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    Frankly Forty  52, Female, Missouri, USA - First entry!
Jun 2010
3:23 AM EDT

Bride-le my Tongue

I wanna be married.......Sometimes.� Other times I revel�in my�solo status. I feel like I am at an advantage to those who are locked in for life, Forever due us part, at least according to old school standards. My parents have been married for 48 yrs. Out of their 4 children (3boys and 1 girl), I am the only�one (the tom boyish girl)�who has never walked down the aisle. And that TOTALLY SUCKS!

I just terminated a almost 4 yr relationship.�And AGAIN, I thought he was THE ONE.
I thought I was going to skip to my lou and confess my love for this man in front of all my (relieved) family and friends. I imagined hearing a unanimous sigh of relief when the preacher pronounced us as man and wife.........But it was not to be.

I'm hurt and angry. Frankly on the verge of bitterness! I think about all the time I invested in this relationship.� I'm confident at some point, self reflection in relationship mode will be on his to-do list as well.� I refuse to believe that memories we created together will be dismissed as just fleeting thoughts

In the meantime, this single mother is�seeking a duet partner to sing karaoke (with no long term commitment)!!20

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    luv2dnz  55, Female, Arizona, USA - First entry!
Nov 2016
2:47 AM MST

The Relationship Title

Lately I have been searching my heart in reference to a relationship that I am in. The problem that I am facing is that we are in a relationship in title only. We have been 'dating' for almost a year and yet I feel single.

When we met I made sure that he understood what I was looking for in a relationship.� I don't necessarily need someone to take care of me, financially I am very capable of taking care of myself.� But I was hoping to find someone to share my life with.� In reality, we see each other every week for approximately 2 hours due to a mutual game that we play, but we are not alone during this time.� As for 'us' time, we see each other maybe every 3 or 4 weeks, sad part�is that we live about 15 minutes apart, when we do it is because I have made the effort to spend time with him and it ends up being sexual in which I am no where near satisfied.� The man can't last more than 25 minutes, seriously!

Everytime that I invite him to my home, there is always a reason why that can't happen.�

So now, I know this relationship is going no where, so why don't I have the guts to just end it?
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Current Tags: denial, friends, relationship, single

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