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    nava  27, Male, California, USA - 5,085 views
Jan 2007
6:54 AM PDT

No matter what you have makes you a genius or your imagination if they were both combined it it does't make a soul's genius.
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    kapowkristen  25, Female, Kansas, USA - 5,038 views
Jan 2009
6:45 PM EDT


Has anyone ever just thought of how fucking sad it is that everyone has hopes and dreams of traveling and just�being happy...

And all they need is money. the money.

people blow money every-fuckin-day and don't give a rats ass.

how is that even remotly fair? all those people who just wanna be happy...

it's ridiculous and sad.

On a lighter note:

Life blows.

Thanks for listening dumbfucks.

Tags: fuck
1 comment(s) - 11:46 PM - 04/03/2009
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    KeshiaLovesCJ  28, Female, Kentucky, USA - 5,033 views
Jul 2007
7:58 AM EDT

"Am I not destroying my enemies when make friends of them?" -Abraham Lincoln
I think that you are destroying your enemies because you are killing them with kindness... whenever someone hates me and when they give me dirty looks or something i just smile back cuz im not going to let them get to me.... I love being a BITCH!!!
i know wrote in a few days but i had to babysit and i have to babysit at my sisters almost all next week so yea.... its going to be wonderful lol... im going to go see my boyfriend today! yay! he is great! i Love him so much! well ill write later if i dont forget lol
Tags: Kentucky
3 comment(s) - 07:33 PM - 12/29/2007
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    Aridane  52, Male, Belgium - 4,951 views
Apr 2010
10:07 PM CEST

Words I learnt today

cochambroso adj filthy empapelar a algn (=abrir expediente) to throw the book at sb pecaminoso adj sinful terciarse si se tercia alguna vez que yo pase por allí - if I should happen to go that way
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    Margaritas  26, Female, Canada - 4,938 views
May 2013
4:37 PM EST

Les poètes

Comme Allen Ginsberg, mais avec moins de talent
Comme Jack Kerouack, mais avec moins de folie
Comme Paul Eluard, mais avec moins d'�legance
J'�cris sans penser, sans corriger, sans effacer
J'�cris pour t'oublier, mais souvent pour te r�sussiter
J'�cris pour t'aimer, mais souvent pour t'ha�r
J'�cris pour me retrouver, mais toujours je me perds.
Je t'�cris pour qu'un jour tu te d�cides � me r�pondre.

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    surfer11  27, Male, California, USA - 4,937 views
Jan 2007
7:12 PM EDT

Well today was my first day back with a open tooth. If You didnt know im getting a root canal. So for now my dentice left my tooth open in order for it to drain. It Taste horrible. And i constatntly have to rinse my mouth.Another bad thing is that i have to chew my food all on 1 side and its starting to hurt. The dentice gave me pain killers incase it starts to ache. But it hasnt ached yet i hope it dosnt. Iv only had sharp pains. Beside my tooth my days been ok it wasnt fun it wasnt boring. At least i had no homework.
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    dia87  32, Female, Oregon, USA - 4,930 views
May 2009
5:10 AM PDT


so i thought i found a good guy...he kept sayin i wanna see you...i wishu live closer blah blah blah...well we havent seen eachother we havent hung out...we havent done shit...why why why...i feel like i shouldnt even b around anymore...i feel like everyone is talkin shit behind my back n really dont like me..i dont kno what to do...i wanna get away n start fresh as the new Dianna...not the thick girl that can dance well, or the one who allows everyone to talk all over her. I am confident in some ways but some im not..i feel as if im not need nor wanted anymore...

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    mOmmy2Be  30, Female, Texas, USA - 4,909 views
Mar 2007
10:39 PM CDT

A True Best Friend

I don't think you know her,
She's not very popular.
She's the most beautiful person I know,
And she always makes me feel great.
She knows how to brighten my day,
Even if it's the darkest one yet.
She always has my back,
No matter what.
She's a True Best Friend.
She has a heart of gold.
She has hair of dark brown.
She's my angel.
She's my soon-to-be childs' God Mother.
She's the only one who understands me 24/7.
We've been through thick and thin,
Ups and downs,
Boys and more boys,
And even stupid girls.
We've been through hard times,
And we've been through good times.
We enjoy each other's company.
No matter what time of day.
She's the first person I talk to in the morning.
And the last person I talk to when I go to sleep.
She'a a True Best Friend.
She has her fault's,
But, then again, who in this world doesn't?
She sees every tear.
She catches the next,
And she stops the third.
She is there and already knows what's going on before anyone else.
She's the type of person that you can give your life to,
And not expect her to hide it,
or give it back.
She's always here for me,
Whenever I need her.
She drops everything for me,
And she'll use her last drop of gas to come get me,
And not expect nothing in return.
She's A True Best Friend.
Her name is Elisha Lynn and she's the most amazing person I know. Girl, you're my angel and I love you so, so much.

Much Love from me and the baby...
Best Friends Forever and Always
May 2006 - 'til the day we die!
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    jimmymarshall7  39, Male, United Kingdom - 4,880 views
May 2018
10:49 AM IST

Polymer physics

Polymer physics is the science of studying the physical properties of macromolecules. The main directions of its research include the macromolecule morphology, polymer mechanical properties, polymer solution, polymer crystallization and other thermodynamics and statistical mechanics disciplines, as well as polymer diffusion and other dynamic disciplines. Polymer physics is the science that studies the relationship between the structure and properties of polymers. It is also a science that studies the laws of movement of polymer molecules. It is an important professional basic course and a core course for polymer materials and engineering. Its main content is to explore the structure and properties of polymers. Read more
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    dramaqueen  30, Female, Virginia, USA - 4,866 views
Apr 2008
9:55 PM EDT

Life´s no fairytale

today on my way home from dinner with my family.. as i sat in the back seat of my car... i was thinking about all my problems.. i could almost hear the background music they put in movies when the girl fights with the guy and they both look out the window at the rain.... so i started thinking... and none of that is true... so many lives end everyday without a happy ending... the stories in popular romantic songs are not is just not like that... ever since i was little movies like cindirella and other disney productions have had me thinking that no matter what happens love always finds a way... and that it is so full of great surprises.. well at least the last part is true. except that the surprises are not always good ones... actually they are almost always terrible... and prince charming is dead... and chivalry died with him.. men in our generation expect to get a maid when they start a relationship.. at the beginning they can�t get enough of you... the little by little they start to show the real side of them... and let me tell you its not pretty.. my boyfriend and i (yes we�re still together) are gonna be 5 years old as acouple.. in may... and now.. i know men are jerks.... and most of the reason that life is not�a fairy tale is because of them.. all girls expect to find a prince waiting for them.. and all the guy needs to do is make that simple wish come true.. is it too much to ask for a guy to open the door for us... to hug us and give us their jacket when we�re cold... to kiss our pains gently away.. i think not... and its hard enough trying to keep the flame alive while the guy is being a total jerk sitting infront of the tv. watching football� withough them treating us so bad.... i for one. plan not to cry for a guy ever againn.. imagine.. if he treats me bad NOW... imagine if we got MARRIED!!!�

Tags: life
1 comment(s) - 06:35 PM - 04/21/2008
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    seamaiden  63, Female, United Kingdom - 4,858 views
Oct 2009
2:07 PM EDT

what a bueatiful day.

�today has been such a brillent day. and tommrow will be even better. we are going to the food festival in manchester agin. W are also going to �my in-laws �house which is in clifton england i call it riley mansion. It is so gorgeous there.They have a big garden. And there is a path that i walk down and visit the horses. They also have sheep. And the church we go to is also a favorite of mine. It is called st.john fischers. I think �it will be an exciting day. We plan on coming back on sunday. �I'am hoping that the weather will be really good.We take the bus. This time i am packing alot lighter then before as it is easier to carry that way.

�Last week we had a brillent party. there is alot of people in our family and about 20 of them were there.There was alot of terrific foods and it was so nice to visit.My sister in law also has a mini trampoline that she lets me use. �I have been on a weight loss program. I started doing belly dance for fun and excersize and lost from 165 american pounds to 126 in three months. That is from 12 stone in brittish weight to 9 stone in three months. and i am manageing to keep the weight off but latly i've been eating alot more so ill see if i can keep it off. �wish me luck!! i hope you have a brillent day take care

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    vabronxboogie  39, Female, Virginia, USA - 4,852 views
Mar 2008
7:20 PM PST

March 2, 2008 We met each other's family

Blair was up when i got home and his whole agenda was for me to meet his mom. I was nervous and excited. We went to flea market to drop off laptop at the kernal's. We then went to petersburg and he was pissed cuz we had to have his tire fixed cuz he done messed up the rim. It got fixed but he blamed it on potholes in richmond. lol His mom was really nice. Blair and I are gonna be moving with each other and Im excited about that as well. We gon make this work! We then went to pick up my car and my laptop and shot to my uncle's house and i went to see curuchi and tito who live across from each other. We also got to see my twin cousins stephany and her sis. Stephany likes to travel and even went to chicago, holla. Nano was there. We were asked to stay for dinner but I thought Blair wasnt up for it so I said I had to go to work which was true. Blair actually wanted to stay! Poorcommunication on my part. Well at home, I put Blair to cook. He made this steaks that came out really good. Ihad the rice and beans. His plate was spic and span. I'm glad he enjoyed it cus boy is he picky. We went to sleep till I had to get up and he basically dragged me off the bed so i can wake up. lol

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    coralturtle50  28, Female, United Kingdom - 4,816 views
Jan 2010
3:02 PM GMT

Hola!!!!!!! god, i havent written on here for sooo long, what with running around and someone else always on the computer.... you get the idea.

finally moved house... thats right after 7 months of complaining and bitching about the lack of potential buyers, a couple put us out of our misery and we were free to leave the hellhole and move to sunnier land, well 30 mins up the road anyway. although we put on the pretence of hating the old house, on the actual morning my parents were crying at seeing the place looking empty and abandoned, as we had grown up there and it is where they rememeber their parents , so it had a lot of emoitonal memories contained in its walls. the actual day was quite stressful and me and ben ended u having lunch in the back of the car surrouned by all of our stuff.� walking into our new house was daunting as i could barely remember some of it and had never actually seen all of my parents bedroom, but everything seemed great on the surface. however the way my mum has acted over the last few weeks you might diagree as she spots ever expanding cracks in the walls and ceiling but then this has been THE COLDEST WINTER FOR OVER 30 YEARS. i had barely even thought about the old house until last week when i was in school and i thought 'when i get home i'll have to typr this essay quickly as mu parents will want to go to sleep' forgetting that the computer is no longer in their room, woo hoo, from now on youtube until 3 in the morning :) onlu bum is going numb as we are still sitting in deckchairs every night, as there is still a lack of furniture about the place, especially in the lounge.

back to school now and history is ....well history, (woo hoo a pun) , thank god, i dont think i could bare to sit there listening to the boring life story of another politicion for one meow seconds, my brain was already starting to melt. parents evening is always a laugh and this year it did not disappoint. one highlight of the praise miss pickersgill for being the only� teacher EVER to say that it is ok for me to not talk so much in class. one up for the people who just like to sit the quietly, doodling on their paper, whike everyone else's voice's floating around the room.

big news of the week...I MADE MY FIRST SALE. i feel like a proper little business woman. the senior housemistress is giving me 25 quid to crochet her a scarf like the one i made for myself at xmas. lately i was starting to feel that maybe my dream job was not going to happen as the market is to difficlut but thisjust renewed my faith to the extreme.x

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    Jocelyn  49, Female, Taiwan - 4,806 views
Jun 2007
4:49 PM EDT

The last two days before the summer vacation begins, I only feel more depressed. The thinking of flying to San Jose makes me quiver. Chill down to the spine. And why's that? Well, it's full of unknown, and unpreditible and terrifying what's possibly to happen....don't know. OK, to be honest, I don't want to meet with them, that's all. sighs....
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    ihatemondays13  25, Female, Michigan, USA - 4,774 views
Aug 2009
12:18 PM EDT

Okay, so, I'm better today. (:

So, I spent the night at Jenna's house and we were talking about Alex. =/ And so she made me realize how unlikely it is that I will have a class with him. I have AP�US�History instead of normal US History so he won't be in that class. Then I'm a year ahead in math so he won't be in that class either. Science and English he could be in but WHATEVER. French he won't be doing again I don't think. And even if he was he would be taking French 1 again and I'm now on French 2. He could be in my psychology class. I�don't think he will be taking Art 2. And he might be taking photography. But he won't be looping science I don't think so I don't have to worry about that.�And so I am going to optimistic and hope he won't be in any of my classes.

On another way happier note. I�went to the football game last night and Lowell kicked ass of course. (: I�had a ton of fun hanging with people I haven't talked to in FOREVER. Then after Jenna and I had a sleepover like I mentioned before. We snuck out and walked to meijer and I got carmels. And a frozen coke. Oh and because the big 24 ounce or whatever they are were on sale I got a 6 pack for like $2.50. hahaha. It was great.

And we talked Allen into have a sleepover sometime next week. And I'm fucking pumped.

Sorry for the harsh wordssss. Ahahaha.

Oh yeah and I apologize for all the swearing in the last post. I was just pissed and freaking out. But I'm good now. (:

Imma go now.


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    mourningcloak  64, Female, New York, USA - 4,767 views
Apr 2011
11:25 AM


I love it here. It's new and young and active. I think I will feel happy and content. I will paint and do videos and get involved an lose weight and LOVE life. Yes, that's what I will do. Lots to plan and figure out. Life is Good!
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    Jewels101  27, Female, Texas, USA - 4,741 views
Aug 2009
6:48 PM EDT

back 2 skool

As everyone is geting ready for skool i caint help but dread going back and seeing my crushes and my enamies but as much as dreading that im afraid that when i go back everything will change like my friends my feelings my heart my songs my personality i dont want that i wanna be thee girl i want 2 be and as much and as easy as that sounds some how every year i seem too follow some group insdead of my heart.As much as i wanna GO BACK TO SEE MY FRIENDS� i think going back is gonna hurt me more than anything cuz the guy i like will breaK my heart.

but mabey mabey this year wil be diffrent just mabey

1 comment(s) - 09:58 AM - 08/16/2009
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    anirahs  29, Female, Singapore - 4,708 views
Oct 2007
8:47 AM AWST

Hi...long time nvr write in here animore..well, sch holidae is finishing soon and so hepi tat i am going 2 be wif my frenz..YEah!!:D
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    wickedlvr10  27, Female, Mississippi, USA - 4,670 views
Aug 2009
4:06 PM EDT

Hard Work

I fully understand the concept of hardwork. Especially in school. I have been working on my English essay for over 2 hours!! I'm writing about my summer vacation and I think it's pretty well written! I need to close it though so I guess I'll write in here later!
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    xxEbonyxx  28, Female, Pennsylvania, USA - 4,657 views
Nov 2007
3:18 PM EDT

I'm Back!!!!!!!!!!!!;)

well hello to the people that have been reading my journal! im sorry that i havent posted something new in a while but here i am. things in my lfie have benn going pretty well! i am less stressed out than i was when i first started this, being able to let out how i am feeling about things with out really having to say them really helps me, and i hope that in some why i am able to help people that read this a little, well i think that i am going to post more things about my life so you can read and so you can help me if i need any help or advie! well things with my boyfriend are good, we just recently got back together and i couldnt b emore happy, he is the love of my life and i couldnt imagin being without him any longer! he is soo important to me and i love him so much!
well i'll let you khow if anything changes,
Till next time
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