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Aug 2016
12:56 AM PDT


I've always found it easy for myself to make friends, I guess I'm seen as a fairly sociable person. One who'd you like to go to high school football games with. Or get a bite to eat at your local cafe. Or vent to about how your ex boyfriend has a new girlfriend who you say is so much uglier than you but in retrospect is probably ten times better for him than you were.... But when it's my turn, When i need someone. Everyone vanishes. I really don't expect a lot from anyone anymore, and yet i expect too much from myself. Why do I let the wrong people in? Why am i there for everyone and anyone, damn well knowing they'll never be there in the same sense as i would? Do i chose the wrong friends to surround myself with? Or is it i rely to heavy on others in times of need? Is this how it's always going to be..? I need to learn to deal with my problems myself and make myself if no one else will... �
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    About Me: I am very socialble and love people. I love to give and seek advice. I love life although it tends to get messy and complicated at times, I love to make new friends and express myself

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