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    strawberry92  28, Female, Texas, USA - 2 comments
Dec 2006
6:55 AM EDT

2 comment(s) - 03:23 PM - 12/19/2006
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    oconfessionario  34, Female, North Carolina, USA - 2 comments
Jan 2007
6:17 PM EDT

I just got this really great idea. Instead of working out in the recycled central heating, I am going to do what I really want to do. I would feel the best about myself if I were able to walk, alone and without distraction, out in the open air, no matter the temperature (that's what coats/gloves are for) rather than in a boring gym. I'm still going to walk in the afternoons, like I have been working out, but around places in the town where I live that I've yet to explore. Maybe I'll walk a new route each week, and on Saturday, go out searching for a new path somewhere that's safe, out of the way of traffic and beautiful. :) This is going to be great! In addition to this goal, I am really striving my best to stick to 1200 calories per day and plan my days around that. And to push out all the "cant's" because no matter how badly I want to buck my own standards and desires, I know that the future me will thank me a million times over for my efforts during the journey. BTW, is an awesome resource for anyone trying to get in shape (personalized journal/calorie counter/exercise log/nutrient content all in one)
1 comment(s) - 10:11 AM - 01/27/2007
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    AngelEyes  25, Female, Florida, USA - 2 comments
Dec 2007
2:03 PM EDT

AngelEyes First Entry

I am the most prettiest girl in the world. I am very Unique. And Powerful. My true love is Austin Banton. I love butterflies, angels, and spider pig...the thing i think is the best is, my best friends, Trista, Psycho Kitty (AngelOfDarkness), and my family. If you read this, thank you.

, AngelEyes

2 comment(s) - 06:42 AM - 12/23/2007
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Current Tags: My Girl Psycho KITTY

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    lhe87  51, Female, Michigan, USA - 2 comments
Nov 2006
1:45 PM CST

Respect, Empathy, Honesty. Always striving to do better for you and all around you.
2 comment(s) - 06:49 PM - 11/03/2006
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    NotJustAnotherGirl  43, Female, Illinois, USA - 2 comments
Dec 2007
3:55 PM CST

Opening the Flood Gates

I've resisted the idea of journaling for quite awhile now. I've resisted the advice of two therapists and many self-help books, all of which have urged me to journal. However,the idea of journaling hasalways been intimidating to me. There's something so permanent about puttingmy thoughts down on paper. Laying everything out in black and white for examination. It seems so much safer,to keep the thoughts swimming through my brain. I suppose, it saves me from having toaccept the truths about my life that I'd much rather ignore.

Like everyone, there are things about myself that make me unhappy. I suppose I've been operatingby the saying "ignorance is bliss"...but it isn't. It isn't blissful, because I'm not truly ignorant of my own faults and shortcomings. They are always there...just inside my peripheral vision...nagging me...eating away at the world that I try to create for myself, within myself.

This isn't easy for me. The process of unravelingmy life to examine who I am and how I became this person. But it is a necessary process for me at this point, because I'm not happy with this person. I feeldiscontent. I'm uneasy. Uncomfortable. Unsatisfied.

I think all of these feelings are necessary to precipitate change, so instead of trying to bury them deep, deep inside of me, as I have in the past, I'm going to try to let them surface. Explore them. Follow them to their core. I imagine the process to be similar to peeling an onion; not only in the fact that there will be many layers to peel away, but that the process will likely bring tears.

I know that I have buried much sadness inside my body. I think there are many reasons for the sadness. Many of those reasons have been too painful for me to acknowledge or cope with in a healthy way.

I sometimes feel the sadness start to well up inside of me. At first the feeling is small and begins deep within my chest, but grows with a force that causes me to panic. I feel that I will get lost in the sadness if I allow it to fully surface...that I will drowned in it. So, I use all of my strength to push it back down and lock it away, not sure of where it dwells in the deep, dark crevasses ofmy body,when it lays dormant, waiting for its next opportunity to charge the gates that I have erected to protect myself. But it senses my confusion.

I don't want to spend my life fighting against the sadness, but I'm unsure of how to let it flow through me without destroying me. Can I experience the sadness in a way that will allow me to come out the other side whole? Can I not only survive the experience, but use it to gain strength?

These are questions to which I have no answers. But, I will find time. This will serve as my reminder when I feel that I have made no progress. I will come back to this, my first journal entry, to retrace my steps and find my path again.

1 comment(s) - 10:10 AM - 12/21/2007
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    natedizzle  31, Male, California, USA - 2 comments
Dec 2006
12:09 PM EDT

What i expect of others to respect me and not talk crap behind my back and if they dont like me not to fake that they do like me. Because thats just a waste of time on me thinking that those people dont like me. But yeah if they do then its cool ill talk to them.
1 comment(s) - 02:21 PM - 12/21/2006
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    mommyscuteclutz101  23, Female, Ohio, USA - 2 comments
Jul 2007
12:21 PM EDT

when I'm in public i think in my head o'god is mom gonna imbaress me again then i think she won't then she does it embaressses me it never fails. If my mom imbaresses me around trenton my boy friend it's over between us. he'll dump me faster then a racoon can burp 3 times.
2 comment(s) - 10:29 PM - 07/16/2007
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    regnor  31, Male, Canada - 2 comments
Jan 2008
10:54 AM EDT

Chapter One Beginning Of Summer’s Misery The Accident To The Terra

It was a bright and gleeful summer day. A day that any child would enjoy, as their friends come over and play outside or to become absorbed in video games; but for me, it was merely another day of hell…

"Asakura! Get your ass down this here this minute!" yelled his mother. The shrill of her voice filled the whole house and I reluctantly started towards the source. I trudged down the stairs with the taste of bitter disgust stuck in my mouth, anger boiling within me with each step that I took; a response spurred by the utter resentment I had for my family and nearly everybody associated with it.

I am a boy of seventeen. My mother hails from Japan and my father is Chinese. I had my heart stomped on, mangled and left virtually useless when my girlfriend of seven months left me with no explanation. I don't have the best family; and have practically no friends. I had nowhere to turn until I met my sweet gothic Naomi. She is the one who cheered me up when I was crying on the way home. Well, actually she saw the bad shape I was in and she slapped me across the head to knock me out of my slump, and told me to stop crying. As unorthodox as her methods are, they are the only ones that work. I saw sincere care in her dark eyes, something I so rarely see.

"Asakura Cozy, look at this mess that you have caused in the kitchen!!" Mom exclaimed. I narrowed my eyes slowly yet cautiously to see what disaster lay within the room ahead. What I saw made me stop and stare; I stood there amazed at what was once a kitchen that glittered and shone, but was now dull and nasty, as pots were dangling from shelves with slimy green liquid coming out of them, accompanied by a pungent smell that made my nose feel like it was about to melt off. So I started to turn away to gasp for some air, but before I could do that I felt a sharp pain across my back that almost made me fall to the floor.

I said in pain, "What was that for?" And when I turned around again, I saw my mother; her eyes were red with fury, her pupils nothing but black holes that led to torture. Before I could explain to my mom that it wasn't my fault (even though it would be a waste of my breath to argue), she pushed me into the kitchen and yelled at me to clean it up. As I stood there fuming by myself and glaring around at the miracle it would take for me to accomplish this task, my rage so great it overrode my impulse to vomit, I saw my two sisters Amaya and Shiri laughing their heads off at the torture that they had arranged for me to go through. But before I could find something hard to toss at them, they dashed off to safety.

It took agonisingly long hours to finish cleaning up the mess that was not my doing, and I was exhausted. With the taste of disgust and anger preserved with also the pungent smell which still burnt my nose and still made my stomach churn, I decided to take a cold shower in an attempt to get rid of this stress and anger that I was feeling.

Then suddenly I heard the doorbell ring and the thought that that person might be here to see my parents made me decide to move like my old geezer grandpa, which would probably have been the case either way with how tired I was; in short, I took a very long time to reach the door. And even then, I stopped for a while as I grasped the cool doorknob, various thoughts swarming through my head. The doorbell sounded again, but I still didn't open the door immediately. But I knew the reaction my parents would have if I took too long, so after waiting a few more seconds, I turned the knob.

When I pulled open the door, I was a bit surprised to see Naomi standing there. She immediately embraced me and held me so tight, it was as if she was trying to crack every bone in my body. I was too surprised to ask her why she was so excited, but I was glad to see her, regretting my little attempt at rebellion. Then, with absolutely no warning, she released me, grabbed what was left of my prune hands (from all the cleaning) and started leading me, a bit roughly, away from my house.

"Come over to my house," she exclaimed with a wide smile. "I've got a surprise for you!"

She almost didn't let me close the door behind me.

"Naomi! This isn't like you, why the hell are you so happy today, and what's this big surprise?" I asked, Naomi's dark hair flowing behind her.

"If I told you now it won't be a surprise," Naomi said, smiling gleefully. Then she tugged me even harder as we came closer to her house.

"Uh, come on, I wanna sleep Naomi, can't you show me this another time when I'm actually awake?" I retorted tiredly.

"You can sleep after, you big baby," she remarked.

We finally arrived at her house. Naomi swung the door open releasing me momentarily so I could climb the stairs without falling forward, although she still pushed me verbally. Then she took me to her computer, which had two helmets sticking out at the side of it. I looked at her angrily, a look of pure fury on my face. I almost felt like killing her. "You dragged me here for this?!!" I yelled.

With a small voice, she answered, a bit surprised and disappointed with my reaction, no doubt, "Yes."

I was in no mood for this. I turned to leave but she was too fast; she pulled me by my shirt, dragged me to the seat as though I was her pet and slammed one of the helmets on my head.

"Quit it, Naomi! Games are for losers!" I yelled, my tone as livid as before. But the next thing I knew, I couldn't see or hear anything. What did she do?

The apprehension and fear lasted no more than a few seconds and presently, my senses returned. But I was no longer in Naomi's room; I was somewhere else. It looked like the scene from a fantasy flick. There were buildings around. They were not the concrete structures I was used to, but they were made of clay. The sign that bore the name of the town was made of wood. Street vendors called out to passer-bys the items they carried; like rare items, weapons and armour. This place… for some reason, I felt at peace here, despite the fact that strange-looking characters crowded the streets. The fresh air in this pristine world was wonderfully simulated. A beautiful, clear river trickled along nearby. Elaborately dressed patrons turned to look at me, standing there all alone.

Then, after a few moments later, a flash of flame bolted down beside me and when it was gone, Naomi was left; but she looked different. She had the look of a female soldier; her black hair with red highlights had been replaced by long snow-white hair. Virtual Naomi had a clear beautiful, tender body covered by a coat of amour with long leather boots. She wore a golden band over her head like a crown in the middle of it was a precious blue stone and finally she was armed with a beautiful – but undoubtedly deadly – sword with the edges glistening, as though it cut the sun's rays in every direction and in the middle of it were ancient symbols that were blue and glowing brightly.

It was then that I decided to see what changes this virtual world made to my appearance. Quietly, I walked over to the river and the person that I saw wasn't the Asakura I was used to. I still looked my age, but I was no longer the pale skin and bones I used to be. My hair was still brown, but spiked; my muscles surprised me but not as much as the glowing tattoos on my right arm. A very large sword (longer than I was tall, and I was taller in this world) rested in its hilt, which was strapped across my back. It had a golden handle with a dragon chain at the end. Instead of armour I was dress in black garments, you couldn't see my mouth as the clothes covered my mouth and stretched to my belt buckle as I was wearing leather pants with boots that felt as hard as steel and they too were black leather.

For a moment I stared at my reflection, I said softly, "This sure beats real life." Then I turned my eyes away from the new me. I stretched my new muscles, realizing the just how tired I was. Although reluctant to leave, I didn't see anywhere to sleep in this place. "How do you take off the helmet?" I called over to Naomi.

The stunning figure before me answered with seemingly great disappointment that I wanted to leave already. "You have to pull it off by holding your head then you pull it up," she said in a low tone. I tried it, but still found myself in the game.

"Idiot," Naomi said as she made the same gesture; NO LUCK! She looked at me in astonishment.

For a moment I just stood there thinking it was all a dream; actually a nightmare. While Naomi tried constantly to take off the helmet, each time to no avail. Then with the anger from earlier and the tiredness that I felt, I let out a loud, anguished cry. I didn't even care that my tattoo began to blaze even more brightly and that the crowds of passer-bys, vendors and customers, turned curious eyes in our directions, probably wondering if I was possessed or something. From there tears of sorrow and anger began flowing down my face as I stared at Naomi, she was now coming up to me, with her mighty sword she used the handle and thrashed me across the head.

"Cut the crap, Asakura! This isn't helping either of us!"

"Well, you knocking me in the head isn't helping either!" I retorted.

"What're you lookin' at?" Naomi demanded as she turned to the curious eyes of those around us. Either losing interest or not wanting to challenge the obviously angry – and possible insane – pair of warriors, they went back to their business.

I did feel a little better, though, after crying a bit and yelling at Naomi, although my head still hurt. This virtual reality was amazing; each sensation must have been sent directly to my brain, so it felt as real as if I were in my own house getting whooped by Mom. I stared at Naomi's character and I said in a low tone, "What're we gonna to do?"

Always quick to answer, she said, "Guess we have to finish the game and see, we also have to find a guild."

I asked her to explain what she meant by "guild". She said it was a group of people working together for the same thing - a team. As I was about to ask her one final question, she appeared to read my mind.

"This game is called The Terra; I won it in a sweepstakes I entered."

I then took a deep breath, wiped my eyes and looked around again to see what journey I had ahead of me in this

"Terra," I thought….

To be continued……

Well guys I finally got over the fact that I'm stuck in a virtual world, I am happy though that I can get away from my parent. The only hard part now is that I have to make friends Ugh (lol).

Next: Chapter 2: The Trials Ahead

2 comment(s) - 09:47 AM - 04/19/2008
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    krazykay  29, Female, Arkansas, USA - 2 comments
Dec 2007
1:12 PM EDT

Just another day...

hey again

well since we have been out of school i have been babysittin, to make money to gochristmas has been SO tiring!But this morning I got the first 3 hours off and went andgot my hair was a strawberry blonde now it is a dark is really cute.. I LOVE IT... me and this one guy have been talking forever... it seems like all we ever do is talk...we are alwaytogether and for christmas he is going to will be this first time since like july that i have gone more than three dayswithout seening him. it is sadI am going to miss him...well i better get back to my babysitting...JOY

yours truly


1 comment(s) - 01:24 PM - 12/24/2007
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    99tracy99  35, Female, Hong Kong SAR - 2 comments
May 2012
1:17 AM HKT


1 comment(s) - 12:17 PM - 06/26/2012
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    BiTtErSwEeT<3  25, Female, New York, USA - 2 comments
Jun 2007
11:17 AM EDT

sometimes you can be so wrong about a person......especially if they'ree your best friend. The 1st year you meet your bffaeae never apart, the next year still the same, the next year not as close but close,the next year a little talkk a little bff time, and the next year you barely talk and the more you fight.
Nikki said we were going to the public pool today and i canceled my plans and to go with her and she tells me at the end of school ummm maybe later today see ya. Then i see her passing by in Jennifer's car and she's goign to the public pool with them im just so upset and i just idk if i can suffer anymore it just hurts me to see that our relationship is going to the dirt and staying there..
I gotta go and rest because i didnt really have a good sleep last night ttyl.
1 comment(s) - 08:46 PM - 06/12/2007
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    Briana Needs Love  30, Female, California, USA - 2 comments
Dec 2006
12:01 PM EDT

Hi. Im briana and i was just looking for a place to be able to be myself and say anything without anyone harping on me for expressing the way that i feel.also. i think its fun to be able to talk with people around the world without them being quick to judge you and being able to take the time to read what you write and listen to what it is your really thinking. im not hard to understand and im the typical highschool student. i get good grades i love to meet new people and laughing is what i do best. i love the beach.summer.friends.and love. i couldnt live without any of them <3 well i know that this is short but i have to get going. the beel for lunch is about to ring and its friday and personally i cant wait until the day is over! :] until next time... briana..needs love.
2 comment(s) - 12:55 PM - 12/09/2006
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    xxEbonyxx  28, Female, Pennsylvania, USA - 2 comments
Nov 2007
3:46 PM EDT

god is up to his work again! i am sooo happy that i have let god take control of my life now and i dont have to stress about everything in my life, life is too short to worry about things that are not in your control. sometimes you need to just let things happen how they are ment to happen and just trust that things will turn out ok. i have learned alot about myself in the past year and i am happy to say that i think that i have grown alot, some people amy say that they really dont think that i changed all that much to them but i can see it in myself and if others cant see it then that is on them, i haev learned that you can tworry about what others think of you and what others precieve you as because the only thing that matters is that you see yourself as a good person and you love youself as you are. im am becoming a much happier person and i am looking forward to everythiugn that is going to come in my life in the next couple of years or months or just even days!

well we will see what happens!
till next time!

1 comment(s) - 06:41 PM - 11/03/2007
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    brookie175  29, Female, Ohio, USA - 2 comments
Apr 2007
6:33 PM EDT

1st entry.

We all have our stories. Mine starts here. On this internet page on April 23rd.
I have friends, plenty and plenty. I'm not miss popular, scratch that. I'm pretty damn popular. But with popularity usually follows with 'whore'. I'd summarize myself into that catagory.

I'd say this because for the past month i've been seeing a boy. His name's Ronnie.
He's older, less mature then what I would usually pick. I'm the classy type of girl. Mature-ness is very sexy to me, a boy who reads, drinks cofee, etc. Then, I have my kind of 'bad girl' side. This boy brings that part of me out. Back to the story line. I've been 'seeing him'. As in sex on every occasion we see each other. It doesn't seem too bad at first, right? well guess again. Ive put a twist on it all. I'm dating another boy named Kyle. Short story I'm dating two men at the same time. They're completely oppisate. Totally different. Ronnie = bad boy. Kyle = good christian, religous, band boy. There's more to the story. Ronnie also has another person named Carrie who he's dating, and they have a kid.

Then kenny comes into the story. I'm dating him as well, And guess what. He has a girlfriend as well. I'm not sure of her name, but i know she's not the cutest thing in the world...

Oh, Best part about it, Ive come down to writing this all on this lonely internet place because i cant tell my girl-friends. My friends would think im the most low-lifed whore they've ever met. and im not about to lose my bestfriends for that.

2 comment(s) - 07:01 PM - 05/04/2007
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    tracyjacobs007  37, Female, Indiana, USA - 2 comments
Mar 2008
12:04 PM EDT


I'm so fucking bored! Mike just left with nick to go to the auto parts store. Sure I don't need anything there or want anything, especially cuz I have no money, but I'd at least like to go along for the ride. I don't have my own car. I can't leave if I want to, so now I"m stuck at his house. Hell maybe should've stayed home, would've been the same thing. Sitting around with nothing to do but watch tv or play video games. God I hate being bitchy or moody or whatever. Maybe it's because of everything going on and it's bothering me. And my knees hurting so much. Listening to music helps. Mike called me a damn hippy because I had his stereo shaking the walls, lol. Oops. I like my music loud and love to rock out.Listening to Nickleback now. Nothing going on on myspace, nothing at all.Trying to figure out how to put pictures on there, not working too well. I need to figure out how the fuck to put music on my little card for the mp3 player in my p hone.Hell so much stuff that's pissing me off and can't figure it out. Fuck it

1 comment(s) - 09:38 PM - 03/10/2008
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    markcism  42, Male, Philippines - 2 comments
Feb 2011
2:13 AM JST

Persistence -
Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for.
Keep on seeking, and you will find.
Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you.
Luke 11:9
Tags: find, knock, Luke, seek
1 comment(s) - 12:02 AM - 02/18/2011
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    Sep  41, Female, Canada - 2 comments
Jul 2008
8:05 AM EDT

My nightmares

I really don’t know what I should do. I see nightmares almost every night. That is why I don’t feel good every morning. It does not matter if I had a good day or bad day. Last night I saw something terrible in my dream. Someone killed so many kids in front of me. The other night I saw, I was drawing in a river.
I wish I was like other people who sleep deeply and wake up fresh and happy.
2 comment(s) - 07:10 PM - 08/08/2008
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    RineRose  25, Female, Philippines - 2 comments
Sep 2010
12:51 PM A

Confusing Situations..

I just opened my facebook a while ago. I was quite surprised when I saw 2 messages from my ex-boyfriend.�The first message said "I love you". It was kind of weird for him to send that message, since I knew, that he loves Ruth,my bestfriend and also my bestfriend. 20
The second message was more weirder. It says, "It's a waste. We can't see each other again. Can I still court you? I love you. Can you please come back?".� I couldn't believe�that he would write something like that. Then, I saw another message below. He said he was sorry for sending a message like that. His classmate was the one who sent the message to me and was just making fun.

The two messages were too good to be true. Well, at least, it's clear that he was not the one who sent it. Or else, I don't know what I'm gonna do to him.

2 comment(s) - 03:40 PM - 10/23/2010
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    lovealways  29, Female, California, USA - 2 comments
Sep 2007
6:12 AM PST

hello i have been busy i'm tired. i started working its nice i get to help my boyfriend out. well i'll try to write more later.
1 comment(s) - 05:31 PM - 09/05/2007
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    juiceboxx123  26, Female, South Carolina, USA - 2 comments
Apr 2009
7:03 AM EST


i use to have one of these. but not anymore. well i got a new one now. i'm a creative blogger. :)
2 comment(s) - 08:36 PM - 04/05/2009
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