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    tellxmexwhy  27, Female, North Carolina, USA - 4 entries
Jul 2009
9:38 PM EDT

Beach Trip

I just got back from a beach trip w/ my mom, grandma, and best friend. I look like a lobster. My sunburn hurts SO bad! And I got stung by a jellyfish! The lifeguard said I would have a 1 in 50 chance of getting stung, so I guess I'm 1 in 50 lol. It was the first time I've experienced that and it was the worst pain I've ever experienced in my life. My whole leg felt like it was burning for, like, 5 hours! And it was swollen. It even left a scar. But other than the sunburn and jellyfish sting I had a wonderful time. I can't wait to go back next year. Hopefully I won't get stung by a jellyfish or get a lobster tan haha.

3 comment(s) - 06:01 PM - 07/30/2009
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    wowhunnterr  48, Male, Virginia, USA - 14 entries
Aug 2008
10:27 AM EDT

Day at the Beach

You would think that taking the kids to the beach is a good idea.� And you would be right.� However, feeding the kids while at the beach is another beast entirely.� My penny pinching wife, who didnt want to just get everyone a pizza or two to share on the boardwalk for all of $20, ended up spending $100 for food.� Albeit it was good food, my kids had never had good Greek food.� But still, Damn!!� If I had asked for a few extra bucks to buy ............Hell anything really the answer is NO.� I so need to set up a secondary account so I have a few buck stashed away for things that I want.� Even if it is to buy things for the kids for Xmas.�

Well, at the beach, VA beach BTW, the waves were huge.� Maybe not California huge or Hawaii huge, but huge for VA, thanks to the tropical storm off the coast.� The kids and I had a blast.� Of course I am hurting like a bear in a trap.� But somethings are worth pain.� Life is full of pain, my life especially.� So if I am going to hurt, I might as well try to have some fun.

The "Boys", my youngest nephews, were going to come with us.� We had made this trip especially so they could come with us.� Well, wen it was time to pick them up, we found out that there other uncle, the pot smoking unemployeed asshole uncle, grounded them.� Why are they grounded you ask?� Because they didnt turn off the TV when they went to bed.� What the fuck, you have got to be kidding me.� They are 7 and 5, thats what kids do, they fall asleep watching TV.� Then being a responsible adult you come along, tuck them in bed, turn off the tv and shut off the lights.� you dont ground them from going over to there favorite Uncles house when I am taking them to the beach and sacrificing my health, time, energy and money.� It was selfish of him to do that I think.� Any other opinions?

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