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    AguilarBaby  42, Female, Washington, USA - 25,576 views
Jan 2007
12:26 PM PST

Hi Mamas How are you... you were actually very quiet today but I felt you throughout the day. I know you are probally growing so you need your rest but you should start to get bigger quicker b/c you know that we only have 4 more monts and then we finally get to meet you We are also been together for 5 months. WOW. Well today we went to Meghan and Wayneman house to watch football and eat some snacks. It was fun. I came home and started cleaning and just could not stop so I know that you are actually tired so I am taking it easy now and watching my Sunday shows. Well mamas that is all for today...Don't you ever forget that I love you and I will talk to you later. Love Always Mom & Dad
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    SeeWhy  54, Female, West Virginia, USA - 25,315 views
Jul 2007
4:44 PM EDT

Just a quick catch up. I havent been to the therapist in two weeks. I am scheduled for next week. I have stopped taking the dealer classes. Couldnt juggle them and work. I have been working alot of hours. Husband is still in the house. An ex boyfriend found me online and told me alot of wonderful things, things I have always wanted to hear. It felt soo good to find out that someone was looking for me and had been looking for me since we broke up. I feel hook line and sinker...simple woman. He disappeared for weeks without calling or anything. Before anyone thinks bad of me.... I told him I was married. He is seperated. Then...long story short...he dropped me like a bad habit. He lives far from me. I am glad he does but...I miss his words...what is the key to healing a broken heart anyone???
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    prissy  43, Female, Hawaii, USA - 25,175 views
Sep 2008
10:15 AM HAST


When someone let's you down, it's the worst feeling on earth.

When you're reminded of it, that's just like dying.

Why? ..Most of us want to know why that person did such a thing to us. Simple. Out of sight is truly out of mind. The easiest thing for a person that's embaressed or ashamed, or one that has a very low self-esteem is to exit. "Escapism". So they turn their back on the mess they made, and just walk away.

Where's Karma? Where's the Universal Law? Where's the Law and the Prophets? I guess I'll never know.

There's a lot I'll never know. It's not like you get to sit back and watch the movie. You kind of have to deal with it as it happens... to you.

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    blackroseangel  28, Female, Louisiana, USA - 24,963 views
May 2008
1:29 PM CDT

things are going sorta great..i think my love bart is actually want to go back with me..idk i hope so i beg for that..i love him so much that i want him back so much,,,that is my only wish i want is for bart to love me back as much as i love him and we be corny but so true..that is my only wish
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    satinlady  60, Female, Florida, USA - 24,842 views
Mar 2011
5:35 PM CST

" Loving Hands"

Your loving hands that brings so much pleasure,
�that were so soft and tender, to have known more
hours than those that died in one night of kindling
�wine and faded flowers.
Your loving hands that I have kissed finger by finger,
� I left a brcelet on each,made by my lips.
� loving hands,mine all one night with such delight.
�i will always recall those loving hands,that was mine one
� night,But no longer is mine ,but life go on and we forget.

�������������������������������������������� Wrote by: Hilda(AKA satinlady)
1 comment(s) - 11:38 AM - 08/12/2011
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    Nated09  29, Male, Illinois, USA - 24,671 views
Oct 2009
4:41 PM CST

Defying Gravity

Okay, so I love this song called "Defying Gravity" from the broadway musical, Wicked. Whether it be the broadway version or the version Idina Menzel(Elphie) turned into a single for her CD, whenever I listen to it, during the�highest point�portion of the song, I get goose bumps. This song is so inspirational.

This song talks about, just what the title states, defying gravity. True, unless you are a bird, or some one who hasn't been detected by the Government to be able to levitate yet, then this is ALL just metaphorical.

However, the metaphorical sense is probably about the best sense, because it lifts up�your mood and just how you are!

To defy gravity, this means to not let things get you down! Defy whatever is getting you down, whether it be: life, parents, boyfriends, girlfriends, or even friends, work, school, the economic downturn this country has seen.

I have taken on this attitude in the last year, and it has helped TREMENDOUSLY! Life truly is what you make it, so when life gets you down, defy it! If you're flying solo, at least you're flying free!

Don't play by the rules of someone elses your instincts, close your eyes, and leap..Try defying gravity.

Don't accept limits just cause someone says they're so...There are some things you cannot change, but you won't know until you try...All of this and more is in the song. True, some words are in the broadway version that aren't in Menzel's version...

I have turned this song, "Defying Gravity," into a personal philosophy of defy gravity...I don't let things get me down. True, this mindset may make me seem cocky, but in truth this has made me more sure of myself, more confident, and a stronger person.

We all have the ability to defy gravity...sometimes it takes someone, to either push you over the edge to where you can't take it anymore, or someone to tell you that someone is opressing you so much that you need to defy them!

"Tell them how I am defying gravity, I'm flying high defying gravity..." Tell that to those who wish to keep you, your sould, your mind, your spirit grounded.

Defy Gravity, Defy life, Defy them all!

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    timeflys  64, Female, United Kingdom - 24,642 views
Nov 2009
8:02 PM BST

thank you anyway

our friend dorthy passed away.It just breaks my faith in the holy spirit,jesus christ,lamb of god his word and god himself. Agin, which has been happening for sevarl years now... and is happening over and over and over all the time. Faith and then no faith.. Peace in my spirit.. and then none.... no answers from the holy spirit. nothing of caLVERY OR HIS SON ALIVE. of calvery regarding my daughter AND WHAT IS HAPPENING BETWEEN HIM AND HER ME AND HER AND THE REST OF US,ABSOULTLY NOTHING IN MY OPIONION, �SHE IS TOTALLY ATHEIST AND HATES ME BLAMING ME FOR EVERYTHING IN HER LIFE AND NO ANSWERS TO ANY PRAYER ABOUT THIS. sHE WHOLE HEARTLY despises and hates me now AND HAS BEEN TURNED TOTALLY AGINST ME AND I DONT EVEN KNOW WHY., no answers.. from heaven OR EVEN FROM HER OR ANYONE ELSE. on waether my mother is dead or alive... no answer, as to why �MY family �NOW hates and disowns me WHEN THEY DID NOT IN THE PAST. i feel he has given the devil �A EVIL SPIRIT OR SPIRITS, a playground in our �HUMAN spirits, IN OUR hearts ,self ,soul ,and mind. CONDEMING US THROUGH THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB AND HIS LOVE AND HIS WORD BECUSE WHAT IS HAPPENING IS TOTALLY AGINST EVERYTHING HE SAYS IN HIS WORD AND HE FAILD ME MISERABLY BY CONTINUEING TO DO ABSOULTLY NOTHING AT ALL ABOUT IT TURNING HIS ALL KNOWING ALL POWERFUL ALL PRESENT BACKS ON US AND JUST WATCHING LIKE THAT DOES ANY OF US ANY SALVATION AT ALL YEA RIGHT. i AM TOTALLY CONVINCED OF THIS TOTALLY BY WHAT I FEE,HEAR AND SEE FROM HIM AND EVERY OTHER SPIRIT. MEANING HUMAN THAT ARE REALATED TO ME IN MY FORMER FAMILY FAMILY THAT LOVED GOD AND ME THAT I GREW UP WITH, AND SPIRITS OF THE �OTER WORLD AFTER WE DIE.. �I BELIEVE THIS� statement whole hardly AND COULD NEVER BELIEVE ANYTHING ELSE BY WHAT I AM EXPEREINCEING INSIDE ME AND OUT SIDE OF ME NUTS OR WHAT EVER. NON BELIEVERS SAY IM NOTS OTHERS WHO THE HELL CARES WHAT THEY SAY THERE NOT GOING THROUGH THIS IN ME I AM ALONE OBVIOUSLY. and am totalyy convinced of �THIS. so i hurt. in my spirit. the fruits of the spirit are not in �ME AT LALL I CANT EVEN PUT ON A HAPPY FACE ENJOY LIFE OR PLAY PRETEND ANY MORE EVEN THOUGH I HAVE A LOVING HUBAND AND FAMILY HIS MINE BY MARRIAGE ONLY WHILE HE HAS BOTH ME AND HIS FAMILY.. IT HURT S ME TO THE CORE OF MY SPIRIT AND BEING THAT GODS MERCY DOSNT EXIST FOR ME AND MY FAMILY BEFORE MARRIAGE. �or my atheist daughter �WHO IS SO BLIND SHE CANT EVEN PRAY OR HELP HERSELF IN ANYWAY. LIKE DEMONIC POESSION. AND� the family . THEY CANT OR WONT TURN AROUND EITHER AND I CANT EITHER IT EATS ME UP INSIDE THANK YOU JESUS HOLY SPIRT THANKS ALOT I COUNTED ON YOU AND BELIEVED YOU AND DAM IF I WAS MISTAKEN TO TRUST YOU AGIN DAMIT ANYWAY.that has turned there back on me... i pray the word, witness for him obey to the best of my human ability and it has counted for nothing for about 5 yrs or more not caring enough for me and mine to give an answer in a positive good way like he cliamed in the spirit of his holy word shame on me for thrusting shame on me im stupid . pray the spirit of the word and nothing. is i study the word i stay in the word i do everything he has said from his word and still unsanswered being totally hateful he and his word has turned his back on us totally �soemtimes i see his guidence through emails and messages from churches and websites but how do i know anyof his message is for me or mine when no answers to the prayers said for the 2nd or eternal death for grace love mercy and salvition through his spirit of his won words out of his mouth that hasnt happened or coem to pass . im at an all time low i cant fight this battle raging in my spirit anymore while i watch my shild as i sit here knowing that she could die anysecond and life for eternitiy in the damed from gods presence. �this is more then this human can cope with where is the truth in the spirit of gods word the bible why dosnt it come to pass for us?????�

2 comment(s) - 08:41 AM - 08/09/2012
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    heartbreak2007  32, Female, Pennsylvania, USA - 24,544 views
Jun 2007
3:43 PM EDT

Hey what's p? Not too much here just chilling up in my friends house. Well um......I am back with my boyfriend and he has a week to get his shit together or he is out and I am done because I have till August to find a place and come up with money to get my own place.
Tags: Thanx
2 comment(s) - 10:32 PM - 06/26/2007
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    bl69  29, Female, Texas, USA - 24,350 views
Jan 2008
7:45 AM CDT

Well. SO MANY THINGS HAVE HAPPEND! since the last time ive been on here...that boy i was talkin to last..we dated..he was more than just a normal boy && i figured that out not in a well way. im not even too sure what happend still to this day..the middle of summer happend. he found a hotter girl..who didnt want him like i wanted him. but thats his mistake. in a way i felt like i made some BIG mistakes with him..i didnt know how to handle this 19 year old male who wants sex all the time. but i remember that night hanging out with him ..when he cut it off between us, as in dating. he tried to be so casual with it but i knew what that ass was going for. "this is our last night together so lets fuck" thats not the way he said it but thats how i heard it. but after him..i tried to be more cautious but theres been a few boys ive made out with..thats it..since him. he was my last serious deal. i need another one. its been too long && im not one to usually say that. but all these boys that i made out with...were for the wrong reason. i was using them for money, weed, drugs, alcohol...ya know the deal. i hooked up with 2 dealers..&& i got the deal...but wouldnt ever want a relationship with them. my mom would kill me if she found out i was datin the 20 year old mexican mafia dealer...the other one being 22...the 20 year old was sweet though...&& i might've but it wouldve been something on the low. my sisters couldnt even know. but then he disappeared the lene tex && like other mexican mafia drug dealers..they had warrants out the ass && couldnt get caught, so he said he was going out of town && he would be back but he never was. i would get random phone calls from him && we would talk let him know everything goin down in town..the business && what not.

but im falling apart...gaining weight which doesnt make sense..i guess because im not in sports anymore. i wanna live those days we were living last year at this time. i cant take this reminiscing anymore! it drives me nuts. i dont even party that much anymore..if u call sitting at your house drinkin with a few folks partyin then i am but thats not what i consider partying in my eyes. ive become a drug dealer in most peoples eyes. just get that little quick && make money && smoke for free. i feel as if school is going down drain too..but the grades dont show it. im making it. attendance shows it though..i cant help it! ugh! i cant write about my life anymore.

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    codekadiya  36, Male, Australia - 24,220 views
Mar 2011
6:01 PM

im gonna stop writing from this for a little while and got a good journal website. so gonna write it from there. thats also comes to the inbox. which is called Ohlife. so its good. anyway for this website. thats how the life goes. clients tend to go for the best option when they receive a good website. anyway going to work in a little while.
1 comment(s) - 03:18 AM - 04/12/2011
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    Meggies14  34, Female, Illinois, USA - 24,173 views
Oct 2008
11:24 AM CST

brown eyed girl

im so sick of this shit.

of it always being about you instead of me

�a truth from you never being a gurantee

since the day that i met you i could never understand

why that girl with the brown eyes was your kind of brand

she was the one you denied me for, the one you cried for

and i was just that other girl that you seemed to ignore

but i gave you my heart and i gave my word

when that bitch fucked you over for some other dude she preferred

yet you still ran back to her after i gave you my heart

i knew you would do all this right there from the start

Its like one day you loved me, the next day you cared less

and i sit there stressing and feeling a mess

so now im stranded, lost and feeling alone

and i still cry and feel butterflies when i smell your cologne

so when that day comes around when you realize im the one

you can give me a call so i can say "FUCK YOU IM DONE"

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    Daydreamer  32, Female, Australia - 23,907 views
Aug 2007
2:31 PM EDT

I am very sad today!! See almost a week ago {the week mark will be tom.} that I got up the nerve to call the guy that asked to meet me and we still havent meet. I understand that he is very shy but if he really wants me the way I hear he does then why does he act the way that he has been?? Why is he not calling me back is it because he is shy or is it because he doesnt want to really do this with me...the whole relationship thing?? I mean with him for the first time in like two years I was actually ready for a real realationship and now its just like before...the reasons why I never had realtionships for that long time....2 years....and its just like will I never actually be happy??Will anyone really ever love me or not...Am I like destined to be alone forever??Please help!!!!!
1 comment(s) - 08:58 AM - 04/19/2008
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    itsjustme  41, Female, Texas, USA - 23,619 views
Aug 2008
9:35 AM CST

Ever wish you could go in rewind and have do-overs?
Tags: regret
3 comment(s) - 11:44 AM - 08/23/2008
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    retirik  53, Female, Illinois, USA - 23,525 views
May 2007
1:03 PM CDT

Я чувствую себя хорошо.Я успокоилась на тему отъезда Бьорна. Можно сказать, что аутотренинг мой лучший друг, и это действительно работает! Но самое смешное, как только я успокоилась и настроилась, что все будет складываться позитивно, тут же сменилась дата отъезда Бьорна и теперь он уезжает аж 11 мая, а это значит, срок разлуки будет еще меньше. Представляете? Ты расслабляешься, и ситуация меняется в лучшую для тебя сторону.

Я прошла традиционную диспансеризацию, где мне сказали, что здоровье впорядке,а потом сходила на нетрадиционную - там компьютер сканирует весь организм. Эта доктор приезжает в Чикаго раз в шесть месяцев. Год назад я первый раз ходила к ней, где было выявлено, что организм был очень загрязнен - поэтому я и начала фанатично выводить шлаки. Тогда мне были назначены и гомеопатические уколы, и чаи, и все другое, чтобы очистить организм и привести его в баланс. И это дало результаты, в общем плане я стала чувствовать себя гораздо лучше. Но как она сказала тогда - пока не уберешь стресс и не перестанешь постоянно волноваться, хорошего здоровья быть не может. В этот мой к ней визит были выявлены огромные сдвиги, то есть не зря явсе это делала. Была найдена и причина того, что меня тошнит после еды - раздражен желчный пузырь и желчь застаивается. Она сказала, что делать, включая и трехдневную диету и подтвердила, что мне нужно вегетарианское питание. В этот раз мне даже не назначили гомеопатических уколов, только драже. Врач сказала, что некоторые отклонения от нормы совершенно минимальные и уколов уже не надо. Ура! Я очень довольна и благодарю Бога и вас, мои дорогие. Спасибо за поддержку.

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    jleigh09  34, Female, United Kingdom - 23,272 views
Mar 2007
5:01 PM WEDT

Sorry i havnt been on in such a while i no longer live with my parents so dont get to update much. i have got my own flat now i live with my partner and my son. Everything in pretty good tyler is more content and iam alot happier having a bit my independance and a bit more of a routine with tyler. Things havnt been to great between me and steven there is not give or take with him he never meets me half way. and i avoid arguing as much as i can coz he always walks out and i hate it, its not fair on me or tyler. i feel like most days i do everything the cleaning the cooking the washing and dealing with tyler bathing him feeding him etc etc ...... most the time things are ok just some days he can be really selfish. I feel like i dont exsist we are really struggling with money as he lost his job the first week we moved in so things are tight i feel like i have no nice clothes i never feel attractive. He never makes me feel attractive. we dont make love as much as we used to there must be something wrong with me he just not as interested only when he wants it and how he wants it what ui want never seems to matter i made myself look real nice the other day i looked feminen and attractive i felt really good and my sister said i looked nice and made a nice effort. All steven could say was ........why? i dont think he meant it to sound the way it did but i just feel like he never notices me. we never go out coz we are so skint i mean dont get me wrong things are good it just the lil things u know seem to be fading away a bit. anyway gotta go and shouldnt moan there are still people worse off then me .

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    sahuoy  56, Male, Illinois, USA - 23,026 views
Nov 2013
6:52 PM CST

I Wish...

"Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?" - Abraham Lincoln
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    Jessy5211  30, Female, Ohio, USA - 22,714 views
Sep 2007
5:50 PM EDT

wow its been a minute since i been on here...i think before summer..but yeah lots of shyt happened over the summer..all good tho nothing terrible happened this summer...i had fun fun fun...i got my car and all that good stuff and partied it up just about every single still havin my fun tho on the weekends [and school nites] lol but yeah...i've been lookin for a job and all that good stuff and currently am tryin to stop smokin cigs but i kno as soon as payday comes around i'll be stickin it up again lol...soo yeah there was some drama this summer also and damn i dont kno where to begin wit it all...i've met a lot of new friends which its about time [no offense judi and jess] but they enjoy havin eachothers company 24/7 but when you get to goin different places u have to have a different type of person there wit you if that makes any sense at yeah...i've been through fights with friends and family..been through about haha i aint even gonna say how many me and my partner in crime were repeatedly told we were "boy crazy" but they didnt kno half of it...matter of fact they didnt kno any of it lol..but yeah i dont kno what else to say soo just leave me some comments about anythinggggggggggggggggggg

2 comment(s) - 09:50 PM - 11/10/2007
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    sublettt30  65, Female, Texas, USA - 22,429 views
Mar 2007
8:04 PM EDT

It has been a good day. I am starting to write some travel articles and I hope they will generate some income for me.
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    Ashli  29, Female, California, USA - 22,340 views
Apr 2007
3:56 PM EDT

So i really really like this guy named Alex but i was asked out to the prom by this guy named David and i only like him as a friend and nothing more...but i dont think that Alex likes me so im kinda sad... :( :{
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    aGiftFromAbov  36, Female, Virginia, USA - 22,161 views
May 2009
5:29 PM EDT


Patience.. is it truly a virtue?

Is it?

Can it be.. i mean ive waited for 2 years for the last guy i really wanted to be mine..

he comes to a realization 2 years later...

its been 2 years since ive been with him....

for 2 years hes waited on me..

love is such a crazy word for something that causes so much pain..

so much anger.. and grief..

so much stress...


hates sounds more appropriate..

love is cruel and evil..

i refuse to waste more time....

i was totally happy with wasting my time with a man that would never commit to marriage.. because i didnt plan on getting married anytime soon..

and for the most part we were living happily together..

now im living a nightmare..

i get looked at like a vagrant..

he cooked me breakfast...

im not sure if that was just cause he was up cookin..

or because he wanted to...

my heart aches so bad i want to combust..

i think time away will do me good..

hes doing what he wants to do anyways..

he always has..

its me..

that has learned patience....

its me that has learned.. heartache..

i felt better just blatantly being betrayed because at least that guy flat out told me..

i think its the trait of a coward.. who cant discuss thier feelings and let other ppl know what was going on.

But its clear.. crystal..

as always i have a very clear path that im going to take..

i will not deviate..

i have gone too far off course already..

all because of a man.. who had a hole in his heart..

that i wanted to fill..

but hes left me heartless..

i woulda took just the hole..

but the absense completely.. has me thrown.

im off balance..

i have to find my balance again..

i need to put my feet back on solid ground...

time will tell..

who knows..

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