!

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1 comment(s) - 06:38 PM - 07/19/2009
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