Talacia's Journal

May 2007
2:58 AM EST

altho its afternoon!!!!
im happppppyyyy :-)
1 comment(s) - 03:11 AM - 05/24/2007
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  • Username: Talacia
  • Gender / Age: Female, 30
  • Location: Australia
    TALACIA's Interests:

    About Me: i live in sydney,br /> umm currently in yr 11... accademacly OK, if i could spell the word!!!! umm, like maths,,, NERDRON.. but thats ok, i guess. im not that much of a nerd... umm... what else, i have like heaps of friends. i recently changed skools, i fit in here ok. i moved from sydney to wollongong, so it a big differnce. i moved from home so i could finish skool. umm.. yeah thats about all really... OH I NEED A FLIPPING JOB!!!

    Interests: i like reading and watching TV... i like surfing and the beach! umm, ... i like home and away and Neighbours. geez, love my soapies. HEHE...

    Favorite Music: i like heavy rock, R'n'B, hip hop, some heavy metal. at the moment im into AFI, miss murder and prelude. but there are also spoofs of songs that i enjoy, like the spoof of Ridin' charm...(someting a rather) , and its called White and Nerdy. but yeah, pretty mixed... i went through a phase of classical, so id fit in anywhere... ;-)

    Favorite Movies: INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE!!! i love brad pitt. i liked 'the others', with nicole kidman.

    Favorite Television: HOME AND AWAY AND NEIGHBOURS!!! CSI, Law and Order... i like my crime shows.

    Favorite Books: im reading sister hood of the traveling pants at the moment, but i like You Gotta Have Balls.