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    JusticeMarie  29, Female, Michigan, USA - 2 entries
Nov 2012
4:01 AM EDT

My Mind

I'm an insecure 18 year old girl.
But I'm working to be better.
I used to selfharm, I'm still depressed, I used to make myself puke.
But now I have amazing friends who seem to always be with me (Sportygirl15) and a boyfriend who I know loves me. And I love him. I'm also working out now. I've been running again and going to start working out with Sportygirl15 so we can motivate each other. :)
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    Nelly  32, Female, Russia - 8 entries
Sep 2008
9:36 PM EEDT

My summer

That's all! This summer had ended, but I can't say, that I'm upset about it. It was maby the best time in my life...but now...more meeting with friends, more work for me

My love...I don't understand anything about him and about me. I's very hard for me? but I can't sat, that I've dissapointed in him.I want to see him,hug and kiss, but...another question:what wants he.

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    heykaro89  35, Female, Taiwan - 6 entries
Aug 2007
12:38 PM EDT

the summer days are great and i wish this never ends...

i think im totally cursed by i went shopping with my crew..ended up like 9 T-SHIRTS with me was soooo crazy!! well thanks to the fair discount and cheap vendors..oh and some little money i earned from my part time job.

i love holidays. specially sumer holidays...i could get up anytime i want without being afraid to be kicked ass by my school teachers,i could play my guitar as long as i want,i can go swimmingall monday,go dancing all tuesday,paintall wednessday,learn franch or english all thursday,watch the oc all friday, hang outwith friends the entire saturday,and sleep all sunday HA.. yeah it sounds kinda time wasting but this is how holidays should be isn't it?

ummm one of my friends asked me why dont i get a b.f...well im not sure why..but i think i prob just dont wanna get stuck n another relationship again and im sick of worrying for someone and crying over the broken just enjoying my happy summer time. actually i wanna get with someone different..perhaps a foreign guy would be nice? haha :p

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    RollerCoasterLove  39, Female, California, USA - 2 entries
Aug 2007
4:12 PM EDT

Sometimes i just dont understand what ive done wrong. one day he acts like he loves me, the next he acts like i annoy him. im trying to become a better girlfriend, but hes not trying to be a better boyfriend. it doesnt help that all his friends are younger and more immature and dont have serious girlfriends to understand his situation. i think when he gets around them, he changes. into this "single" guy who doesnt give a fuck about me. im always tryna talk about our problems and tryna resolve it, but just randomly outta nowhere hell make it seem like he dont wanna try. when just yesterday he told me "i love you" "i miss you" "im thinking about you". and today i say "am i ur girlfriend" and he tells me "not really." and i say ur throwing me off telling me u love me one day and the next im not ur girlfriend. and he tells me "u threw me off when you moved out". is he tryna make me feel guilty? is he having money issues? financial problems stressing him out? and he blames me? i wanna work things out but how can i with someone whos not willing to try...instead i think to myself why dont i just walk away from all of this. just say fuck him and end it all for good... one day were okay. the next it seems like its all over. its this up and down roller coaster. ive try to change.. ive been making him dinner, avoiding issues i would usually argue about that upsets me... but i guess he doesnt see it. hes too stubborn to see where im coming from.. i kno theres a lot hes done, or hasnt done,to upset me, but im tryna see from his point of view and quitting all the "nagging", the fighting, the arguing.. im tryna do things for him to remember why he fell for me. but with him.. he just doesnt see me as something fortunate to have.. what do i do? i love him.. i dont want all this to end.. i just want everything to be okay again
1 comment(s) - 11:09 AM - 09/19/2012
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    bookunread  25, Female, California, USA - 2 entries
Aug 2016
11:17 AM PDT


I really wish someone could just know the feeling i'm having nd tell me what to do. My heart feels like it is actually �breaking, but i could never tell him that. There's so much i want to get off my chest and tell him, but i dont. I feel like if i do say something, i'll look weak. Like i have nothing better to do than to sit around and dwell on everything. Like i am ulitmately on giant burden in his life. I also don't want to start a fight, i mean it's bad enough i feel this way, he should either. part of me even feels like even if i do tell him, that he won't change anything. I sit up at nnight trying to fall asleep wondering if he's thinking about me while he's out til 6 in the morning drinking, which he has found to be his favorite hobby apparently.
I don't even want to say the words 'Break Up' out loud... �but boy have i thought them. I really am hoping he's just doing this for the first week and will soon settle down... that's what i'm praying for atleast... But how can you put a person through so much pain and not even seem to notice.... how can you go hours without �calling or texting and just assume that i get it or i don't mind. How can a boy who means so much to you treat you likr you mean so little... how to you fix a hurting heart?

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