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Aug 2007
12:48 PM EDT

Hi everyone. How are you all Doing today? I am Doing ok today. I got a Call From one of my Best Friends, his name is Thomas (Tom). Back About a month or 2 ago, I Told him that I Loved him, he took it Better than I Expected. Anyway, he hasnt Been Doing to Good, he's Been Really Depressed, down in the dumps, and Just plain Sad, so I Had Emailed him back 2 days ago Telling him that if he Needs Anything that I am here For him. Well he Called today and we were on the Phone For About 30 minutes Talking. I Helped him sort some Stuff out, But he wants to Talk more so I Can Help him sort some more Things out With him. Anyway, what has everyone Been up to Lately? How has Life Been Treating you all? How are you all Doing? I Miss Talking too you all. Sorry that I havent Written in so long. So fill me in on what I Missed, and how everything is. Talk to you all Soon. With Love, & Support, Krysta
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