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    northcolorado  29, Male, Colorado, USA - 3 entries
Jan 2019
2:58 AM IST

Nebraska Orthopaedics

If you are suffering from orthopaedic problem and want to know about current non-surgical and surgical methods available for viable treatment, then contact North Colorado Spine & Orthopaedics and schedule an appointment for Dr. Dhupar in Nebraska.
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    Stenny352  39, Male, Canada - 3 entries
Jan 2019
12:34 AM IST

Avoiding car accidents ? and what to do when you have one

They happen in an eye-blink, and usually what comes next is a blur. We’re not talking about your vision -- it’s a car accident.
If you’ve never been in a car accident, and think you never will, here are some sobering numbers from the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC). In its last full year of statistics, ICBC reported 330,000 car accidents in the province -- 220,000 of them occurring in the Lower Mainland.
No matter how careful and skillful a driver you may be -- your chance of being in an accident is roughly one in 10 every time you’re on the road. And the results of an accident range from light car-body damage to injury to a tragic death (273 throughout BC in 2016).�
The rules of safe driving are, for the most part, common sense, or at least clearly indicated by road signs. We also rely on our years of driving experience to follow the rules and keep safe.�
Unfortunately, all too often, our experience behind the wheel can make us lax about following laws and regulations. Here are the basics, which can never be revisited enough.
  • Be alert; never drive impaired or fatigued.
  • Always wear your seat belt -- and make sure everyone in your car is, too.
  • Maintain a speed-safe distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you.
  • Look ahead -- if you see a line of brake lights coming on, slow down too.
  • Take particular care at intersections: left-hand turns crossing your path, and pedestrians.�
  • Be wary of our BC rain: more accidents occur in rainy conditions than snow.
  • Pay attention to road signs: they’re there for a reason.
But no matter how carefully you drive, accidents can be completely unpredictable, and often not your fault. What do you do then?
Mostly, common sense things -- as hard as it may be to think that way after such a shock to your system.
If anyone’s injured, call 911, and get paramedics at the scene fast. Call for the police if the other driver seems impaired or was driving aggressively. Exchange information with the other driver. Get as much information as you can but, at the very least, write down their licence plate number.
Immediately seek legal representation with a law firm that specializes in ICBC law. At the time of the accident, there are too many things to deal with on your own; whether it’s assessing the damage to your vehicle, seeking treatment for your injuries or making sure witnesses are contacted to support your side of the story.
You don’t have to call ICBC immediately. In fact, you or your lawyer can contact them within a “reasonable” time. He or she will look out for your interests and make sure that ICBC doesn’t take advantage of you. Your representation should start as soon as possible.
Helpforme� has one of the largest groups of personal injury lawyers under one roof in BC. They’re your personal advocates to help you through the complexities of an ICBC claim, and ensure you’re getting the settlement or court award that you deserve.� Helpforme has contingency-based fees, so you don’t pay until your claim is resolved. Find out how Helpforme can help you.
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    LarsonSimmons  35, Male, South Africa - 2 entries
Jan 2019
8:49 AM IST

How Blockchain Technology Addresses the Hurdles in The Marketing Industry

Cryptocurrency is undoubtedly the most discussed topic since its inception. The technology is primarily used to carry out an online transaction easily and quickly. However, with the rapidly increasing demand and adoption in this year, the crypto market has experienced many cases of scams and fraud related to crypto trading. However, we are not here to discuss all these pros and cons or other news related to cryptocurrency. In fact, in this article, we are here to discuss the potential of Blockchain technology. This feature of cryptocurrency associated technology (Blockchain) address the challenges in the marketing industry.

Ways Blockchain Addresses the Challenge of Marketing:

It is notable that Blockchain technology is poised to impact various industries around us. It has the potential to successfully disrupt the ways industries operate and solve the issues of transparency, security, reliability and giving power in consumer's hands.

Targeting the Audience Data Made Easier:Blockchain works on the principle of the distributed ledger. The DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) allows buyers and seller to cut out the middleman in the network. This elimination of middleman while processing any transaction on the network also eliminates the need of a third-party marketplace. So now rather than depending on any social media sites like Facebook or Google for information, Blockchain Improve transparency and allows brand building within the customer's base using the data available to them.

Reduce Cost: Marketing involves paying a lot of money on services that allow them to build a healthy relationship with clients and customers. These services allow them to build a direct link between the firms advertising their brands and their potential consumers. In such cases, Blockchain eliminates the use of intermediates that offers these services and reduce the cost of marketing, the biggest challenge in the marketing world.

Eliminate Frauds:The most common challenge faced by the industry today is frauds and scams that buzz around the tech world. In the marketing sector too, there are cases when sales advertising are backed by fake bots and virus. They provide the platform to hackers to hack user's data and perform frauds. Here Blockchain emerges as a solution and allows fraud verification, reduce market spending in order to secure users and improve their total spending.

Above mentioned are some of the ways, Blockchain is benefiting the marketing industry. As a marketer, we believe that you need to understand the latest information on Blockchain and application of Blockchain Africa. as this advanced technology has the potential to impact the marketing for today as well as in future and this is high time, you should come up to educate yourself.
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    heyram  39, Male, Malaysia - 3 entries
Jan 2019
7:14 PM +08

OPPO Price in Malaysia for January, 2019

Most recently, the OPPO brand took the mobile phone world by storm. With its slim design and innovative features (like the Slow Shutter and the Rotating Camera),�OPPO smartphones�are making its way into the mobile technology world alongside Android and Apple. Though, OPPO did not start off as a manufacturer of mobile phones.

Redefine the Meaning of Powerhouse - Oppo R11

The big highlight ofOppoR11�is that it boasts dual rear camera setup (20MP and 16MP) with a dual-LED flash. In addition, it comes with 2X optical zoom, Qualcomm Spectra, Portrait Mode, and other powerful features. These incredible features guarantee exciting photo taking experience because we now have tons of options to achieve your desired photo effect.From optical zoom to selective focus (Bokeheffect),OppoR11 gives you the freedom to take pictures according to your creative preference. When it comes to selfies,OppoR11 boasts a dedicated 20MP front camera that captures gorgeous selfies.
read more about oppo price�and get the best.....
If you interested to know about APPLE price check out now for a big deal....

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    mritunjaysp  44, Male, India - First entry!
Dec 2018
7:43 AM IST

Oracle dba training institute in Noida

Oracle dba training institute in Noida, Around the arena, numerous businesses and groups are appreciably utilizing Oracle merchandise together with databases, ERP, CRM and software solutions. Therefore, Oracle certified professionals are in exquisite demand today. In case you own a valid know-how and proven technical talents in Oracle and associated fields, it's miles advisable that you cross for 10g DBA Certification to decorate your process profile and enhance your profession potentialities to amazing heights. There are three major task roles related to Oracle certification along with database administration, software developing and web administration.
The position of a information Base Administrator is important in any business enterprise. The middle activity responsibilities of a DBA consist of administering oracle facts bases and medium to large database programs. A DBA expert is likewise liable for a selection of different essential roles like deployment, installation, backup, recuperation and repairing the database as according to the springing up needs and expectations of the company. A number of the distinguishing features predicted of an Oracle DBA consist of admirable verbal exchange, awesome technical understanding and a verified understanding in real international state of affairs in addition to a radical information of databases idea and a legitimate operating information with revel in within the Oracle databases and technologies.
10g DBA examination is an access-level certification exclusively designed to advise the foundation abilities wanted for both database management and alertness improvement. The principal goal of this certification is to degree a professional's capacity to do his task as a junior group member with both database administrators and software developers. This certification is taken into consideration as the first step closer to getting the extra superior OCP - 10g certification.
Sql �Is a query language. It's far English-like and clean to apply. But, although there are greater than 90 square reserved phrases, most programmers seldom use more than the following handful of commands - select, INSERT, replace, DELETE, FROM, where, HAVING, between, LIKE, OR, AND, no longer, IN, ORDER, group and via.
For instance, in case you had a database desk named "personnel" and also you wanted to retrieve all facts wherein the worker has the final call "Goodman", you'll use the subsequent square assertion:
Select * FROM employees wherein last name = 'Goodman';
There are many distinct classes of sq. Statements however the basic ones which all programmers have to be acquainted with are the sq. Statements that:
1. Create tables and manipulate their definitions
2. Query the desk data
3. Control the desk records
Sql Is predominantly used by 2 varieties of customers - programs and human beings (keying in the instructions through a database client) - to bypass instructions to databases. Square commands may be keyed into a database customer just like the MySQL query Browser or the square Server company supervisor and achieved to both go back a end result or adjust data inside the database. Square can also be used together with programming language or scripting language like Microsoft visual fundamental or personal home page to speak with the database.
Even though sq. Is a global fashionable, it's far unlucky that maximum database vendors have give you exceptional dialects and variations. That is due to the fact every database seller desires to differentiate their database merchandise from the group. One good instance is Microsoft square Server's TRANSACT-sq.. TRANSACT-sq. Is a superset of square and is designed for use handiest with Microsoft sq. Server. Although it does make programming lots less difficult for software program builders, it isn't always compliant with different databases like Oracle or MySQL - making TRANSACT-square packages non database-portable. As such, despite the fact that a lot of those functions are effective and sturdy, it is right practice to exercising caution and restricts your sq. Use to be compliant with the ANSI/ISO square requirements and ODBC-Compliant.
Webtrackker is a Leading IT Training Institute in Noida for Industrial Training. We conducts IT Software, Network & Security Courses training. Corporate Trainer commands all training program. Week Days, Weekend, 6 Week, 6 Months Industrial Training and internship are available. If you want oracle training institute in Noidathen you should look forbest oracle training institute in Noida.

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+91 - 8802820025
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Java training institute in greater Noida

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    adaixiprice  39, Male, Malaysia - First entry!
Dec 2018
3:35 AM +08

Want to compare mobile prices before buying......

Smartphones are no longer a luxury; they are indispensable devices that work as a medium of information and entertainment. For this reason, it’s important to choose the right smartphone that has all the essential features you need for day-to-day use. Some of Malaysia's favourite smartphone brands are Samsung, Apple iPhone, Asus ZenFone, Xiaomi Redmi and Oppo.
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    Bhanu00  24, Female, Singapore - First entry!
Dec 2018
2:51 AM IST

Take a bus from Hotel Fort Canning to the Pavillion Mall

Hotel Fort Canning
This is a boutique heritage hotel that was opened for the people in the year 2010, since then it has won several accolades. The hotel is known to have the highest standard of excellence and has been ranked amongst the top hotels of Asia and all over the world. The hotel has about 86 rooms and suites that have been well appointed and holds some of the most modern amenities. This luxurious hotel also has 2 huge outdoor pools and a 24/7 fitness centre.� �The building is believed to have been used as the British Far East command during World War II. The hotel is just 22 minutes away from the Changi International Airport.
The hotel has about 86 guest rooms, which is quite a low number, compared to other hotels.� However, this is because each of the rooms have been spaciously designed offering some of the best luxuries. My stay here was an experience that I would hardly ever forget. I was staying on the second floor and a base room cost me 280 SGD.��
Having travelled by bus all throughout my journey in Singapore, I found travelling by bus very convenient and since Kuala Lumpur Malaysia was next on my list, i booked a bus from Hotel Fort Canning to Kuala Lumpur. The bus stop was just 11 minutes away from my hotel and I boarded a bus from the Dhody Ghaut MRT Station Bus Stop. I booked my bus tickets online from .� The bus dropped me off to the Air Asia Bus Stop in Malaysia, which is just 4 minutes away from the Pavillion Mall. The journey took me about 9 hours. There were3 operators plying on this route which were KTMB, Rapid KL and SMRT.�
Pavillion Mall Kuala Lumpur�
Pavillion Mall is considered to be one of the biggest shopping malls of Malaysia. The mall occupies a huge chunk of prime real estate along Jalan Bukit Bintang. It was opened for the people in the year 2007 and is divided into 3 major sections – a retail mall, an office block and with two huge residential towers. It has kept the city’s trendy fashion followers completely up to date and setting a perfect example of how extravagant some malls can be, with a number of dining options. The mall is spread across 1.37 million sq ft of land and has been constructed using white marble. The mall is a combination of indoor and outdoor shopping venues and it consists of an oversized Grecian temple. The temple features modern pillars and has about 450 different stores. It also has some hip-hop dining options, big box retailers and international designer labels as well as local retailers. The mall is one of the most visited places by the people of Kuala Lumpur and it does not matter if it is a weekday or a weekend, the mall is always crowded with hundreds of people. It will not be an exaggeration to say that it will take you more than 2 days to explore the entire place.�
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    bella352  39, Male, Indonesia - First entry!
Dec 2018
3:58 AM IST

Pengalaman Berlibur dengan Transportasi Murah Seharga Rp 160.000 ke Kota Lumpia Semarang dari Kota K

Bandung, yang mana merupakan ibu kota Provinsi Jawa Barat di Indonesia. Meskipun kota ini secara mengejutkan memiliki populasi lebih dari 2 juta jiwa, saya merasa bahwa laju kehidupan disini cukup lambat dan bebas stres dibandingkan dengan Jakarta. Bagian terbaik tentang Kota Kembang Bandung adalah terletak di dataran tinggi 768 meter di atas permukaan laut dengan titik tertinggi berada di sebelah utara dengan ketinggian 1.050 meter di atas permukaan laut dan sebelah selatan merupakan kawasan rendah dengan ketinggian 675 meter di atas permukaan laut. Tempat ini memiliki iklim yang sejuk sepanjang tahun dengan suhu rata-rata 23.5 derajat Celcius dan merupakan kota Eropa nya Pulau Jawa. Jika anda merencanakan liburan di sini, satu hal yang patut dicatat adalah bahwa musim hujan di sini mulai relatif lebih awal daripada daerah lain di Indonesia. Hujan biasanya turun dari bulan Oktober hingga Mei tetapi Januari dianggap sebagai bulan yang memiliki tingkat hujan deras. Curah hujan rata-rata 200.4 mm dan jumlah hari hujan rata-rata 21.3 hari per bulan. Saya akan merekomendasikan anda untuk mengunjungi Bandung selama bulan Juni hingga Agustus agar anda dapat memanfaatkan waktu perjalanan anda secara efisien di sini! Temperatur Bandung pada siang hari yaitu 30 derajat Celcius dan 25 derajat Celcius pada malam hari. Matahari bersinar hampir sepanjang pagi tetapi sedikit berawan selama siang hari. Cuaca yang cukup menyenangkan sepanjang tahun, tetapi cobalah untuk mengunjungi selama bulan-bulan musim kering.
Anda juga dapat memilih beberapa perjalanan singkat ke resor gunung Lembang yang pasti terbukti akan menjadi salah satu perjalanan anda yang mengesankan. Lembang adalah satu-satunya kawah di Jawa yang dapat diakses oleh mobil sampai menuju lerengnya. Lembang adalah pemandangan menakjubkan yang dapat dilihat dari asap belerang yang memancar dengan indahnya. Anda juga akan diizinkan untuk turun ke salah satu kawah gunung berapi. Namun, anda harus melakukannya dengan bantuan panduan yang berpengalaman yang ada di tempat. Hanya 15 menit dari sini ada resor mata air panas di mana anda dapat berenang di kolam air mineral hangat, yang dikenal dapat menyembuhkan beberapa masalah kulit. Resor ini juga dikenal menyediakan pengunjung dengan bar, restoran dengan berbagai masakan, beberapa teleskop, dan sebuah hotel bergaya pondokan. Di Lembang juga terdapat wisata lainnya yaitu Puncak Punclut dan Floating Market, Farm House Susu Lembang, Observatorium Bosscha, Air terjun Maribaya, dan Desa Cikole. Setelah berjalan-jalan sekitar 7 hari, saya akan menuju ke tujuan berikutnya yaitu Semarang dengan naik Bus seperti pengalaman saya sebelumnya.�
Hanya membutuhkan waktu sekitar 3 menit untuk memesan tiket bus saya secara online dari Sesuai situs web, ada tiga operator bus eksekutif dan satu operator bus mewah di rute ini. Kramat Djati Bandung, Bandung Express dan Nusantra adalah operator bus eksekutif yang melakukan perjalanan bus harian di antara kedua kota ini. Semua operator ini memiliki setidaknya 2 bus di sepanjang hari. Bus pertama Kramat Djati Bandung berangkat pada jam 14.00 siang dan dilanjutkan jam berikutnya yaitu satu jam kemudian pada jam 15.00 sore. Saya selalu bepergian dengan Kramat Djati dan cukup senang dengan pengalaman itu. Operator ini selalu memiliki bus yang bersih dan nyaman serta selalu tepat waktu dan tidak pernah terlambat. Biaya satu tiket dengan operator ini adalah sekitar Rp 160.000,- yang menurut saya cukup terjangkau dengan kualitas segala layanan yang diberikannya.
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    brutuzz  20, Male, Indonesia - First entry!
Dec 2018
5:22 AM WIB

harga samsung j7 prime

Sebagai salah satu merek yang cukup terkenal di Industri smartphone, Samsung telah banyak menelurkan berbagai varian smartphone dengan berbagai type. Salah satunya yang cukup terkenal dan masih banyak dicari hingga sekarang adalah smartphone dari kelas menengah yakni Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime. Hadir di lini papan tengah, harga Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime ini pun dibanderol cukup terjangkau. Kendati demikian, spesifikasi smartphone ini tak murahan.

Hal tersebut menjadi bukti konsistensi Samsung sebagai salah satu perusahaan elektronik terbesar di dunia. Tak heran jika seluruh dunia lantas mengakui keunggulan produk keluaran vendor asal Korea Selatan tersebut. Samsung sendiri merupakan perusahaan yang didirikan oleh Lee Byung-chull pada tanggal 1 Maret 1938 di Daegu, Korea Selatan. Meski dikenal gencar mengeluarkan produk untuk kelas atas, Samsung juga tak lantas melupakan konsumen kelas menengah. Hal itu dibuktikannya dengan merilis smartphone untuk kelas menengah, yakni Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime resmi dirilis pada tahun 2016 lalu dan menjadi salah satu smartphone terlaris Samsung di Indonesia. Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime hadir untuk bersaing dipasar smartphone kelas menengah. Kesuksesan ini memang cukup wajar, karena harga Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime terbilang miring mengingat ponsel ini memiliki desain mewah dan spesifikasi mumpuni.

Dari semua varian seri Samsung J Prime, Galaxy J7 Prime merupakan varian dengan spesifikasi yang cukup tinggi dibanding 2 varian lainnya yang di rilis oleh Samsung, yakni Galaxy J2 Prime dan Galaxy J5 Prime. Nah, berikut ini rangkum dari berbagai sumber, Jumat (16/11/2018),�harga Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime dan spesifikasi unggulannya.

Sebagai bentuk upgrade, harga Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime lebih mahal dibanding seri sebelumnya. Selain itu kualitas permesinannya pun lebih canggih. Untuk prosesor, Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime telah ditenagai prosesor Exynos 7870 Octa yang disokong prosessor Octa-core 1.6 GHz Cortex-A53 dan dikombinasikan dengan RAM 3 GB untuk pengoperasian yang responsif dan pastinya dapat memberikan kinerja yang powerfull.

Untuk tampilan grafis, Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime menggunakan GPU Mali-T8300MP2 yang memiliki kualitas sangat baik. Semua komponen canggih ini berjala diatas Platform OS Android 6.0.1 dan dapat diupgrade ke sistem operasi terbaru.

Harga Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime yang ditujukan untuk kelas menengah tak lantas membuat ponsel ini dibekali spesifikasi yang biasa saja. Buktinya, Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime memiliki memori internal yang cukup besar yakni 32 GB ditambah slot microSD yang dapat digunakan untuk memperluas penyimpanan mencapai 256 GB dapat digunakan untuk menyimpan banyak file.

Untuk menyokong semua kebutuhan daya saat smartphone dioperasikan Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime dibekali daya baterai dengan kapasitas besar 3300 mAh yang diklaim dapat bertahan selama satu hari penuh untuk pengunaan normal. Baterai tersebut bersifat Non-Removable

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    dallasbrakes  44, Male, Texas, USA - 8 entries
Dec 2018
5:14 AM IST

Brake Repair Richardson TX

Check the brakes of your vehicle on a regular basis and if experience any problem, without delaying even a second, contact Stop On A Dime Mobile Brake Service for efficient brake repair service in Richardson, TX. We work with the best suppliers in the business to ensure you get the most for your money.
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