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    MyNameIsSteve  30, Male, Illinois, USA - 6 entries
Sep 2010
8:18 AM EDT

you hate your parents?

I will no doubt add to this and post more on this subject, it is something�I feel rather strong about and it is a problem that has and will always disgust me.

Im not going to sit here complaining how "life sucks" and how�I "hate" my parents. Im not that ignorant,�I know for a fact that there's a lot of kids who are far worse off than�I am. Not many kids can accept that though. They feel as if people actually care to hear them whining about how "shitty" their lives are. Most of the time it's just them crying about how they have the worst parents in the world. It's annoying to hear, not only because they're acting like two year olds who don't get their way, but because their parents ACTUALLY CARE!!! Kids like these deserve to get smacked. I hate hearing you little kids say "i hate my parents" because you dont!! If even one of your parents were to die tomorrow, you KNOW you would be taking those words back as fast as you could. You can't "hate" your parents because they yelled at you one time in who knows how long. I suggest taking a look in the mirror to see who the real asshole is, becasue odds are its not your parents. Although some people DO have some unfit parents. Parents that come out and say "you dont matter" and constantly remind you that you ruined THEIR life and how they cant wait until you're 18 so you can stop wasting their money. These kids who "hate" their loving parents have no idea what its like to have parents that hate YOU. They don't have to struggle to keep themselves alright in the head. They dont have to worry about getting brainwashed into thinking they're just a piece of shit. They don't get to feel any REAL physical pain or have that constant mental strain. But somehow they still "hate" their loving parents. Kids like this deserve to see what it's like living with REAL problems with parents that clearly don't give a fuck about you. I'd LOVE to see how those kids would react to THEIR mom dragging them through the house and kicking them out in the winter without so much as a pair of shoes. I doubt they'd still "hate" their parents because they got their xbox taken away. Asshole kids, there's too many of them, it's worse than a damn plague. I'm used to crap like this. I'm used to the fact that MY mom will never and has never loved me. According to her, I'm just a�"faggot�little bitch" while�the asshole kids with big mouths get tucked in at night and get called "honey bunchkins"......�Most kids�have no clue what it feels like to be hated by your parents. But they will still always open their mouths to say "I hate my parents"........ fuck you, you'll never understand, you'll just never get it.

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