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    dee23  49, Female, United Kingdom - 11 comments
Dec 2008
7:36 PM GMT

hi i,m back my surgery went very well and i feel fine not too much pain they used key hole surgery and i was home next day but now i have to sit arround and do nothing for at least four weeks may be even six but it was well worth it i would recommend a hysterectomy to any one who needs it done so now i can look forward to a pain free new year .

p.s thanks for all the lovley comments .

1 comment(s) - 09:16 AM - 12/14/2008
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    jazziette  63, Female, Arizona, USA - 11 comments
Sep 2011
9:41 PM CST

Spreading my gossamer wings...

It's time to come out of the cocoon and to taste the beautiful and exotic mystery of life once more.

Breathe deep.....feel the unparallelled freedom of letting go!

Bask in the intoxication of your very own unique and exquisite being.

Time to fly the miracle of the butterfly.

1 comment(s) - 10:33 PM - 11/01/2014
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    Nated09  29, Male, Illinois, USA - 10 comments
Jan 2009
5:31 PM CST


Turn your wounds into wisdom.� ~Oprah Winfrey

Yes this is from Oprah...while she is seen as a farce by some, and a Goddess by others, I just see her as a woman that has gone through things in life.

This quotation, means a lot to me, I have done exactly this, or have tried to in life.

I have taken the wounds that I have been dealt in life into wisdom, seeing as how most think that history repeats itself. If we take what we've done in life, and turn that into wisdom, we shouldn't repeat what we've already done.

I know that some mistakes that I've made in life, some that I've regretted, I don't anymore, because I have learned from them, gained the wisdom that are in those mistakes, and used it to my advantage.

Most are afraid of making mistakes, well depending on what they are, yes be afraid, but most of the time, MAKE BIG MISTAKES!! That is our motto in chor, make big mistakes so then we know what to do to fix it.

How I have been hurt in life, only add to what I have to offer people. The hurts that I have, allow me to relate to others better than most. I use these to my advantage not only so the one hurting me doesn't get the satisfaction from hurting me, but the advantage I gain is being able to help others, and that's a reward in and of itself.

So, if you've been hurt, take the time to lick your wounds, still the hurt won't go away without taking time for yourself, but also turn that hurt into a positive force, by allowing yourself to learn from it, gain the wisdom from it, and live life by making mistakes to only learn from them, and break that vicious cycle of repeating history.

1 comment(s) - 07:39 PM - 02/13/2009
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    brokentearsRcryd92  32, Female, Ohio, USA - 10 comments
May 2009
8:10 AM EST

people seem t be confused!!!






1 comment(s) - 02:25 PM - 05/21/2009
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    dunamis  51, Male, Australia - 10 comments
Jun 2010
5:14 PM WST

men v women. unrealistic expectations

Seems, my wife thinks that being a man, means being a dog - literally.

Had these very exposing discussions last night with wife.

I postulated that there are characteristics in which men and women differ. I'm not talking physiology or biology, I'm talking more emotionally and socialogically. All humans possess traits and characteristics to varying degrees, irrespective of gender. But I said that there are some characteristics that women display, on average, more often than men. And there are some human qualities and characteristics that men display, on average, more often than women. This is neither good nor bad, it just is. It's an observation that has been made after correcting for age, culture, economic situation etc.

It's important to note that the characteristics I'm talking about are neutral. They're amoral. They don't carry a "good" or "bad" classification.

To qualify, I can find examples men who are more sensitive that some women. I can find fine examples of men, who will display strongly, those characteristics which women display on average more often than men. I can find women who are more aggressive than some men. There are always examples you can point to, but we're talking bell curve's here and yes, the bell curve's overlap.

She went on and on that it was no excuse. But she must have misheard me. There wasn't an attempt to make excuses, I was just stating a well accepted and statistically proven fact.

After much discussion (more like torture) she agreed that there are differences between men and women. But, here's the kicker, it turns out she thinks that any differences between men and women can be overcome by proper nuture of boys and better education.

Her argument is that characteristics that women display on average more often than men can be attained just as often by men if they were brought up properly and educated. She used road rage and slavery as examples.

When I asked her how she characterised men, she basically described a dog. She basically said all men think about is sex and procreation. She muttered something about grabbing tits, leaving mess about the place, being dirty. There was mention of abuse in the murky mix too.

So it was revealing. What I think she's saying, is that men are basically inferior humans to women and that if you can educate and nurture them better, they will display those characteristics that women currently display on average, more often.

It saddens me that she thinks of men in such a dim view, because I am one.

The conversation started because I think that marriages are suffering under the weight of false expectations. Mass media over the last thirty years has portrayed both men and women in a light which elevates expectations. Women expect men to be basically bigger versions of .... women! Men now wear women's clothes, makeup, and manscaping is a burgeoning industry. We have bromances, we're urged to get in touch with our feminine side, be sensitive, caring, in touch with our feelings, and have long conversations. We're urged to shun "typical male behavior" which is now frowned upon as being neanderthal and somewhat less human. In other words, we need to connect left brain and right brain and become more emotional beings. If only building synapses was so easy!

Men seem to expect to marry the hottest babe (who of course never slept around) but is highly charged sexually and who will stay slim and gorgeous for the rest of their married lives. We only have to look at leading ladies of the big screen. They all seem to stay hot no matter how old, or how many babies they have (and if they do let themselves go, they're never offered any more roles). Take Demi Moore, or Madonna as an example. For goodness sake, even Grandma Cher is in some creepy way still hot. But the reality is that once young women have married it is hard to keep up with the hair, the fake tan, the nails, and keep off the weight. Post childbirth, it's a hard road. It seems only a tiny minority can stay slim after one or three kids. That's just reality.

But back to the expectations.... An extremely funny video by Perfect Italiano, has a fencing expert practicing his listening face when his woman is not around. He can fence and listen. He can paint and listen. He can cook and listen to all her problems, and urgers her to "go on and on and on". It's a total crackup, but it's only funny, because it's ripping off reality.

I think if we could just understand the other gender, and realise that no matter how hard you try, you probably won't shift the bell curves and to have realistic expectations of one another. On a personal level, if you want to have a more harmonious marriage, you have to get to know the other person. You've got to leave your expecations on the threshold. It's fine to have expectations when your dating... that helps you choose your mate. But after you marry, the best you can expect is for them to be... them.

And you can't change that. You have to seek to understand, but after understanding, then accept and then choose to want that. I'm not advocating tolerance here. That's one degree above contempt. I'm advocating that you understand what you have, and choose to want what you have.

Being blinded by expecations serves no-one. Disappointment is a heartbreaker and it's hard to turn around from disappointment-ville. Disappointment comes from unmet expectations. Wouldn't it be better to expect men to be men, and women to be women? wouldn't it be easier to just understand the person you are with, than to make an idol of your expectations and in the glasshouse of idealism in which it's only a matter of time before the rock of reality smashes it all around you?

Idealism is for youth. Realism with optimism and wisdom is for the mature.

Realistically, men are never going to become women in bigger bodies no matter how much education and nurture, their nature predisposes them to display certain characteristics on average more often that women and other's less often. It will always be that way. Expecting anything different is like the first sign of madness... doing the same thing and expecting different results. If you keep making males, you'll keep getting the same results - on average.

Men aren't unrefined boorish, second rate humans any more than women are. It's just that characteristics men display on average more often aren't desirable in our society, and characteristics women display on average more often are held up as being the pinnacle of humanity.

Why else would researchers be developing a nasal spray of oxytocin (the female hormone) that men can use to achieve greater empathy?prayt Why not just implement castration once family planning is over? Forget about vasectomies, just cut the testes out and the whole world would be a happier, more harmonious caring place to live.
1 comment(s) - 09:21 PM - 06/01/2010
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    Queenie  33, Female, Ohio, USA - 10 comments
Nov 2006
1:35 AM EDT

I think I sit here everyday and wonder, why everyone cares about what everyone thinks. Even the most confedent people think something bad about their own person. Yet those are the same people that tell you to that you can't love anyone without loveing yourself first and are so hypacritical it makes me sick.
5 comment(s) - 04:32 PM - 05/10/2008
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    charlax  66, Male, Arizona, USA - 10 comments
Nov 2010
10:06 AM


Lovers SHe loves me she is in my heart in my dreams in my mind when she tells me love is forever eye smile eye take her for granted too much but eye got my old Lady she is so full of love its amazing eye do love my friends in the same Way shape & manner like the cocker spaniel needing to be petted one to one to the customer in the world gone mad insanity rules life is gone murder rules the sun shines on your dirty deeds even iff no one sees you will be the answer soon while some of us learn how to be lovers in the night
Tags: ici
1 comment(s) - 07:43 PM - 11/19/2010
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    martytx07  32, Male, Texas, USA - 10 comments
Mar 2009
6:15 PM CST

OK, so just came out to 2 of my cousins...I'm on a role now! :D
2 comment(s) - 07:35 AM - 03/06/2009
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    SeeWhy  54, Female, West Virginia, USA - 10 comments
Jul 2007
1:56 PM EDT

I am seeing a therapist now. I felt like I was going to have to put myself in the hospital...I felt out of control. My therapist seems very nice. She believes my husband has some mental conditions. She said it is like I have become his caregiver and nothing more. She wants me to get strong from the inside, out...then decide if the marriage is done.
1 comment(s) - 10:33 PM - 07/11/2007
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    lockedupheart  28, Female, New Jersey, USA - 10 comments
Jul 2009
7:16 PM EDT


if i wasnt afraid of failure i wouldve probably called kaitlin and talked to her along time ago. for some reason i always felt like i was second best or last standing next to her. i mean shes pretty and funny and smart and she can ride a horse. tell me you wouldnt feel like a failure standing next to her? if you wouldnt (not even the tinsiest bit) then i so give you props.

forgive me kitten?�(its suppose to be a puppy dog face)

3 comment(s) - 01:33 AM - 07/11/2009
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    blessedangel  47, Female, Mississippi, USA - 9 comments
Mar 2008
1:57 PM CST

What needs simplifying

My relationships need simplifying....with family and personal. I should drop the personal since I caught him cheating. Family is a different matter. However, keeping to myself works pretty good.
1 comment(s) - 08:32 AM - 10/07/2011
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    solarplanet  37, Female, Arizona, USA - 9 comments
Dec 2009
6:45 AM EDT

What I really want

After my conversation wtih my gal friends today, I felt so drained, so tired coz they're so negative. Guys, do u know that u have build�a terrible reputation for yourself ? Women find it so hard to trust u! My conversation with gals always revolve around how guys r cheating on their gfs .I feel so disappointed. I mean, certainly there r honest,faithful, really great guys out there right? So why am I not meeting there yet? I know there r guy out there who think the same - that girls r doing a great job on cheating their bfs as well...but for me, I can really guarantee I will stay faithful to my husband as long as I love him. There is no way I will split my heart into 2.

I just think that maybe it's time my gal friends stop telling me how bad guys r or how upset/uncertain they r in their r/s.

God, just really wish, pple can understand me. Being single is OKAY - I'm really starting to believe in this statement. There's nothing wrong if I'm single and virgin at 25.

�I'm really happy with being myself right now, although feeling lonely, just wished there's somebody to hug me and tell me everything's gonna be okay.

We r really just being more than physical beings. Can we ever look beyond this fact?!

2 comment(s) - 10:58 PM - 12/28/2009
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    lex  38, Female, California, USA - 9 comments
Mar 2010
11:45 AM PST

Blah Blah Blah

I have been stressed beyond belief with this new job I guess it comes with wanting to do well� right? my body hurts, my shoulders are tense and I haven't eatin much that is only good for the wedding I have to be in shortly but I still hope this only lasts a week or two probably once I start getting more comfortable with everything I will calm down hahaha! Just didn't expect it!

Took the Jeep to Tahoe the other weekend it was amazing!

Mike messeged me on Saturday night asking if I was "outs and abouts" Allison stole my phone away.....good friend! and I never messaged him back I know what he wanted and it wasn't what I want I just have to keep telling myself that over and over again cause man it is just too easy and it's sex everyone wants to get laid! but No! It will all just lead to hurt feelings no matter how freakin cute he is that's for sure. it sucks knowing yourself sometimes I wish I was hopeful and younger that he could change and once he got to know me would then want to pursue me and we could have a deeper connection but that is all bullshit and I know it!� You only get them As is! No changing anybody!

Lost woo hoo!
1 comment(s) - 11:07 AM - 03/20/2010
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    tealprincess18  30, Female, Virginia, USA - 9 comments
Dec 2008
9:33 PM EDT

life sucks!!!

LIFE SUCKS!!! what am i supposed to do!!!�i am stressed about school, i am getting no hours at work!!!� my relationship is getting out of control and i am so depressed!!� i have made so many bad decissions in my life and i cant handle this crap any more... i think i am going to put my relationship on hold... so that i can get myself to a better state of mind and turn my life around�and�do whats right for me!!! i am so thankful for the support from my family and friends and them putting up with my mood swings and drama!!

1 comment(s) - 08:04 AM - 12/15/2008
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    Lolastar18  30, Female, United Kingdom - 9 comments
Aug 2010
8:51 AM EDT

Bow Chica wow wha

Heyyy! wassup? Soo, schools out for summer :D Happy happy! Four weeks left -_- And the bad thing is when i dont want it to go quickly, IT DOES then, when i want the week to speed up a bit to an event, it goes so slow! I'm more then happy to have all this time off of school. But so many great things are happening this week! im not doing anything tommorow. But On Wednesday something SO EXITING I MIGHT PEE MYSELF is happening. I wont wright about it till after though. Then Thursday im going to see Hairspray, (not the movie seen that got the DVD) On stage. I dont know if it is the big Broadway-ish one. But I think Hairspray is exeptionordnarily good!! so Maybe i will enjoy the onstage one. Then on friday its shopping time :D And i cant wait untill Halloween, and November My Neice will be born! then christmas. :O Im getting a Laptop For Christmas, I will make sure of it!! I need one badly. I always Use computers. Im always on Facebook, and Twitter keeping up with the Gossip and my friends. Then Youtube... Is one thing i cannot live without, I dunno about you guys. But i CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT YouTube !! So, I need to beg my Mum and Dad to go half and half to get me a laptop. I dont really want much else. in fact. Thats the only thing i want!

1 comment(s) - 03:35 PM - 08/25/2010
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    Kitten  65, Female, California, USA - 9 comments
Jan 2009
1:37 AM PDT

My Dad

I really need time to explore my feelings with regard to the way things seem to be going with my Dad.

I've got two very separate stories going here. There is his: He's a grieving widower, trying to be a comfort to his stepchildren, and learning to face each day alone.

Then there is mine: I've been an outsider in his life, I've had to watch him raise�his�third wife's�daughter all the while knowing he wasn't there to raise me (even worse, my younger brother). I was alienated, on occasion, by his wife and he stood�by�her. I've held hope all�the while that someday�we'd be able to build a closer relationship, I never gave up.������ I KNOW my place: I totally sympathize with his loss and the loss of my step-sibs for the�mother. For them it is a very great loss - they are suffering and I respect that, and even feel their sadness. I also�grieve for a stepmom that had been good to me at times.

With that said, there is a glimmer of new hope for me. He said some very good things to me & Bear over our last visit.�He may be really understanding his daughter�is a VIP in his life and he should show her that he values that.

That should be a no-brainer but it hasn't ever been!�

I'm very optomistic, but cautious.�

1 comment(s) - 08:17 PM - 01/12/2009
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    Courtney1316  30, Female, Montana, USA - 9 comments
May 2007
9:29 AM EDT

Dear Journal,
Well today is goin slow, I am really really tired because I was up till 4 am waiting for my dad to get here. He drove here all the way from Portland, OR. I am excited to see him, but then again in way I am mad. Mad because I dont want to have to hear about alyssa all damn week long from him as well as my mother like she has been doing the past year. I cant handle listening about her for another second. So, I was on myspace yesturday and I talked to a friend that I really do like. I havent talked to him for a really long time. He is coming to denton today for is cousins graduation. I really do like him, but one problem. He is older then me. I am not talking about like 3 years, more then that. But I just cant help it...I really really really like him. He makes me happy and he tells me that I am him happy. I dont know what to do...I dont know if I should see him or what. Anyways, Thats all for today...thanks for, Court
1 comment(s) - 06:56 PM - 05/19/2007
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    shootingstar420  26, Female, California, USA - 9 comments
Mar 2010
5:56 PM EDT

My boyfriend and I broke up yesterday, and wow today I been fighting with myself so much to not talk to him. I just want to call him up and be like baby im sorry, i want you back. Im sorry for breaking up with you i dont care of the distance I need you soo bad ): ! But then i stop myself because I know I want someone better for myself. I couldnt deal with the distance anymore /:! It hurts to accept it but I had to.. I just had too.. I was with him for 6 wonderful months. He was the best boyfriend I've ever had and thats why it's so hard to move on. Maybe in time things would get better? I just feel so lonley rite now.. I want him but I cant have him anymore.. I gotta move on no matter how hard it hurts. Man/: !

I'm really not the type to be acting like this over a guy, but he has some great power over me.. and well now its no WE. It cant ever be again /: Sad, but its reality..

Well besides that I been good actually.. I dnt really feel like talking.. soo idk ? I'll write on yuu some other time /: ...
Karyna </33
2 comment(s) - 08:41 PM - 03/29/2010
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    manindra  46, Male, India - 9 comments
Aug 2007
8:13 AM I

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2 comment(s) - 05:45 PM - 11/05/2007
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    lprescilla  38, Female, California, USA - 9 comments
Feb 2007
6:13 PM EDT

Hey guys, how is everyone doing tonight. Well for me I am getting ready to visit my family tomorrow. In Germany, I have been packing for the past two weeks now. Crazy, I know.

I know I am late with this, but howwas everyones Valentines Day. Was it good? I hope so.

Alright guys, bye,bye now.

Oh, one last thing. Can anybody give me some advise on: when to know if its true Love, or Lust.

I know I sound a bit unexperienced for my age, but I can always learn new things from different people, looking forward to hear from one of you guys, thanks.
3 comment(s) - 07:39 PM - 02/26/2007
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