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    ajax88  34, Female, DC, Washington, USA - 23 entries
Sep 2009
12:42 PM CST


From one moment
To the Next and thereafter
Wandering About
Since your inception

On my mind�
And spirit
Treading about
Without knowledge
Of how you torment me�

To think of you
As worthy or high
Will bring my downfall
For you not only tread
But fragment and confuse

Hidden across time�
Sands, water, and air
None of which give
You any clue of
My apparition.

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Current Tags: dark, illness, misery, poetry, sad, sorrow, unrequited love

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    loveKL92  30, Female, Ohio, USA - 18 entries
May 2009
9:59 AM EDT

As i cry KL � copyright 2009

As i cry,

the diamonds fall from the sky,

as i cry,

the willow's weep,

as i cry,

i fall to my feet,

i cry,

because you no longer need me.

As I cry,

you walk away,

as i cry,

the pain begins to dance my days away.

As I cry,

no one stops to see,

the heart,

that's been torn right up,

and out of me.

As I cry,


you're little girl is scarred,

as i cry,


you're little girl wishes,

that you were there.

Tags: cry, dad, kl, mom, pain, poem, sorrow, tears
1 comment(s) - 04:07 PM - 05/08/2009
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Current Tags: cry, dad, kl, mom, pain, poem, sorrow, tears

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    jmckeone  61, Male, Virginia, USA - 546 entries
Dec 2008
7:46 AM EDT


Have an overwhelming sense of being a leaf drifting aimlessly about a pond ... no purpose ... no direction.� A few years shy of 50 and nothing to show materially or spiritually in the way of fruit for the thousands of hours of labor and effort.� Never thought in terms of whether or not my life would leave a mark but feeling more and more often the utter meaninglessness of my existence.� Cannot point to a soul changed by my influence towards being used of God nor can I point to the far less important success in the esteem of men or the accumulation of wealth.� Friends are few, distant and seen at best once a year.� I still struggle day to day, and fail, just to manage to pay the bills.� My home is not even maximized for what it is but rather is a mess, an eye sore, an embarassment.� Worthless seems to be a word which describes and encompasses all that I am and do and possess.� I marvel each day that God even allows me to waste the air I breathe.� Many years back I made a conscious choice to ask that when my life reached a point at which it was without positive value that in mercy He would take me home.� Seeing, through my eyes at least, virtually no positive impact on anyone or anything I wonder if there is something I do not see or if there is some tremendous reversal of this misfortune yet to come for which I am being preserved.� All too often I echo those words of Solomon's despair "all is vanity and vexation of spirit".

1 comment(s) - 02:49 PM - 12/15/2008
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Current Tags: despair, sorrow, struggle, vanity

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