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    vampiricakatt  28, Female, Minnesota, USA - 102 entries
Jun 2010
10:34 AM EDT


okay so I had to call the cops on my parents big deal, i have to watch my dad get drunk everynight so what,� I have to move away from the town i grew up in, Oh well, I wont be with my best friend, I have to deal with it, Things are never going to change, That better not come true. this is what is going on i told my grandparents i rather go to�a foster home then to live with my mom. and that i rather die then to see my dad get drunk everynight. No big deal. Right???
1 comment(s) - 07:17 PM - 06/02/2010
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    tellxmexwhy  30, Female, North Carolina, USA - 4 entries
Jul 2009
9:13 PM EDT

I Wonder...

Have you ever wondered about something, and it just got on your nerves so bad because you couldn't figure out the answer or reason why? Well, I have been feeling that way for a while now. I've been wondering why my dad hasn't called me in almost a month after he promised me he would keep in touch this time. I've been wondering why my grandpa, the most wonderful, amazing, sweetest...awesomest, person in the entire world is lying in a nasty hospital bed dying from Leukemia. I wonder why little innocent children are starving to death all around the world while rich snobby people pig out on expensive food and take everything they have for granted. I wonder all of these things and more, and I am just so frustrated that I can't ever get the answers I need! Ugh!

Tags: wonder
1 comment(s) - 06:38 PM - 07/19/2009
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Current Tags: wonder

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