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    Margaritas  30, Female, Canada - 14 entries
Mar 2013
11:08 PM EDT

I comment on your post, you like my picture

Today, it was hard to admit you are gone for real
Now you're settling down in another city, I know you are not coming back
I swore I wouldn't go back to you anyways, I made it my resolution at new years...
but I still felt like that today...

I lost you for real

You posted one of those 'memes' on facebook, a sexist one: "If women ruled the world, there would be no war, only a bunch of jealous countries not talking to one another"
Something you forwarded from one of your friends and you thought it was cool

I'm stil a feminist and I could't stop from commenting:
"No war? Margaret Thatcher, jealous countries not talking to one another? The Cold War"

And some of your friends liked it and you didn't say anything..

Whatever, you keep silence as your best weapon. You think you can hide behind it, it's your armour. You think you don't have to feel guilty behind it

And then, you "like" my profile picture. What does it mean?

You want to be friends again or something, you think you're so cool you don't have to say you're sorry... You think you are perfect and what you do is the best for everyone.

You never think of others: so egoist.

And I know I should spend my time doing better stuff then this..
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