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    vampiricakatt  28, Female, Minnesota, USA - 102 entries
May 2010
6:56 AM EDT

The things I hear

The Fights and screams
But I am unseen
I hear the crashes and fall
I can see it all
I look in the mirror and see
My bloody face beside me
Why has he done this again
why did I have to get in between them
another crash another scream
Why wont god save me
In front of me is this mirror
That only shows my horror
I smash it into pieces
And hope that I will free them
The cuts on my arms are nothing
Depending on the consequents.
2 comment(s) - 02:22 PM - 05/10/2010
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    vampiricakatt  28, Female, Minnesota, USA - 102 entries
Apr 2010
10:55 AM EDT

Why god why

my ex-friend cheyenne crossed the line last night she called me a dum bitch, a fat whore, and an emo fuck I didn't do anything to her and this is what I get. and i felt so much like cutting
3 comment(s) - 07:45 PM - 04/30/2010
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    loveKL92  31, Female, Ohio, USA - 18 entries
May 2009
3:48 AM EDT

Razor blade kisses
She’s dreaming,
It’s the nightmare again,
She flying,
Flying to see him.
Just to find,
That he’s not there.
She’s bleeding; she wants to.
It’s strange isn’t it?
Her little silver friend,
Her little blue towel,
Her little clear bottle,
She’s about to break down.
She’s thinking,
Don’t do it,
Some other part says yes.
So with one quick motion,
She’s done it again,
And again.
She’s stuck in between,
Some place,
Called misery and peace.
Some where that everyone’s,
Dying, hiding, or lying.
Where some of us wouldn’t,
Dare to go.
A place that’s never calm,
She opens her eyes,
To see,
That she’s been razor blade kissed.
She holds the silver relief,
In her hand.
Opens her mouth,
But cannot speak,
Stuck on the streets of
Misery and peace.
She bleeds as she cries,
As she watched the world,
As they all say their good-byes.
This time, it won’t be her time to cry.
3 comment(s) - 06:30 AM - 05/27/2009
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Current Tags: cutting, injury, kl, pain, poem, self harm

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    HiddenScars  34, Female, Louisiana, USA - 7 entries
Oct 2007
4:18 AM CDT

Well there really is not much to say there is alot going on in my life and I dont really know what to do about all of it...I am back to cutting and that sucks... I have had a few slip ups in the last few weeks which is not good.. But its okay..Me and kris are doing okay.. and all of viv's puppies are growing up to be beautiful! I love my vivvy... and now we have star trigger anna bell bear and trey... all of which I will have to sell soon... but I think that scott is going to get to keep trey... He is really excited especially with me and kris moving out soon!!! I HOPE,,,, Mom kicked us out agian but as normal she was all Im sorry by the end of the day... I love my kris kris but we are fighting alot lately.. I dont really know what to do about all that.. I have tried talking to he that doesnt really help any..just makes her mad that seems to be what I am good at... I really dont know what to do anymore... But it is okay we will work through it like we work through everything,, I know we will.... I am starting to talk even if it will make her mad.... i am at the point that if I have something that I want to say I am going to say it... I really am getting better... i dont really know what to rant anything else about so I guess Im gonna go ahead and get off of here...atleast everyone knows i am kinda sorta alive... LOVE YALL....

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Current Tags: cutting, hate, life, love

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