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    navi41  40, Male, Japan - 3 entries
Mar 2020
12:51 AM EEST

Yokohama Rubber to supply white ribbon tires for historic cars

The "RADIAL 360 STEEL" features a classic pattern design and side design, as well as a white ribbon on the sidewall, and has been developed for overseas markets.�The size to be released this time is compatible with US cars from the 1960s and 1970s, and can be installed on Suzuki Jimny etc. for custom use.

On the same day, three new sizes will be added to the "GTSPECIAL CLASSIC Y350" for historic cars.�The "GTSPECIAL CLASSIC Y350" has a classic appearance suitable for a historic car and, with advanced modern technology, realizes a mild ride comfort and safety that does not impair the taste of a historic car.

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    johnmiltani8  38, Male, New York, USA - 3 entries
Feb 2020
5:15 AM IST

freelance network engineer hourly rate

Computer network technicians manage and maintain an organization’s network systems, including wide area networks, local area networks, the Intranet, Internet, network segments and all other communication systems. The average wage earned by professionals in this occupation varies based on factors such as industry and location.

National Average

The average salary earned by network technicians in the United States was approximately $74,000 as of May 2011, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The bottom 10 percent of professionals in this field earned about $43,000 a year, while the top 10 percent earned about $112,000.


The computer and peripheral equipment manufacturing industry offers the highest average pay for this occupation with an average annual salary of $94,630. The employee benefits funds industry ranks second with an average wage of $93,000. Technicians who worked for the postal service, as well as those who worked for employers involved in "other financial investment activities," earned about $90,000 a year on average. Those who worked in the securities, commodity contracts and brokerage industry earned about $89,000.

Read More:�freelance network engineer hourly rate

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    accgulfuae  27, Male, United Arab Emirates - First entry!
Feb 2020
7:41 AM +04

How to Clean Tape Residue Off Windows & Glass

When it comes to your home, decoration and modifying it is pretty natural, and when it comes to special occasions, decals on the windows and new designs seem to be a favorite. Similarly tapes on glasses are used for various reasons in the house, in the kitchen or in the living room to hold things in place. However, in this process, we end up leaving marks on the windows and glasses, so how do you get rid of these industrial tape marks on the windows or glass?

Now, this is not so much of a battle, as you can get rid of these through easy methods at your home itself. The adhesives are not strong enough hence they come out, but they leave some marks, which must be scraped off once you peel off the sticker or decal.

The easiest way to do this would be to scrape it with a razor blade, but do it very carefully or you might end up hurting the glass more or yourself, so very smoothly scrape off the tape without the use of any chemicals. You can also use heavy duty hand wipes to get rid of these stains on the glass. They do not use too many chemicals and can get the job done easily.

The next best way would be to spray glass cleaner and let it rest on the tape marks so as to loosen the grip making it simpler for you to wipe it with a cloth. If not this, you can also apply some olive oil or cooking oil to loosen the grip and make the marks come off. Do this swiftly and you are sure to get rid of these stains.
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    trcpamco  27, Male, United Arab Emirates - First entry!
Feb 2020
7:19 AM +04

Tips to Determine your Audit Department is Effective or Not

The quick paced and developing business condition requires an inward review to think about its abilities and necessities to guarantee fitting key arrangements, so how can you create key plans that outcome in their partners seeing the review work as "very viable"?

There are a couple of points which help you determine if the audit department in your audit firms in effective or not.
  1. If the team meets the stakeholder expectations or not: Internal Audit effectively manages stakeholder relationships or not. Stakeholder expectations are very well understood, so if you audit team matches up to it or not will help you determine if the audit team of your accounting firms is effective or not.
  2. Operating the core processes: When you evaluating this, you must consider all the aspects of the audit department. The process must include, but not stay limited to Human Capital, Risk Assessment, partnering, Knowledge Management, Technology, Working Practice, Communication and Performance Measurement.
  3. Conforming to internal audit standards and applicable regulatory requirements: It is important to know if you team is following the set standards and conforming to it because that the requirement for any internal audit firm.
  4. Business Alignment: The audit team must align the audit plan in line with the business direction, again, highly important for the business, and will help you determine if the team is working in alignment and if everyone is on the same page or not. The business has its own mission and vision, and the auditors must be rightly aligned to it, in order to not have issues later on. To deliver on this attribute, Internal Audit routinely must stay updated of business goals, objectives and decisions while keeping a pulse on the company through its regulatory filings, competitor and industry information, and insights gained through participation in strategic discussions.
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    charlesSpreston  28, Male, North Carolina, USA - First entry!
Feb 2020
2:03 PM PDT

It used to be better. Why do we hear this so often?

All arguments are based on personal pleasant memories. Remembering the past days, a person scrolls in his memory the good that he had then. We now live in the age of information technology, from iOS operating systems to artificial intellects. New innovative discoveries greatly facilitate and improve our lives. If the comparison of "now" and "then" is in favor of the past - he is convinced that the world is not the same, it was once good, but today it is bad.

Speaking about specific points - earlier, indeed, it could have been better. A person is aging, health is gradually leaving, there are fewer positive impressions, and more negative ones. This only strengthens the belief that everything is bad now. But these are only subjective impressions, due to the specifics of human psychology.

Psychological component
Our brain is designed in such a way that pleasant moments of the past are recorded in memory much better than negative. Of course, severe stresses remain forever, so a person remembers a war, armed robbery or fire in a house for life. But less severe stresses eventually go deep into the memory, or even completely forgotten.

Pleasant moments, at the same time, are remembered much better. Even winning 100 rubles in the lottery in the distant 70s can gain a foothold for life and evoke pleasant memories. Remembering this, a person is immersed in nostalgia.

This specificity of the brain is part of the natural defense mechanisms. Stresses that have a negative impact, over time, "hide deep" or are deleted from memory, like extra files on your computers hard drive. If this did not happen - a person in difficult conditions could go crazy already in the third or fourth ten, under the pressure of everything experienced before.

Positive memories, by contrast, have a positive effect. By acting on the brain, they can cause an increase in the level of serotonin and other neurotransmitters involved in mood formation. Therefore, a person who is not very comfortable right now, thanks to pleasant memories, can feel better and deal with manifestations of depression.

So was it better before?
It was. But not everyone. And not always. And it was worse too. If we talk about the world or the country as a whole, then in every time, in every formation, there are both pros and cons. Therefore, to say that it's worse now than then, or vice versa, is impossible, this is a delusion. It all depends on the specific person, the position that he occupied and occupies in society.

It is more correct to say that it was not the world that was better, but a person who thinks so. Better not in terms of personal qualities (although this also often happens), but in terms of physical condition, health, material and social status. The one whose best years are long behind, really, can only nostalgic for a bright past. And nothing can be done about it, the psyche is so arranged.

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    maypamela  28, Female, Idaho, USA - First entry!
Feb 2020
4:41 AM EDT

Management Essay

A management essay is a mandatory exercise college students pursuing a career in management have to complete. The exercise can be difficult or easy depending on the approach taken by students to compile the essay. Management students would have gone through the process of writing essays in school. They understand that an introduction, body, and conclusion are essential components. Implementing these essential parameters is not difficult, but compiling an essay that is appealing to a large audience requires skill and flair. Some guidelines from Essay4students for people searching: do my essay for me cheap, have been listed below that focuses on the right approach needed to compile a high-quality essay.
1.� � � �Complex theories and models are used by managers to solve management problems. They could be based on historical data or hypotheses that have been established through experience. Students would have been exposed to the models and theory in class. The management essay would include such a model and elaborate on some recent updates or improvisation on it. Student may also attempt providing a solution to the essay question based on a business model. Management students, however, have to be proficient in business-related topics like marketing, finance, human relations, and operations. Though their level of understanding on the different aspects of management would be limited to theory, students should be able to tackle each topic using business models studied in class. Those who have had practical experience and have worked in a business atmosphere would be suited to understand business models better.
2.� � � �A safe approach would be to fully understand the essay question and plan the route to be taken though the essay statement. For example, students might be asked to write an MBA essay on “Business Trends Of The 21st Century.” This is a vast and general topic. A marketing management student would think of an essay statement that includes marketing aspects and then plan on elaborating on a relevant marketing strategy that would be relevant in the 21st century. The purpose of doing this is to keep a topic connected with the field of study and learn about new areas of marketing not covered in class.
3.� � � �Business management essays communicate better with an audience, if it solves a problem for them. Utilizing their knowledge of a subject, students must aim to provide solutions to problems through their essay. Running a business is more about adjustments and keeping oneself updated with the latest technology more than anything else. A business that is not ready to evolve is likely to fail in the long run. An essay that focuses on such problems and provides logical answers to them would be appreciated by many readers who run businesses facing similar problems.
4.� � � �As students progress towards completing the MBA program, management essay writing becomes tougher. Their final project would be instrumental in them getting lucrative jobs in the field of their choice. When the stakes are so high and students are expected to write highly-professional essays, it is better to approach online content providers of repute like They employ highly experienced writers who have spent many years compiling essays and other complex academic assignments in the field of management. They keep themselves updated with the latest trends and can write on complex topics involving all the major areas of management.
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    annlramos  28, Female, Alabama, USA - 4 entries
Feb 2020
7:18 PM MSK

Happy Relationship

To become a friend, you need to pass the first three levels of communication sequentially.

But in the case of love, everything is more complicated: often, if mutual feelings arise suddenly, the beloved can automatically move from the first or second level to the fifth and become almost the center of the world. Contrary to a common stereotype, a friendly relationship between a man and a woman is possible, but only if none of them have romantic feelings for each other, such as attraction, passion, love, or love.
� �In some cases, there is a friendship in which one of the friends (or both) hide their true feelings. If neither of them decides to open up, the relationship will remain within the framework of friendship.
� � Also, in some friendly relationships between a man and a woman, there is sex that is pleasant for them and does not oblige them to anything. Such friendships are called friendships with privileges.

Romantic relationships between a guy and a girl can be divided into the following types:

Mutual development. The basis of such relations is the desire for joint development. by the way, if you suddenly find yourself in another country, then you will be helped by a VPN and you can install it here
.� A man and a woman are engaged in joint activities, communicate a lot, have a lot of common interests, can conduct joint business, support each other in the process of improvement. Such relationships are often chosen by rationalists and pragmatists.
Full mutual understanding. This is a spiritualized Union in which each of the partners is so comfortable that they only get pleasure from the fact of being next to each other.
Calculation. In such a relationship, at least one of the partners is looking for a direct benefit.
Such a Union is not always bad, especially if a man and a woman are able to negotiate with each other.
Experiment. A man and a woman who are in such a relationship tend to remake the partner for themselves, so that it is as convenient as possible. This relationship is hardly worth continuing.
Tightness. One of the most unpleasant types of relationships. A man and a woman who are in a Union often quarrel, may diverge and converge again. They should have split up, but for some personal reason they continue to be together.
. Physical intimacy versus emotional intimacy
It is enough for a man to have visual contact with a woman before sex, while a woman wants romance and emotional intimacy.�
A man is attracted to a spectacle, a woman is attracted to a man's personality. A man can start immediately – a woman needs time for emotional and psychological preparation.
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    mastersoftware  32, Male, Florida, USA - 2 entries
Jan 2020
12:22 AM IST

Salon Management Software - Master Software Solutions

Are you searching an�online salon management software?

Your search ends here with Master Software Solutions. We are a software development company, providing the services at affordable prices. We build the app using latest technology and new features. Contact us now and get the free demo of the app +918437004007
1 comment(s) - 12:56 AM - 03/06/2020
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    safsocial  44, Male, Florida, USA - First entry!
Jan 2020
8:02 AM IST

SAF Social - Social Network For The Sexually Adventurous

The Adult Social Network. Connect with friends, make new friends, post and check out photos, videos, events, and parties. Form & join groups. Private message and video chat. Shop at over 600 stores. Hook up with sexy members. Create your profile and get instant access to swingers couples and singles near you! SAF Social has over 4 million members worldwide. Join SAF Social & Change your life today!

Whether single or married, come have fun, laugh, make new friends, socialize with like-minded people, be sexy, find a fun dating partner and travel to erotic vacations.

A private, member only social network for the swinger community. Similar to Facebook with friends, posts, comments, private instant messaging, blended in advertising, videos and notifications.

Market: Over 200 million known swingers worldwide. Real number is unknown due to privacy. When Adult Friend Finder had a security breach announced in 2016, 339 million profiles we're exposed on this one swinger dating site.

Download The App

Android Link:
Apple Link:�

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    byronkinkade  25, Male, Florida, USA - First entry!
Dec 2019
1:24 PM EDT

Literature Search: How to Make It Faster and More Interesting

Conducting a literature research is an important part of college studies. The ability to find necessary information as quickly as possible is an indispensable skill of a successful student. Some people have to spend an enormous amount of time on their papers because they don`t know how to do a literature search. Of course, you always can buy a research paper for college, more brave will find here are tips that will help you find information faster.

Literature Search: Where to Start

Searching for literature is not as hard as it seems, if a person knows how to use informational resources. This is how you can start your research:

  1. First, you can go to the library and browse through a library catalogue. There are many subject indexes and they will help you find information on every topic.
  2. Secondly, there are many online databases such as SAGE, EBSCOhost, JSTOR, ProQuest. They will offer you many up-to-date and relevant articles about the topic of your paper.
  3. Internet resources such as Google Scholar can also be of great use to students who look for relevant information.
  4. Finally, you may ask your professor or teaching assistant for advice. They will definitely tell you what kind of sources you should use for your paper.

Literature Search: Understanding the Logic of Search Engines

Nowadays, the Internet has become the most popular means of finding information. Yet, some people don`t know how to use this tool effectively. Prior to beginning any search for literature on the Web, you should understand how this information can be retrieved most easily. There are several things that you should do for this:
  1. First, you need to identify the main keywords related to your topic. You should also write down synonyms to these keywords.
  2. Secondly, when you write a search query, make sure that it is no longer that four words, because otherwise the search engine may offer you many irrelevant web pages.
  3. When you want to find exact matches to your query, put your keywords in quotation marks.
  4. If you want to sift out irrelevant web pages, use�Boolean operators, like And, Or, Not.
  5. You should also carefully evaluate the sources Internet offers you. Remember that blogs and commercial websites are not always credible. You should access first educational and governmental websites.

Literature Search: Evaluating Sources

When you have already found many sources, you have to choose the most credible ones. This is how you can rank your sources in terms of credibility:
  1. Peer-reviewed studies published within the last five years;
  2. Books written on the topic;
  3. Official documents published by governmental agencies or international organizations;
  4. Encyclopedia entries;
  5. Newspaper articles. It is possible to use newspaper articles, but you have to make sure that you are not relying on the data published by the yellow press.
If you take into account these recommendations, you will see that any literature search can be made much more productive.

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