Oct 2017
3:11 AM PDT

Just Keep Swimming

I totally get why my 2 daughter sometimes gets me stuff with Dorey, the forgetful fish, from finding Nemo, on it. �I watched a bit of the movie at the Dr office. I tried not to feel almost guilty being that mom that's c sometimes late ir forgets to sign something. Then insecure about my ADHD in general. But, Ive been a bit scattered my whole life. This isn't new. But that's just one small piece of who I am. There is so much more, and frankly. What's good about me, so outweighs any traits that are part of having ADHD. DORY JUST UP AND WENT ON A CRAZY, DANGEROUS JOURNEY TO HELP. SOMEONE SHE just MET! She dropped whatever she forgot SHE WAS DOING to help some one BECAUSE THEY NEEDED IT. I do that. She was friendly and considerate and loyal. I am all those things too. She was brave and stayed STRONG whole time. IVE DONE THAT TOO. She met obstackes with a total disregard for then , she didn't question getting over it, she just knew She would . I'm am a �Dorey. So even though things are a bit shitty. I'M JUST GONNA KEEP IN SWIMMING.

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