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    Ranilyn  26, Female, Canada - 26 entries
Oct 2012
3:39 PM MDT

"Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become...habits.
Watch your habits, for they become your character.
And watch your character, for it becomes your destiny"
(Origin of quote: uncertain)

...But if that's the case, then I choose to think I am destined for great things, to be a shining light in this world.

I never realized how negative my thoughts have been well as the emotional roller coaster I've been going through might have been a consequence of depressing thoughts and words that I've spoken.

I'd forgotten that I am not shaped by my circumstances - rather, my circumstances are shaped by who I am, which is built upon how I think and act.

No more indecisiveness, no more second-guessing and doubting...if I want something, if I have a goal, then go for it and it'll be mine. Because I can do all things through Christ, and He has freely answered my prayers - I just have to choose to recieve them.
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    julianne  49, Female, Philippines - 6 entries
Mar 2011
2:41 AM PST

The team I was working on online was put on hold. I am worried but I now rest my case on the Lord. I know He is the best provider. When someone closes the He opens the window, and even if the window is close, He will tear down the ceiling to let me in.
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    distracted  48, Female, California, USA - 5 entries
Nov 2007
9:14 AM PDT

i have everything i need...

i have everything i need..find what i hold has kept me free..longer then my thoughts have days have found amazing my heart there has been heat, the world around me small defeats..common though outstanding means..a passion for what interests me..hind sight aswell as all could find..yet before me all clearly defined..only moments inbetween darkened by great tragedy..but in my heart even when stormy..i find a steady calm is forming ..deep my soul entrenched in awe..the brother and father who out shine them all..lay to rest with the past and pain that just to watch drove others insane..but here we stand against all odds and doubts..the truth we knew now carried out..into the sun that absent so long..those nay sayers all proven wrong..
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    WENDYWITCH  53, Female, California, USA - 5 entries
Oct 2017
3:11 AM PDT

Just Keep Swimming

I totally get why my 2 daughter sometimes gets me stuff with Dorey, the forgetful fish, from finding Nemo, on it. �I watched a bit of the movie at the Dr office. I tried not to feel almost guilty being that mom that's c sometimes late ir forgets to sign something. Then insecure about my ADHD in general. But, Ive been a bit scattered my whole life. This isn't new. But that's just one small piece of who I am. There is so much more, and frankly. What's good about me, so outweighs any traits that are part of having ADHD. DORY JUST UP AND WENT ON A CRAZY, DANGEROUS JOURNEY TO HELP. SOMEONE SHE just MET! She dropped whatever she forgot SHE WAS DOING to help some one BECAUSE THEY NEEDED IT. I do that. She was friendly and considerate and loyal. I am all those things too. She was brave and stayed STRONG whole time. IVE DONE THAT TOO. She met obstackes with a total disregard for then , she didn't question getting over it, she just knew She would . I'm am a �Dorey. So even though things are a bit shitty. I'M JUST GONNA KEEP IN SWIMMING.

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