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    Sakii  29, Female, Netherlands Antilles - 2 entries
Feb 2008
7:01 AM EDT

Today... boring so far

Hi you person who reads this,

Today is still boring. I have to start with my homework, but I don't want to! I feel nervous and tired at the same time. Yesterday I went to the cinema with my friends and I can't stop thinking about it. I mean, we had so much fun and we laughed. It's still weird to me. Because I never had such cool friends. I feel really respected for the first time! I still remember school, I had friends but... they weren't like friends. They hated me. And all the kids teased me. I think that was until the six grade. But know I'm on the 'next school'. I don't know how it's called in English... I am 13 years old and in 'the second grade'. I don't know how to explain it. Now I'm on this 'next school' I finally feel respected and cared. I remember one time, my friend told me. I was sick for two days and I couldn't go to school. And everybody in my class was worried. They kept asking my friends where I was. And kept asking when I was coming back. It was so awesome. But still I have some 'enemies'. Not enemies, but people who don't like me. I didn't do anything, they find me ignorant. But I know, you can't be respected by everyone, right? Today I'm going shopping with a friend, my best, best friend. But my mom and dad aren't at home. My friend is still asleep... So have to wait. And I'm so excited! Later this day, I'll write stuff that's more interesting. Because, my diary is quiet boring so far.


P.s: I am not English, so my text could be incorrect.

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    heykaro89  35, Female, Taiwan - 6 entries
Aug 2007
12:38 PM EDT

the summer days are great and i wish this never ends...

i think im totally cursed by i went shopping with my crew..ended up like 9 T-SHIRTS with me was soooo crazy!! well thanks to the fair discount and cheap vendors..oh and some little money i earned from my part time job.

i love holidays. specially sumer holidays...i could get up anytime i want without being afraid to be kicked ass by my school teachers,i could play my guitar as long as i want,i can go swimmingall monday,go dancing all tuesday,paintall wednessday,learn franch or english all thursday,watch the oc all friday, hang outwith friends the entire saturday,and sleep all sunday HA.. yeah it sounds kinda time wasting but this is how holidays should be isn't it?

ummm one of my friends asked me why dont i get a b.f...well im not sure why..but i think i prob just dont wanna get stuck n another relationship again and im sick of worrying for someone and crying over the broken just enjoying my happy summer time. actually i wanna get with someone different..perhaps a foreign guy would be nice? haha :p

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    jason09  34, Male, United Arab Emirates - 38 entries
Sep 2021
2:50 AM PKT

The Benefits of Buying Clothes Online

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You have the availability of a range of online stores:
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You get offers and packages:
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