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    louna  48, Male, United Kingdom - 18 entries
Oct 2012
1:14 PM BST

Everytime i get money i just soend it all its like i need to buy things to make me feel happy like if i have a certain item ill be happy.

But i get an idea in my head that if i haVE A CERTAIN item then ill be happy ill be cool.

idk what im doing really im praying il get a job soon , ive lost my bus pass , debit card and student id so not very good.

i had a dream last night that i wa moving house , also that i saved a lost cat and a abducted child
1 comment(s) - 04:03 PM - 10/28/2012
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    mommy  35, Female, New York, USA - 20 entries
Apr 2008
9:54 AM EDT

Subject: Happy: Current mood: happy Category: Life Time: 4:15 pm

Ok so I am Happy & I Know Most of you Are Like, "What? OMG she's Happy, that's Surprising." But Its True, I am in Love, the persons name is Wade. Yes I Know some of you Are Saying, "But what About your Promise to Yourself?" I Can Help that I Broke my Promise to Myself, But I fell in Love & I Really Want this to work.������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ Ok, Something that I Hate About this Relationship, More Like the Family Involved, is that my Parent's Hate Wade & Dont Believe me When I Say that he's Changed. But Hey If we Can Deal With It Together I Know my Parent's will come around. It Was Like that With a Friend of Mine.������������������ Anyway Sis If your Reading this Good I am Glad. Because Now you will Finally Know what the Hell is Going on With me & my Life. I Have Stopped Cutting, But I Did Have a slip-up a month Ago & Wade Was Really Understanding About It. I Have cut down on my Drinking & well I Stop Smoking Tomorrow!!! I Cant Wait Because Its Just one More Step to Fixing my Life & making It Better. Yes I am Scared Though, I Know Its Going to be hard For me & I Also Know that I Probably Wont be Able to Deal With It Alone. I Love you all so Much, you all Mean the world to me, your my Family. Oh Sis Tell�Ed that I am out of my colors. I Left. Again Just Another Step to Bettering my Life.����������������������������������������������������������������������������������� Well I Think that's all For Now. If you Want to Read my Real Blog go to:

Tags: Feelings, Life
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Current Tags: Feelings, Life

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    heykaro89  35, Female, Taiwan - 6 entries
Aug 2007
10:28 AM EDT

the summer vacation is almost over
gotta pack up all the memories, wildness and lazyness wutever and hit the road.
it's still a long journey forward, only keep moving will i get to know this life better, complaints are helpless to make the situation easier. there's a proverb whih said: plans are never faster than changes. i've made lotta plans for this summer but only some of it were lived up. i wish i could manage my time better next time.

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