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    shhhhhh  45, Female, Philippines - 8 entries
Aug 2011
10:12 AM PST

post scriptum

PS: � you know why i love to watch you sleeping? coz it makes me wonder if i ever cross your mind / dreams. also, gives me time to stare at the face of someone dear to me.

sabi ng kanta:
�"I could stay awake just to hear you breathing
Watch you smile while you are sleeping
While you're far away and dreaming
I could spend my life in this sweet surrender
I could stay lost in this moment forever
Where every moment spent with you is a moment I treasure"


i love you
Tags: Letter
1 comment(s) - 03:38 AM - 08/29/2011
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    Dreamer  31, Female, Australia - 17 entries
Apr 2008
5:16 AM WST

Recap 4

He told me he didn't feel the way he used to��he wanted something more than what i was giving him he wanted to�actually kiss me and hold me and touch me and make love to me. He wanted to hold my hand�all in all he wanted a PHYSICAL RELATIONSHIP�......i kept pleading and crying but that was all useless...he left anyway.� I called him on his mobile but he had disconnected it...i didnt dare call him on his house phone(maybe once or twice i did....but i always hanged up)

I kept calling his mobile on hope that he may have reconnected it again...but all invein. I was very hurt. It was hard to sleep at night without him on the other side of the phone listening to my snore, i cried alot and lost 12 kilos in the process(at least thats the only good thing to come out of it....but eddy loved his women curvy, he loved ass the most)

I emailed him� just to let all my emotions one knows about me and Eddy so it was really hard during my time of grief...i had absoutley no support from anyone but like they� say what doesn"t kill me only makes me stronger!

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