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    JusticeMarie  25, Female, Michigan, USA - 2 entries
Nov 2012
8:08 AM EST

Super Sore

Tonight I'm going to the club with two friends. And hopefully live. ^_^
im super freaking sore from this morning and the night before last :)

See ya laters, baby. xoxo
Justice Marie
Tags: sex, sore, yep
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    SdeC13  46, Male, Nevada, USA - First entry!
Sep 2011
7:19 AM

Open Bed?

�I'm happily married to a very sexy man, �I hit the husband lotto. He's a catch, and I landed him. I would like to think we are both lucky in love. Being that life together is still new we are learning about what pleases each other, turn on, and turn offs. He found out that I like the smell of him sweaty and I found out he loves porn. Nothing surprising. Nothing I would be ashamed to admit if I had to put my face with this post.�
�I consider myself an open minded woman. I do not judge people by what they choose to do in the privacy of their bedroom as long as everyone is of age and consenting. At 37 years old, i also was no virgin when we met. So, being the sexual woman that I am, our sex talk gets pretty raunch. Many women in the heat of the moment say a whole lotta bs if it spices up the moment and drives her man insane with desire." "Do you think she's sexy?" �escalates to "I wanna kiss her." then before you know it, you're telling him how you're gonna eat pussy. Blah, blah, blah. I'm in the moment. It's all in good fun, right? Yeah right, until someone gets their eye shot out.�
�I didn't blink when my husband told me he's had a 3some. I didn't blink when he said he's done it with 2 women AND I was a cool cucumber when he said he did it with a man and a woman too. No bisexual activity involved. At least he hasn't told me of any. YET,... maybe. Who knows. I'm open minded. That what I said, right? Or I was right up until the moment my ass was in the air and he says, "I'd love to see a cock in your mouth while I'm in your pussy." rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........... HUH? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? COME AGAIN. EXSQUEEZE ME.
�"Did you just say you wanna see ANOTHER MAN'S PENIS IN MY MOUTH?" Well, that's what I wanted to say, but he was in the moment. I didn't want to ruin it. I also didn't want him to regret telling me anything and everything. It's like having a teenager, if you want to know it all sometimes you gotta just bite your tongue.I bit my tongue. Time stopped. Visions of our 1st date to the day we were married flashed through my mind. Okay, I'm exaggerating. What did happen was after we made love and he fell asleep I was frozen. Frozen and staring at the pervert next to me. Stiff as a board I stared at the stranger in my bed, and wondered if he ever loved me at all. The next day, all day I was tripping out.When he kissed me on his way out the door I wanted to wipe my lips. I started snooping through his things convinced he was screwing around. He was perverted. Perverts cheat. After a week of this I thought about something my older sister told me when I was 13 years old. All guys look at porn. Every guy. It's not a big deal. Ignore his porn stash, it means nothing. My husband wasn't placing personal ads for an anonymous cock in my mouth. He has dirty thoughts and shared them with me. Making love should be a safe zone. The bedroom should be the one place nothing you say can be held against you. He hasn't even mentioned it since. He loves me. He loves me and he loves the thought of me taking 2 dicks. Whatthefuckever. Is it really that serious? NO. I'm not sinking a wonderful marriage because my husband is a nasty motherf^cker. It's that very reason he is so good in bed. End of story. It's not a big deal. It means nothing. Anything said in the safe zone, during the heat of passion or immediatly pending an orgasm does not count.
Tags: marriage, sex
3 comment(s) - 10:06 PM - 09/28/2011
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    MyNameIsSteve  26, Male, Illinois, USA - 6 entries
Sep 2010
11:21 AM EDT

Am I different?

Being a guy, at age 17, is it strange that the idea of what being a "man" is nowadays pisses me off? people are stupid. That's the truth. Apparently nowadays a "man" is someone who can get with as many girls in one night as they can. What being a "man" means to me is how long you can keep that one girl and how close you can get to her heart and how close you're willing to let her get to yours. Am I a man for keeping this girl close to me and actually LOVING her AND meaning it? I think so. Every other guy seems to have the mentallity that everyone is judging their masculinity by the number of girls they've been with, so they proceed to find random girls they think they've got a shot with and tell the girl what they want to hear (without meaning a word of it of course) and if all goes as they planned, the girl gets on her knees...... fuck that. I'd much rather be living my life with someone I'll always respect, love and HAPPILY be with than living my life alone, looking for a girl that might let me fuck her (not to mention I'll be�fucking the girl of my dreams every night�while you're�out looking for something�meaningless)�Then there's guys who keep the girl close, but cheat on her...... what the hell is the point in that? You'd really be willing to risk the person that makes you happy beyond belief (assuming she means anything to you in the first place) just so you can blow a load on some stranger? That's a risk (in my eyes) that's definately not ever worth taking. 90% of the guys I know are assholes that do think it's ok as long as their girl doesn't find out.� I don't understand it, I just really think they all deserve to get their asses kicked for thinking that way, but then more than half the men in america would be in the hospital..... In my opinion, I think more girls cheat on their boyfriends than the other way around, but more guys seem to openly think it's alright if they do it to their girlfriends.

Fuck people like that, they're all dumbasses for not being true to themselves and their partner. I just hate liars/fake people more than anything, hence the reason why I have much to say about this.

2 comment(s) - 01:11 AM - 10/02/2010
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    JBaby14  25, Female, Iowa, USA - 8 entries
Mar 2009
3:43 PM CST


You know, It continues to amaze me. I think back to elementary school when all you needed to worry about is if you were going to pack your lunch or buy it.

Now everything seems to be about sex.�I can't go a day in school without hearing about it. I'm just so sick of it.

I�have this friend (We'll call her Ryley) that I�used to be really close with. We are still close, but lately we haven't been. I just found out that she has already had sex. Okay. A)We are freshmen. and�B)She has only been dating him for about two months. She is way in over her head. I just worry about her.

My sixth period class is art. I love art. It's one of my favorite classes. But now, I�dread going there. Everyday I just hate going there. Why? Well, there is a couple that sits at my table. Thay are always talking about when they had sex. Or when they took a shower together. Really? I don't want to hear that.

And honestly. That is personal. You would think that people would want the whole world to know that.

Anyway now everybody knows about Ryley and her boyfriend and she is pissed because she confided that information with one of my best friends�(we'll call her Ashely)�and she told me, and my two other friends. (We'll call them Jasmine and Jacey)

So now there is like this feud thing and I just don't want to get involved.

But anyway my I am completely in love with my boyfriend. (let's call him Lucas.) We have been dating for three months since March 7th. He is my other half. He tells me he wants to spend the rest of�his life with me. And I�know where I�stand on the whole sex thing. I don't want to do it untill I'm married. He is fine with that. but peopl assume things. They assume that we will do stuff or that he is going to pressure me to do things. But see. He's not like that. Even my mom doesn't think he is like that. If she thinks it's fine, then how come my friends can't?

Anyway, I�just want to avoid the whole sex topic period. But I�don't want to be a bitch when they start talking about it. how can I�just avoid it? Please help me. I'm just a teenage girl who is sick of it.


1 comment(s) - 11:48 AM - 03/15/2009
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