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Jul 2012
2:08 AM MST

Hmmm...let's add a journal entry.

Nah, don't quite feel like analyzing my feelings right now. That and the fact that it's kinda hard to type on the HP tablet.�Heh, looks like I'll actually have a short entry for once.�Let's have a couple random lines on what's happening and whatever comes to mind.

Um...Tyler's back in Edmonton for the summer and it looks like we're hanging out tomorrow. OH speaking of which, I ought to check facebook to see if Anita's coming too!

Oh and its been two days since Just-wen called me.

I really should finish that outline for that EE and sending to Ms. Macdonald....and I think I should switch my supervisor to Ms. Ranieri.

I have NO idea how to do the IA. You...this might be nasty.

OH OH! There's gonna be a VGHS episode update tomorrow! Why didn't I discover YouTube webseries earlier? It looks to be exciting, and I love the side pairing with Ted and Ki. The idea for the show is so creative and really its put together so well. Might even show Dad the other webseries, Sync.

Alright, off to bed because I did say I was going to try to wake up earlier tomorrow....and also I gotta make sure Tyler knows where to get off the bus.
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