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    kiya  33, Female, Canada - 21 entries
Apr 2010
12:47 PM EDT

why follow what people say is right...

who knows if they're even right...
everything here
is what's in my head...
I would say this
and people won't agree
but I sometimes think that...

people only believe
to better themselves.
Not because it is real
not because they believe
but because they fear

i don't see the purpose of going to church
when right after, you gossip about others
i don't see why you have to announce to everyone
that mr. and mrs. someone donated the highest amount

whether He's there or not
can't you talk to him alone?
in your own room,
or while your walking,
and not HAVE to go to some building built by humans
who call it holy whatever...

all i'm saying is that..
happiness is something we make,
whether there's a God or not...
we are the one's living our lives..

We should still do good
without thinking of the reward...
Whether there's a heaven or not...
We can be better if we want to.

i might have sounded preachy...
but it's true...
i'm not saying that you should pray at night
all i'm saying is don't be a hypocrite...

If you don't believe in God--noone should force you to
if you don't want to go to church---noone should tell you to
and if don't have a religion---who says that you have to have one?
but if you do? as long as you truly believe in it, then i guess you aren't a hypocrite...

i don't know if there's a god or not...but while i live my life, all i know is that there's karma...that you still should try to be a good person no matter what...
do you good did for the day...that's all

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    BoyerC  32, Male, Pennsylvania, USA - First entry!
Nov 2009
7:40 PM EDT

Why A War

We listen to their cries of pain,

As we take the enemy's name in vein.

For they too think alike,

And release their rage with a terrible might.

So why a war, this war we fight,

Does peace not shed its golden light?

Instead we give eachother hell,

And along the way, others as well.

This war must end, some way, some how,

It must end not later, but now.

For in the end no one wins,

In the end it's only sins.

So why a war, this war we fight,

Is their no end in my sight?

2 comment(s) - 06:31 PM - 06/06/2010
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    kapowkristen  30, Female, Kansas, USA - 11 entries
Dec 2008
3:57 PM EDT

I can't remember what sleep feels like.

I feel like i have so much time on my hands, and i dont know what to do with it.

I read alot. But after i finish the book i wish i had tooken more time reading it.

I play the piano. But i can only play the piano during the day. Grand Pianos have a loud sound. =]

I write sometimes. But i can't get feedback on it because i don't want to put my writing up anywhere. Last time i did that i got all of it stolen.

I play games, like online and stuff. But they all seem to be so easy, and worthless.

I look things up. Learn about things i don't know about. But sometimes i feel like that's pretty worthless as well.

I draw, paint, etc. But i usually throw it away or put it in my basement. Rejection scares me. Alot.

I spend my days getting through them. Waiting for somthing to happen. Waiting to figure the reason i'm here. What duty do i serve?

Talking to other people about these things is a waste of time. When you speak as if you came out of a poetry book, people don't really get the grip on what you're saying.

I want to run away. Not really run away from my parents/friend/family. Just run away from me. What i've become. I want to go someplace where i can just lay and look at the stars without a plane hovering overhead, or so much lights on the streets you can barly tell its twilight. I know running away is not an opition. But it sounds nice.

-if you've read this whole thing, i applaud you.

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