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    oxdreamerxo  30, Female, Canada - 5 entries
Apr 2008
9:46 PM EDT

Me and My Girls! Today was sooooooo much fun. Today I went to school, did my normal duty of working, and then after school, my friends Megan, Stephanie, Kaho and I went to the mall for 4 hours. It was a lot of fun. Then, Yunhee found us and we hung out in the food court for 1.5 hours and just talked. When 7:30pm came around, we all headed towards the movies to see "Horton Hears a Who". And boy it is a funny movie! I laughed so hard at it and I'm 15! When the movie finished, it was 9 o'clock and the next bus didn't come around for another 40 minutes so we stood in between the doors at the movies and just talked and goofed around. Stephanie, Kaho, Yunhee and I took the bus but Megan's Dad drove her home. I am now sleeping over at Yunhee's and its been a lot of fun so far. When we got here, I used her bathroom while she cleaned up her supposedly messy room. When we settled in, we talked about my visit in Korea for my birthday that is coming up and then she pulled out a bag of pens and told me to pick some of them to have! I'm sooo happy and proud that I know officially own something Korean. Haha. Then we straightened each other's hair and did make-up and pictures.

I love these girls to death and I am so glad to be their friend. I'm honoured that I can call them friends.

}Y{- Nichelle

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    Sakii  28, Female, Netherlands Antilles - 2 entries
Feb 2008
3:46 PM PST

My friends.

Hi you guys!

This is my first day writting in my online diary. I am not English, so maybe my English isn't good and stuff. But anyways, I think today was kind of fun. This year I made new friends, and finally we went out! It was awesome! We went to the cinema to see 'Meet the Spartans'. Most of my friends are guys and I'm a girl. So it was kind of weird... Hard to describe. But afterwards, me and my friends talked, I got to know them better. I realized that these are my 'real' friends. They care about me. And I care about them! And they accept me for who I am. And that makes me so happy! Because the friends I had before them, didn't even care. When I had a problem, they would be like: 'so what, who cares?'. I mean aren't friends there to help you? To have fun with? I know I learned what fun is supposed to be! I'm so glad! And tomorrow I'm going shopping with a friend. She's my best friend! I share everything with her, even my secrets. And I can't wait.

I am so tired. Tomorrow I'll write more...

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    mommy  34, Female, New York, USA - 20 entries
Aug 2007
12:48 PM EDT

Hi everyone. How are you all Doing today? I am Doing ok today. I got a Call From one of my Best Friends, his name is Thomas (Tom). Back About a month or 2 ago, I Told him that I Loved him, he took it Better than I Expected. Anyway, he hasnt Been Doing to Good, he's Been Really Depressed, down in the dumps, and Just plain Sad, so I Had Emailed him back 2 days ago Telling him that if he Needs Anything that I am here For him. Well he Called today and we were on the Phone For About 30 minutes Talking. I Helped him sort some Stuff out, But he wants to Talk more so I Can Help him sort some more Things out With him. Anyway, what has everyone Been up to Lately? How has Life Been Treating you all? How are you all Doing? I Miss Talking too you all. Sorry that I havent Written in so long. So fill me in on what I Missed, and how everything is. Talk to you all Soon. With Love, & Support, Krysta
1 comment(s) - 05:49 PM - 09/05/2007
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    distantgirl  58, Female, Tennessee, USA - 4 entries
Jul 2007
8:25 PM CDT

Hello,I just wanted to say hello to everyone.This is my first entry here at inbox.i'm lost a little bit but surely I will figure it all out.The reason I'm here is because for one I love to write and I needed a place I could put my thoughts and feelings.And I love meeting new people and maybe I might find a few new friends.Please feel free to drop in anytime.And if you want to know anything about me feel free to ask me and I will be glad to answer whatever it might be.hope to talk to you later.............distantgirl
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    bookunread  24, Female, California, USA - 2 entries
Aug 2016
12:56 AM PDT


I've always found it easy for myself to make friends, I guess I'm seen as a fairly sociable person. One who'd you like to go to high school football games with. Or get a bite to eat at your local cafe. Or vent to about how your ex boyfriend has a new girlfriend who you say is so much uglier than you but in retrospect is probably ten times better for him than you were.... But when it's my turn, When i need someone. Everyone vanishes. I really don't expect a lot from anyone anymore, and yet i expect too much from myself. Why do I let the wrong people in? Why am i there for everyone and anyone, damn well knowing they'll never be there in the same sense as i would? Do i chose the wrong friends to surround myself with? Or is it i rely to heavy on others in times of need? Is this how it's always going to be..? I need to learn to deal with my problems myself and make myself if no one else will... �
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    luv2dnz  55, Female, Arizona, USA - First entry!
Nov 2016
2:47 AM MST

The Relationship Title

Lately I have been searching my heart in reference to a relationship that I am in. The problem that I am facing is that we are in a relationship in title only. We have been 'dating' for almost a year and yet I feel single.

When we met I made sure that he understood what I was looking for in a relationship.� I don't necessarily need someone to take care of me, financially I am very capable of taking care of myself.� But I was hoping to find someone to share my life with.� In reality, we see each other every week for approximately 2 hours due to a mutual game that we play, but we are not alone during this time.� As for 'us' time, we see each other maybe every 3 or 4 weeks, sad part�is that we live about 15 minutes apart, when we do it is because I have made the effort to spend time with him and it ends up being sexual in which I am no where near satisfied.� The man can't last more than 25 minutes, seriously!

Everytime that I invite him to my home, there is always a reason why that can't happen.�

So now, I know this relationship is going no where, so why don't I have the guts to just end it?
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