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    Ranilyn  26, Female, Canada - 26 entries
Jul 2012
2:08 AM MST

Hmmm...let's add a journal entry.

Nah, don't quite feel like analyzing my feelings right now. That and the fact that it's kinda hard to type on the HP tablet.�Heh, looks like I'll actually have a short entry for once.�Let's have a couple random lines on what's happening and whatever comes to mind.

Um...Tyler's back in Edmonton for the summer and it looks like we're hanging out tomorrow. OH speaking of which, I ought to check facebook to see if Anita's coming too!

Oh and its been two days since Just-wen called me.

I really should finish that outline for that EE and sending to Ms. Macdonald....and I think I should switch my supervisor to Ms. Ranieri.

I have NO idea how to do the IA. You...this might be nasty.

OH OH! There's gonna be a VGHS episode update tomorrow! Why didn't I discover YouTube webseries earlier? It looks to be exciting, and I love the side pairing with Ted and Ki. The idea for the show is so creative and really its put together so well. Might even show Dad the other webseries, Sync.

Alright, off to bed because I did say I was going to try to wake up earlier tomorrow....and also I gotta make sure Tyler knows where to get off the bus.
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    Lolastar18  31, Female, United Kingdom - 28 entries
Aug 2010
8:51 AM EDT

Bow Chica wow wha

Heyyy! wassup? Soo, schools out for summer :D Happy happy! Four weeks left -_- And the bad thing is when i dont want it to go quickly, IT DOES then, when i want the week to speed up a bit to an event, it goes so slow! I'm more then happy to have all this time off of school. But so many great things are happening this week! im not doing anything tommorow. But On Wednesday something SO EXITING I MIGHT PEE MYSELF is happening. I wont wright about it till after though. Then Thursday im going to see Hairspray, (not the movie seen that got the DVD) On stage. I dont know if it is the big Broadway-ish one. But I think Hairspray is exeptionordnarily good!! so Maybe i will enjoy the onstage one. Then on friday its shopping time :D And i cant wait untill Halloween, and November My Neice will be born! then christmas. :O Im getting a Laptop For Christmas, I will make sure of it!! I need one badly. I always Use computers. Im always on Facebook, and Twitter keeping up with the Gossip and my friends. Then Youtube... Is one thing i cannot live without, I dunno about you guys. But i CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT YouTube !! So, I need to beg my Mum and Dad to go half and half to get me a laptop. I dont really want much else. in fact. Thats the only thing i want!

1 comment(s) - 03:35 PM - 08/25/2010
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    lonelyangel  29, Male, Japan - 5 entries
Feb 2010
4:39 AM EDT


Sometimes I'm fine. Most of the time I'm not. Nothing seems real for me these days. It seems like I'm always pretending. Faking my happiness,faking the sadness. What I truely feel is not familiar to me anymore. And I don't know what to do. I talked to my teacher about this once,or twice and it just keeps on coming. Do you know how it feels when you don't know what you are or why are you here in this world? Have you ever wondered what your love ones' lives would be when you were never born and never part of their lives? Or how it would affect them when you are suddenly gone? Would they feel sad? Would they take the blame and ruin their lives? Imagining things like that makes me really sad. Though I don't know who I am,I know how much I love my family. But lately,my family,that I believe is the real purpose of my living,is falling apart. I can't blame anyone. To be honest,I don't blame myself. Not anymore. It's not my parents fault either. Maybe,that's just the way it is. Love just suddenly fade,as sudden as it comes. I can't help but think that my family's better off apart. But still I'm hoping. Every family has its own issues along with solutions. Only,sometimes,the solution is late.
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    keonyama96  27, Female, Kansas, USA - 191 entries
Nov 2008
5:23 PM EDT


You can make it keep moving keep going some bunny loves you.

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