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    Selina4me  26, Female, Illinois, USA - 15,858 views
Dec 2007
2:39 PM EDT

Dear Readers,

Today I stayed home from school with my dad and my brother's girlfriend. She is really nice and I like her because she listens to me. Not with her ears but with her heart. Today I spilled my guts out to her and it all started....uh....I foregot how it started but it had to do with boys I liked or like Manny or something. I told her everything from all the kids in my classroom to writing a book.

I like to write. I told you that already didn't I? When I write I am in my momment of zen or something. Since I like to write then that means I'd like a Pen-Pal to write E-mails to. Would you be my pen-pal? I would really like that.

What can I do to attract Manny? Help Me! Give Me Tips! I Need Your Help! I am begging you! PLEASE!!!

Answer My Question and Send Me Comments!


Tags: boys, penpals
6 comment(s) - 09:42 PM - 02/28/2008
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    Ranilyn  27, Female, Canada - 15,664 views
Jul 2015
2:49 AM MDT


Drunk on stories
Drunk on the lives of the characters - their bravery, their joy, their struggle, their pain, their persistence and resiliency
on the unconditional and awe-inspiring love shown and felt by these people
even in face of unexpected betray from someone so close that they trusted
- like a dull carving knife into one's heart
And yet, through the pain, through the agony, they bear a vicious grin with blood pouring out of their mouths, standing tall to fight.
Or they reach out and continue to love, love, and love and save
the one who had coldly pierced their exposed hearts
even if it meant taking the knife out of their murderer's hands
and further impaling themselves on it
(for all those characters who still chose to save those who hurt them, even if it meant giving up their lives)

I am drunk on their courage
their dammed unwavering loyalty�
(Oh Stefan my heart broke for you and I am in awe at your faithfulness to Marsilia)
I am drunk on their ability to find what they firmly believe
And stand for it in the face of unshakeable odds
And they come out battered, bruised, damaged, and perhaps even weaker than before
But before you stands a man who you can only look upon with great respect
and admire for making the tough choices of doing what they think is right
- though sadly enough, as we all know intimately, that sometimes that doesn't mean it is
(Thank you Harry Dresden, for teaching us that it's okay that sometimes our very best is not enough. We must always pick ourselves up and keep going, even through the face of our mistakes)
I am drunk on the lives they have lived
The decisions they have made
The adventures they have embarked upon
The loves that they had
The enemies and temptations they fought
The things they learned

The lessons they taught

I cry as they have cried through heartbreak, pain, and death

I wept among their family and mourners in their funerals

I laugh at their comical antics or the absurd situations they found themselves in

I felt the fierce swell of triumph when the underdog stands straight once again,
from the beaten pile of limbs,grinning with blood in our teeth and conviction of our victory in our eyes

- or at least our damned determination to see it through at the very least

I drink and drink and drink

of these stories spun masterfully by skilled writers

I drink until I cannot tell if I am drinking ambrosia or poison,

until I cannot tell if it inspires life in me when I am weary of the struggles and monotony of life

�or if it leaves me drugged for a fantastical substitute�

numb to real life

unable to cope with facing my own trials,
always longing and desperate for the next hit

Like a drug addict who despises his sorry situation

but makes no move to confront and make a change in his lifestyle

choosing instead to escape by injecting another wonderous shot of ecstasy

that slide through your veins like the sweetest bad decision you've ever made

I drink until I only know that I fear sobrierty

And then I drink some more so that even that fear is gone and I can live through

someone else's pain and someone else's joy

so I do not have to face my own.
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Current Tags: addiction, escape, hurt, pain, poetry, reading, rough draft

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    jroberts1941  78, Male, Kentucky, USA - 15,468 views
Sep 2011
3:36 PM

Care Taking Elderly Parents In-Law

Slow day, laying around, good dry morning. Cool day. Reading autobio. mid 1700. Quakers.
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    berries7cinnamon  35, Female, Singapore - 15,269 views
Dec 2007
8:51 AM EDT

I just got my new desktop today. Just slightly more than a week ago, I was telling a few of my friends how much I wanted to have one because I wanna play MMO. Someone asked me if I wanna play MMO it's because I'm lonely.

Actually, not at all. I have plenty of things that I like to do to keep me busy. I just would like to try something new. That's all.

I started gaming once it's all set up and ready. I had fun and along the way I think I did quite a few things that made other players roled their eyes. (haha...)

However, there's something that's bothering me. -.-

How I managed to have this desktop at such a short notice was all because of my cousin who was so willing to spend on me. I was really thankful. I haven't been a very good spot today because I got pissed at what mom said to me... AGAIN (just like so many time in my life).

I forgot to thank my cousin and got mad because the cd/dvd drive couldn't work well. My cousin said that seller wanted her to come down to his store to get a new drive, and he's even willing to upgrade it for us... for free. To me, that's not the point. His store is so far away and my cousin told me she wasn't even sure of the way as well yet she just agreed to go down to his store to pick it up and said that she knew how to fix or change the drive.

That seller has the responsibility to come over to my house and fix that problem. I felt that my cousin was being to easy going. -.- Or maybe I'm simply being too difficult. I just feel that since he's the seller, he should be the one to provide us the service and not us who's making things convenient for him.

In the end, after waiting for such a long time for my cousin to help me set up the PC, I got bored and started reading my manga. I couldn't really paid attention to her when she was showing me some stuff and I didn't realised that I haven't thanked her for today. I did thank her profusely when she offered to get the PC for me, but I just didn't do it today. -.- I felt so rude, worst of all my mom was the one who reminded me.

This isn't the first time I didn't thank someone who has helped me. It's not that I didn't want to thank them, I simply forgot or didn't realise that I... just didn't. This is so embarrassing.

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    yoeythamas  34, Male, New York, USA - 14,928 views
Feb 2019
5:27 AM IST


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    LB*13  29, Female, Texas, USA - 14,643 views
Jun 2007
6:40 PM EDT

How do you decide something that will change your life forever??
If you have any advice please tell me....
5 comment(s) - 09:30 PM - 07/16/2007
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    Dreamer  30, Female, Australia - 14,604 views
Oct 2008
7:06 AM WST

the catch up

Me and�Eddy* got back together� on May and i promised him i would meet him on december. Things had been going really GOOD between us. He is the most adorable loving man. But i am a�not 4 him�and i never seem to be content with anything good in my life. I always have to push the envelope. I have made him prove over and over and over again that he loves me.

His love for me is not quetionable... not alot of NORMAL ATTRACTIVE HARDWORKING LOYAL LOVING�men would talk to a girl on the phone for 3 years without actually meeting them.

It's been a seems like i come running to this site when things between me and eddy are @ a down hill. I finally told Eddy the truth(well sort of) about me not meting him...he did not take it so well.

This time i won't shed @ tear (in pubic). it's like i am slowly dying inside(and i derserve it!!!) .

Now i have to go to my sister's wedding thats half way across the world. It will be good to get away......but one can't always run from there problems. It's wierd some part of me actually feels glad that i have told him. I had started to feel really guilty

I hate myself for what i am doing to Eddy but thank god it's almost over. I hope i have the strengh to make the right choice. He is a good man he deserves so much better than me

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    lex  40, Female, California, USA - 14,595 views
Jan 2011
10:38 PM CDT

it's really been two months YIKES!

Man I've been putting this off for some time now but finally found a nice Sunday night to write. Where do I start??

The holidays where fantastic lots of eating and drinking and days off from work presents and pictures of snow from back east. Laura came to visit which was amazing amazing she is now living in San Diego for the next year. I really love her love friends that just get it and just know. Will be seeing her in two weeks in LA for some warm sunny parent hang out time.

New family addition yesterday baby Oliver Henry Brill! Soooo cute and so happy to have more little cousins who call me Aunt Lex! love it up! Makes me sad not to be closer during times like these but I will visit soon in the spring.

Job is good it's been a year which is amazing. Got into Lexilou mode have checking set up email marketing down and cocentrating on finishing our rates package. moving forward. moving forward.

Been doing a little online dating and had a date this week with Mike from like a year and a half ago he just called me up out of the blue and asked to have drinks. It was really great to see him but don't think much has changed� in the I'm into Alexis front still seems to be on the same level and I haven't heard from him which is blah blah blah but damn is he cute :) Just going to leave it no messaging him late night or drunk I'm just in a different place now where I don't need that attention negative or positive just have a lot more going on and I kind of feel like you are in or you are out so pick one and lets move on for reaaaals.

Had a good day today grocery shopping, yoga, fantastic fish tacos i made now going to dive into dan browns latest book. sounds lame but i love days like these a little alone time i love it. just me time is really good for me. so relaxing and wonderful sunday nights are some of the best.

not going to get into all the other stuff running through my brain but also a note that this week is my three year mark of writting this journal!! woo hoo! who would have imagined this is the wonderful place i would have found myself in as when i started i feel like i was just a different person in a way different place. man how time really makes a difference.
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    navynuc  56, Male, Illinois, USA - 14,573 views
Aug 2011
5:53 PM

Day 30 120 kg!
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    Alvin  31, Male, Malaysia - 14,544 views
May 2008
4:45 AM EDT


Exams are sure boring things.....

but dis few exams wit sum1 special...

it's another different story.....

lately..all kinds of cute stuff happened.....

juz bcoz of a special 1...

saw a question ..'How do you define love?'

A gud question...

To comes in various forms..

through ur partner....

i found a fren,family,religion and a partner...

i think it's all in 1...

almost perfect......

Now comes another question...

'How to�prolong your flower's beauty?'

This is my question.....

Still seeking for answers....


Luv u~^^

Happy Mothers Day for yesterday~

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    meagan  43, Female, Canada - 14,532 views
Dec 2008
4:32 AM EST

Happy New Year!

I've got TONS of goals for 2009!� My main fitness goal is to lose approximately 40 pounds of fat, re-gain some of the muscle I lost while pregnant, and compete in IDFA's Toronto Classic on July 11 with my best body yet!� I've lost about 35 pounds since I had my baby at the end of August without really trying (a mixture of not having time to eat all day because I'm so busy with him, breastfeeding, and not hanging out at restaurants so much), I've been teaching my dance and exercise classes, walking a lot (it's too hard to get on streetcars with a big stroller), and getting down to the gym a bit, but thus far�my fitness efforts have�been pretty sporadic and lazy in my mind... which is fine - I don't mind that I gave myself a few months to re-adjust my new life as a mom�without throwing myself right back into super- workout-girl-mode as soon as I got home from the hospital.� But, now It think it's time to get crazy!!!� I've set a very reasonable goal of competing in July, so I have 7 months to get ripped!� I'm so excited about getting more serious about my training (and less excited about super clean eating).� Now I just have to decide if I'm going to compete in fitness or figure... Getting� a fitness routine together now that I've been out of the scene for so long may be challenging, but I might try!� I'll keep you posted!� HAPPY NEW YEAR!

2 comment(s) - 10:10 PM - 01/12/2009
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    antho  60, Male, Sri Lanka - 14,376 views
Jan 2018
7:19 AM

Family trip to Cadjan Wild - Yala

Trip was organized by tania on a offer by Terrina . Family with Ryan . Left colombo on the 3rd at 8 am reached the hotel at 1 pm. I drove the distance. Relaxed the entire day . Terrina and Ajith gave a surprised visit and stayed. 4th morning went on safari 6 - 10.30. FOS not sight leopard but encountered a a lone elephant. Went again evening safari 3- 6 pm. Ajith and Terrina joined . We saw leopard . Stayed in the camping room.
Tags: Travel
1 comment(s) - 05:15 AM - 02/16/2018
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    leanneloach10  41, Female, United Kingdom - 14,247 views
May 2018
10:43 AM IST

See your culture through a new lens

See your culture through a new lens
Accepting your own culture is definitely easy, but living in another country can help your point of view of your home culture and allow you to develop your own perspective instead of simply accepting the occurrence of these definitions. Read more
Tags: education
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    Diane  45, Female, Iowa, USA - 14,021 views
Oct 2007
10:54 AM CDT

PC 0.5
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    jjhope  44, Female, DC, Washington, USA - 13,888 views
Jul 2008
4:05 AM EDT

I am very grateful for a sound mind and the ability to discern harmful people and situations.

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    manindra  47, Male, India - 13,834 views
Aug 2007
8:13 AM I

Tags: public
2 comment(s) - 05:45 PM - 11/05/2007
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    slickboy  33, Male, California, USA - 13,806 views
Jan 2007
10:01 PM EDT

Today was a good day. I celebrated my friends birthday and it was fun. During lunchtime we had fun and my friend smashed a cake in my face which was very fun and enjoyable. I had a good time. After lunch my former football team and I went to the a television show. Best Damn Show period. I thought it was going to be fun but it was coo when we got there but they made us clap and clap and clap even more. They made us comfortable but it was very boring and it looked so different from how they act on TV. I almost won a 52 inch tv but I barely missed it. I was a little dissapointed. At the show I saw the Brown linebacker and he was pretty big and all. We also had a little competitionith each other and it was really fun. Later on we eat candy and the show was over. While sitting in the buss we had a lot of fun. Most opf the student were dancing expecially me and it was very nice that other people were dancing to. We had a great time. After when I got I had a lot of homework to do. I was tired. When I turned on the Tv and was watching tv. I saw the Lakers getting blown out by 20 against the Dallas Maverics. The Dallas Maverics came with power expecially after the loss in LA it got them mad and they paid back onj us with a 20 point win against the Los Angeles Lakers. Kobe Bryant was looked down most of the gameand when Kobe doesn't work then the Lakers dont work well. I think it tought Lakers a great lessonm but I think it would improve better.
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    Ashfone3  29, Female, Colorado, USA - 13,801 views
Apr 2007
9:52 AM MST

Wow lol its been a long time but whatever nothing exiting really has happened cuz my life is o so boring but i g2g get back laters beyes

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    speedking  33, Male, California, USA - 13,758 views
Jan 2007
12:56 PM PDT

the person i most admire is my god father because he is able to make any small thing into a business and be able to make it into a big money maker he owns a restaurant in new port beach and its amazing how he can at his age move so quick and be so energytic. I see that in myself as well as an energytic and quick person and i know i will be able to make anything into a big business as well if i just put my dedication and time into it. I also admire my god sister but i see her as my sister she worked so hard to get where she is at today now she is a nurse and is making a lot of money especially since she is bilingual she got that from her dad and mom.
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    chens  53, Male, China - 13,701 views
Oct 2009
4:17 AM H

We got our house with 8 acres.
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