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    bericu  47, Female, Missouri, USA - 20 entries
May 2007
4:38 PM CDT

David had to take me to the ER tonight, my leg was so swollen that it caused my foot to swell and i was having problems walking...they checked and said that it was not broken, just severly bruised and that it will take 12-15 weeks to heal...that sucks!!
I feel better knowing that it is not broken....
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    berries7cinnamon  35, Female, Singapore - 20 entries
Dec 2007
8:51 AM EDT

I just got my new desktop today. Just slightly more than a week ago, I was telling a few of my friends how much I wanted to have one because I wanna play MMO. Someone asked me if I wanna play MMO it's because I'm lonely.

Actually, not at all. I have plenty of things that I like to do to keep me busy. I just would like to try something new. That's all.

I started gaming once it's all set up and ready. I had fun and along the way I think I did quite a few things that made other players roled their eyes. (haha...)

However, there's something that's bothering me. -.-

How I managed to have this desktop at such a short notice was all because of my cousin who was so willing to spend on me. I was really thankful. I haven't been a very good spot today because I got pissed at what mom said to me... AGAIN (just like so many time in my life).

I forgot to thank my cousin and got mad because the cd/dvd drive couldn't work well. My cousin said that seller wanted her to come down to his store to get a new drive, and he's even willing to upgrade it for us... for free. To me, that's not the point. His store is so far away and my cousin told me she wasn't even sure of the way as well yet she just agreed to go down to his store to pick it up and said that she knew how to fix or change the drive.

That seller has the responsibility to come over to my house and fix that problem. I felt that my cousin was being to easy going. -.- Or maybe I'm simply being too difficult. I just feel that since he's the seller, he should be the one to provide us the service and not us who's making things convenient for him.

In the end, after waiting for such a long time for my cousin to help me set up the PC, I got bored and started reading my manga. I couldn't really paid attention to her when she was showing me some stuff and I didn't realised that I haven't thanked her for today. I did thank her profusely when she offered to get the PC for me, but I just didn't do it today. -.- I felt so rude, worst of all my mom was the one who reminded me.

This isn't the first time I didn't thank someone who has helped me. It's not that I didn't want to thank them, I simply forgot or didn't realise that I... just didn't. This is so embarrassing.

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    sumitnarang  38, Male, India - 20 entries
Jan 2007
11:15 AM I

hi posting a journal after so many days.the last week of last year was fantastic, i hav spend lot of time wth my frnds and family.
2 comment(s) - 11:12 PM - 01/21/2007
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    dolphinsbaby  32, Female, Pennsylvania, USA - 20 entries
Sep 2008
11:58 AM EDT

Love at night

Hidden in the dark of night laying in the grass starring deep into your�eyes as the hour pass your smile speaks wonders and it also warm my heart it's times like this that help me when we have to be apart alone under the stars your lips brush my cheek your arms wrap around my sides and make me feel weak�the heat of your breath as you whisper in my ear and you pull me closer to you your feelings are so clear i know that you love me i know your hunger for my touch baby just know that i feel the same� and i love you so much babe.

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    LostAnonymously  33, Female, Arkansas, USA - 20 entries
Apr 2008
4:37 PM CST

Some Poetry...

I'm going to start writing poetry again. I used to for�a long time. I'm hoping it will be as therapeutic as it used to be. Well here is one that� I wrote a few days ago. It doesn't really have a name.

No, Everything is not okay

Everytime night turns to day

I pray

"God let me die today."

I can't change the way I feel

People are trying with just a little pill

It all just makes me want to blurt

"God, stop making me hurt."

I know I have Jesus in my heart

Which means we'll never part

But I just don't feel him with me

Maybe they lied and he really left me.

God, if you left me, hear my cry

Please come back before I try

To take something that isn't mine

To take my life one last time.

I need some feedback, Please.� That is, if you want to. I can be short or long. You can tell me it sucks if you want to. Just give me something to work with.

1 comment(s) - 12:06 AM - 04/22/2008
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    slickboy  33, Male, California, USA - 20 entries
Jan 2007
10:01 PM EDT

Today was a good day. I celebrated my friends birthday and it was fun. During lunchtime we had fun and my friend smashed a cake in my face which was very fun and enjoyable. I had a good time. After lunch my former football team and I went to the a television show. Best Damn Show period. I thought it was going to be fun but it was coo when we got there but they made us clap and clap and clap even more. They made us comfortable but it was very boring and it looked so different from how they act on TV. I almost won a 52 inch tv but I barely missed it. I was a little dissapointed. At the show I saw the Brown linebacker and he was pretty big and all. We also had a little competitionith each other and it was really fun. Later on we eat candy and the show was over. While sitting in the buss we had a lot of fun. Most opf the student were dancing expecially me and it was very nice that other people were dancing to. We had a great time. After when I got I had a lot of homework to do. I was tired. When I turned on the Tv and was watching tv. I saw the Lakers getting blown out by 20 against the Dallas Maverics. The Dallas Maverics came with power expecially after the loss in LA it got them mad and they paid back onj us with a 20 point win against the Los Angeles Lakers. Kobe Bryant was looked down most of the gameand when Kobe doesn't work then the Lakers dont work well. I think it tought Lakers a great lessonm but I think it would improve better.
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    Diane  45, Female, Iowa, USA - 20 entries
Oct 2007
10:54 AM CDT

PC 0.5
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    banglesaway  37, Female, Indiana, USA - 20 entries
Oct 2007
12:54 PM EDT

04/22/05 12:32 am ll Incredibly Bored

-- known as: the great and powerful izzy
-- Birth date: june 30-85
-- Birth place: in the cornfields....of hammond
-- Current: EC thats rite im ghetto-est abercrombie and fitch lovin mexican in EC
-- Eye Color: brown
-- Natural Hair Color: brown
-- Height: 5' 4
-- Righty or Lefty: Righty
-- Zodiac Sign: cancer


-- Your heritage: mexican
-- The shoes you wore today: my SHARK STILETOS!!
-- Your weakness: food.
-- Your fears: losin faith
-- Your perfect pizza: sausage and pepperoni yummy in the tummy
-- Goal you'd like to achieve: columinst in fashion mag


-- Your most overused phrase on aim: meh
-- Your thoughts first waking up: thank you God for this day! (not kiddin)
-- Your best physical feature: gotta luv the twins
-- Your bedtime: depends...from 11-12 if tired... 1-3 regular nite
-- Your best missed memory: summmmer times LAST SUMMER!


-- Pepsi or Coke: pepsi
-- McDonald's or Burger King: Burger King
-- Single or group dates: group dates are good
-- Adidas or Nike: Adidas
-- Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: yuck
-- Chocolate or vanilla: chocolate
-- Cappuccino or coffee: neither yucky


-- Smoke: yes
-- Cuss: unfortunately yes
-- Sing: not ne more
-- Take a shower: when i need one...just kiddin. everyday course
-- Have a crush: nope
-- Do you think you've been in love: no
-- Want to go to university?: gotta luv purdue
-- Like(d) high school: decent
-- Want to get married: sure do buddy
-- Believe in yourself: course. i am womannn hear roar! *purrrr*
-- Get motion sickness: sometimes
-- Think you're attractive: you know you want some of this
-- Think you're a health freak: ha.
-- Get along with your parent(s): sure do buddy
-- Like thunderstorms: yupppppp
-- Play an instrument: guitar on and off



-- Drank alcohol: course not
-- Smoked: yes
-- Done a drug: no
-- Gone on a date: yes
-- Gone to the mall: NOOOOO
-- Eaten an entire box of Oreos: cant say i have
-- Eaten sushi: ewww
-- Been on stage: yes ..bad memories! lol
-- Been dumped: yep
-- Gone skating: sure have buddy
-- Made homemade cookies: YUP!
-- Gone skinny-dipping: nope
-- Stolen anything: yup



-- Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: bad memories!!!!!!!
-- Been called a tease: hehehehe would i be liein if i said no?
-- Shoplifted: no
-- Changed who you were to fit in: i use to back in hs


-- Are you hoping to get married: course
-- Numbers and Names of Children: 3 kids
-- Describe your Dream Wedding: blah blah blah
-- How do you want to die: yea havent thought bout it..
-- Where do you want to go to a university? would like to go to columbia
-- What country would you most like to visit: france


In a guy/girl...

-- Best eye color? hazel or green
-- Best hair color? ligh brown, dirty blonde
-- Short or long hair: either or, as long as its not long long
-- Height: gotta be taller than me
-- Best weight: dont matter
-- Best first date location: restaurant
-- Best first kiss location: in car


--# of drugs taken illegally: none
--# of people I could trust with my life: random #...7
--# of CDs that I own: too many to count
--# of tattoos: 0
--# of things in my past that I regret: no regrets.
--# of piercing: 0
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    moonbay72  30, Female, Oregon, USA - 20 entries
Apr 2008
8:09 PM EDT

questions to daddy's little girls

how do you call�a man dad?/
why do you call him so?/
is there a reson that for a man to stand so tall and�offer for your trust you have never known?/
questions due pleage my mind and yet there seems to be no answer to them./
so i as a young woman who has never call a man so,/
with truth and love in her heart and voice refure to a man that she has never turly�known./
she asked truth fully "�who, what is a�dad."/ �
nani ookami's questions to all daddy's little girls
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    CreateSomething  49, Female, Texas, USA - 20 entries
Oct 2009
12:36 PM CST

Pumpkin Patch Photography

� Today I did a shoot with a baby girl named Eliska. She was so adorable. She had several different halloween costumes. She was so easy to work with and her mom and grandmother kept singing this really cute song to get her attention. I really enjoyed the session and am sure the images will be beautiful. I think my favorites are the ones of her with the colorful toule. There was a cat that she really loved. We tried to put the cat in the pail with her but it immediately jumped out before we could even snap off one picture. I was kind of sad about that because it would have been very halloween like. We did get a few with the cut on the bench with her but then it decided to get down when she started petting it a little less than it liked. She wasn't even 2 so she was learning to be nice to the kitty. She didn't quite have it down yet but it was very cute to see her try. There were some great areas at the pumpkin patch to shoot. The only thing is that in the barn some fly kept landing on the baby but I got lots of shots without it so that will be okay. There were huge pumpkins and colorful gourds so I think these will be perfect for halloween.

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Current Tags: halloween, kids, pumpkin patch

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    Alvin  31, Male, Malaysia - 20 entries
May 2008
4:45 AM EDT


Exams are sure boring things.....

but dis few exams wit sum1 special...

it's another different story.....

lately..all kinds of cute stuff happened.....

juz bcoz of a special 1...

saw a question ..'How do you define love?'

A gud question...

To comes in various forms..

through ur partner....

i found a fren,family,religion and a partner...

i think it's all in 1...

almost perfect......

Now comes another question...

'How to�prolong your flower's beauty?'

This is my question.....

Still seeking for answers....


Luv u~^^

Happy Mothers Day for yesterday~

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    jacychain77  39, Male, United Kingdom - 20 entries
May 2018
11:09 AM IST

Modern teaching is a rational and conscious activity

Modern teaching is a rational and conscious activity
The major difference between the modern teaching and the medieval teaching is not only manifested in different purposes, but also reflected in the working principle. Medieval teaching is mainly guided by the individual experience and experience of teachers. Teachers do not specifically study how to teach. No one specifically studies the principles and techniques of teaching. Therefore, medieval teaching is empirical and emotional. Read more
Tags: education
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Current Tags: education

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    Ranilyn  27, Female, Canada - 20 entries
Jul 2015
2:49 AM MDT


Drunk on stories
Drunk on the lives of the characters - their bravery, their joy, their struggle, their pain, their persistence and resiliency
on the unconditional and awe-inspiring love shown and felt by these people
even in face of unexpected betray from someone so close that they trusted
- like a dull carving knife into one's heart
And yet, through the pain, through the agony, they bear a vicious grin with blood pouring out of their mouths, standing tall to fight.
Or they reach out and continue to love, love, and love and save
the one who had coldly pierced their exposed hearts
even if it meant taking the knife out of their murderer's hands
and further impaling themselves on it
(for all those characters who still chose to save those who hurt them, even if it meant giving up their lives)

I am drunk on their courage
their dammed unwavering loyalty�
(Oh Stefan my heart broke for you and I am in awe at your faithfulness to Marsilia)
I am drunk on their ability to find what they firmly believe
And stand for it in the face of unshakeable odds
And they come out battered, bruised, damaged, and perhaps even weaker than before
But before you stands a man who you can only look upon with great respect
and admire for making the tough choices of doing what they think is right
- though sadly enough, as we all know intimately, that sometimes that doesn't mean it is
(Thank you Harry Dresden, for teaching us that it's okay that sometimes our very best is not enough. We must always pick ourselves up and keep going, even through the face of our mistakes)
I am drunk on the lives they have lived
The decisions they have made
The adventures they have embarked upon
The loves that they had
The enemies and temptations they fought
The things they learned

The lessons they taught

I cry as they have cried through heartbreak, pain, and death

I wept among their family and mourners in their funerals

I laugh at their comical antics or the absurd situations they found themselves in

I felt the fierce swell of triumph when the underdog stands straight once again,
from the beaten pile of limbs,grinning with blood in our teeth and conviction of our victory in our eyes

- or at least our damned determination to see it through at the very least

I drink and drink and drink

of these stories spun masterfully by skilled writers

I drink until I cannot tell if I am drinking ambrosia or poison,

until I cannot tell if it inspires life in me when I am weary of the struggles and monotony of life

�or if it leaves me drugged for a fantastical substitute�

numb to real life

unable to cope with facing my own trials,
always longing and desperate for the next hit

Like a drug addict who despises his sorry situation

but makes no move to confront and make a change in his lifestyle

choosing instead to escape by injecting another wonderous shot of ecstasy

that slide through your veins like the sweetest bad decision you've ever made

I drink until I only know that I fear sobrierty

And then I drink some more so that even that fear is gone and I can live through

someone else's pain and someone else's joy

so I do not have to face my own.
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Current Tags: addiction, escape, hurt, pain, poetry, reading, rough draft

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    barnesd66  43, Male, United Kingdom - 20 entries
May 2018
11:17 AM IST

Conscious discipline and legal education

Conscious discipline and legal education
Discipline is the order, rules, statutes, systems, etc. that each social member should form under certain social conditions. No matter what activities people engage in, they must have a certain order and rules in order to be consistent. Otherwise, activities cannot be carried out.
Discipline is social, historic and class. Read more
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    jjhope  44, Female, DC, Washington, USA - 19 entries
Jul 2008
4:05 AM EDT

I am very grateful for a sound mind and the ability to discern harmful people and situations.

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    Janira  31, Female, Louisiana, USA - 19 entries
Feb 2011
1:07 AM

HAHA!!! YAY!!! I HAVE OVER COME A BIG TRIAL!!! WHOO I fell so relaxed (well a little) But i'm happy to know that I know where I am going =D
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    Ashfone3  29, Female, Colorado, USA - 19 entries
Apr 2007
9:52 AM MST

Wow lol its been a long time but whatever nothing exiting really has happened cuz my life is o so boring but i g2g get back laters beyes

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    Spiritual One  54, Female, New York, USA - 19 entries
Mar 2010
6:41 AM EDT

I believe
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    mommy  33, Female, New York, USA - 19 entries
Jan 2010
3:08 PM EDT

My Son

On the 26th of January my Son Hayden Got his 1st tooth. By Coincidence it was Also hid Daddy's Birthday & he turned 24. On the 27th of January he rolled over from his back to his belly so Now he can roll over both ways. He is Doing Great. Ever since he was born on July 12th 2009 with Spinal Bifidia he has been doing better then what everyone hasd thought.
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Current Tags: born, Life, Milestones, Son

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    chens  53, Male, China - 19 entries
Oct 2009
4:17 AM H

We got our house with 8 acres.
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