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    jmckeone  61, Male, Virginia, USA - 546 entries
Apr 2009
4:16 AM EDT

Power 90 - day 1

After much procrastination I am finally beginning the Power 90 diet and exercise plan.� Weight upon waking was 217 pounds.� Will take photos and measurements prior to my workout after work.� The last time I did the program was about 7 1/2 years ago and I didn't manage to stick with it.� I'm not getting any younger so this time I need to make it stick.

Was unable to begin on Monday as originally intended but started off first thing this morning with the 40 minute cardio and abs routine followed by a breakfast of egg whites and mixed vegetables.� Then the normal 30 minute bike ride into work.

It is amazing how much more mentally alert I feel than normal having gotten the blood flowing strong right at the start of the day.� Will try and get the photos and measurements this evening.� Only hiccup on the 90 days will be the two that I head to the prayer advance in a couple weeks.� Hopefully between now and then I'll begin to note some positive changes and weight loss.

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    mommy  33, Female, New York, USA - 20 entries
Aug 2007
1:09 PM EDT

Hi its Krysta, Sorry that I haven't Written in Such a long time, But I have Been so Busy With my Website and Helping Pleople. Anyway this Journal Entry is About Self-Injury: and I am Sure most of you Know what that this. I use to be a Self-Injurer, I have Been Self-Injury Free For About 6 months to a year, But as Always I Still Get the Feeling of wanting to Self-Injure. Also if you want to Know more or Find some Information on Self-Injury, you Can Always check out my Website at: (There you Can Find Information on Self-Injury and many Other Things as well, and ifyou want me to Put something Else on the Website Just E-mail me at: (in the Subject Put: Website) well I am Going to go For Now, so take Care, be Safe, and Please Remember that Things will Get Better, that it Does take time, and Also Remember that I am Always here For you. With Love, Always, Krysta
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    jonni  37, Male, United Kingdom - First entry!
Jul 2007
9:05 AM GMT

Jockstraps...Whilst studying in Germany, I have noticed that European guys don't ever wear jockstraps when they play sport. Why is it only we English / Americans only seem to wear jockstraps? They are far more healthy than other undergear for sport.
2 comment(s) - 10:33 PM - 06/29/2008
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    Starblogger  29, Male, New York, USA - 3 entries
Jan 2021
1:08 AM IST

8 Guidelines for first timer with an escort | Dpboss

Take note that escort girls may not be official where you live. Have yourself familiarized in the legalities of your area, so you will be aware of the possible risks.
And so, you have settled on hiring your first escort. There are lots of many causes of hiring someone – you have already made up your mind, now you are looking for somebody to contact. Below are the tips to make sure you have the best experience.
Before Contacting Them:
1. Have yourself familiar with your vicinity’s laws.
You do not need to be informed of almost everything, but having that overview is the best for everyone. In some places, it is legal to promote for the time of escort girls, but not for extra pleasure or sex. In those cases, the service providers (SPs) will not be willing to talk about the sex that you’re most interested in.
2. Figure out your total budget.
It has been considered to tip the escort, so bear this in mind that when you are making your budget, when planning to get an escort. There are also some SPs with the wide range of charges, and so keeping the budget in mind during your browsing of ads will save time for everybody. Be sure that you take time to read their charges before you decide to contact them.
3. Know what you are really looking for and also all their policies.
If you are searching for someone that takes pleasure of anal practice or someone that love to be spanked, then, there are lots of them that will be happy to do this. You just have to check their ads or website and try figuring out what they are offering so you are not wasting everyone’s time in asking for the things that they do not do or want to do or to receive.
During the Correspondence and Session:
4. Having great communication is always important.
If the SP is using acronyms like Greek, BBBJ, CIM, etc. or are they using the real words or the name of the activity? Respond with polite and kind manner, to that extend of point and direct question. No provider will want you feel as if they are prying facts out of you. Just be upfront with the name and the references they are asking, if requested.
Also, remember that there are some providers that may be comfortable in bringing these topics out, but allow them to select when and where they wanted to talk about it, and how they wanted to handle the voicing out of information.
5. Be on time.
When you will be more than five minutes late, inform the provider first. Understand that you are being early without any warning is not really good either or being late. So inform them if something came up and you will be late or even early.
6. Reviews and cancellations.
Don’t post any reviews without asking when the provider wanted a review. If they do, be sure to become honest, but do not write erotica.
7. Be respectful.
It means that you have to have showered and already brushed your teeth about 30 minutes before your actual session starts, to lessen any STI risks, and also have your fingernails and toenails neatly trimmed.
8. Tips or gifts.
Anyone is not obliged to give that huge tip, but giving tip is important to allow the SP be aware that you have enjoyed your time. It is also important if you wanted to book again, while handling them the tip. If you are not going to give them tips, consider giving them gift instead. When the provider has her personal website, it can list there some of the gifts they want, like or the link to their wish-list. Some of the SPs are using Delivery Codes. When this is not available, you can inquire, ask, or provide the gift certificate instead to a place such as Amazon where they will select or choose their own gift.

1 comment(s) - 07:58 AM - 06/01/2021
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    indianpharmanetwork  33, Male, India - First entry!
Nov 2022
10:11 AM IST

Enhertu injection: Intravenous infusion

The medicine Enhertu contains fam-trastuzumab deruxtecan-nxki that is used in treatment of unresectable or metastatic HER2-positive breast cancer. This indication is approved under accelerated approval based on tumor response rate and duration of response. Enhertu is supplied in single-dose vials in 100 mg to administer intravenously. The active ingredient in the vials is trastuzumab deruxtecan with inactive ingredients� L-histidine, L-histidine hydrochloride monohydrate, polysorbate 80, and sucrose.�
One can buy Enhertu readily in India with several generic medicine suppliers. To know more about Enhertu, dial us at 1800-889-1064.
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