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    Ranilyn  29, Female, Canada - 26 entries
Sep 2012
10:09 PM MDT

Day Before School + House keys!

Look at that. I'm seventeen, driving, and FINALLY entrusted with house keys. And Dad nearly changed his mind about it too - after I demonstrated my perchance to lose things again yesterday. Dearie me.

Ha! Am I the only one who thinks its funny that I got my set of house keys in my grade 12 year and Janette's had hers since kindergarden? *Wry grin* Then again, she's always been more responsible and practical than I am. She's so down to earth and independent...I really could take a page out of her book.

Anyway, day before school and all that...registration, then Grade 10 tours, and school stuff I guess...Oh, and Jared's single again...not that I'm surprised as usual - I could tell it was a summer fling. For his sake and the girl's I had hoped that it was something lasting. I guess all I can say is WATCH OUT! to the female population. As for me, I think I'd like a nice guy who I can joke and argue - found someone I could like in the surprising form of a - note, younger - childhood friend. But he is, in the end, one of the kids I grew up with...almost a younger brother or cousin.

Even if he is a bit cute, and funny. And a pretty decent person. And charismatic. Doesn't help that we laugh a lot together, and we argue in a way that is so much fun.

Hmm...didn't expect to go on to this tangent when I started this entry.

Alright, let's see....good things...good things...
This year's going to be a fantastic year; the best one yet. I just KNOW it. :)
Rejuvenated and ready to tackle anything.
Ah! Gained back some of the weight that I scarily lost during May-June-ish...feeling healthy. Phew.
Coming to the realization that, you know, I have some really good friends. Seriously, I didn't realize how close we were and how I actually have this group of people that I could rely for support if I need it.

There's more, of course. But let's end it here. Things I gotta do!

OH wait, drama watch: Secret Garden. OH my goodness, can I say it was HILAROUS when Oksa and the Director finally realizes what's going on?! And LOL to Oska's method of forcing the cute side character (boy, is he cute!) to sign the contract. Okay, that's enough fan girl for now. :)
2 comment(s) - 09:46 PM - 09/26/2012
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    Ranilyn  29, Female, Canada - 26 entries
Jul 2012
2:08 AM MDT

Hmmm...let's add a journal entry.

Nah, don't quite feel like analyzing my feelings right now. That and the fact that it's kinda hard to type on the HP tablet.�Heh, looks like I'll actually have a short entry for once.�Let's have a couple random lines on what's happening and whatever comes to mind.

Um...Tyler's back in Edmonton for the summer and it looks like we're hanging out tomorrow. OH speaking of which, I ought to check facebook to see if Anita's coming too!

Oh and its been two days since Just-wen called me.

I really should finish that outline for that EE and sending to Ms. Macdonald....and I think I should switch my supervisor to Ms. Ranieri.

I have NO idea how to do the IA. You...this might be nasty.

OH OH! There's gonna be a VGHS episode update tomorrow! Why didn't I discover YouTube webseries earlier? It looks to be exciting, and I love the side pairing with Ted and Ki. The idea for the show is so creative and really its put together so well. Might even show Dad the other webseries, Sync.

Alright, off to bed because I did say I was going to try to wake up earlier tomorrow....and also I gotta make sure Tyler knows where to get off the bus.
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    kiya  33, Female, Canada - 21 entries
Apr 2010
12:50 PM EDT

nothing really...

i'm just excited to have my hair cut tomorrow...
i'm worried about certain people in my life now...but i still believe that they can get through it and come out as winner..:)
everytime i write here...
it feels like my reflection time...LOL
anyways.... got to go read again... got an exam tomorrow at night..ish..hehehe

life sure is complicated...
but what can we do...
we just have to deal with it
and make it work/..... :)always!


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    keonyama96  29, Female, Kansas, USA - 191 entries
Apr 2010
6:24 PM EDT

Have a good day!!!
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    mommy  35, Female, New York, USA - 20 entries
Aug 2007
12:48 PM EDT

Hi everyone. How are you all Doing today? I am Doing ok today. I got a Call From one of my Best Friends, his name is Thomas (Tom). Back About a month or 2 ago, I Told him that I Loved him, he took it Better than I Expected. Anyway, he hasnt Been Doing to Good, he's Been Really Depressed, down in the dumps, and Just plain Sad, so I Had Emailed him back 2 days ago Telling him that if he Needs Anything that I am here For him. Well he Called today and we were on the Phone For About 30 minutes Talking. I Helped him sort some Stuff out, But he wants to Talk more so I Can Help him sort some more Things out With him. Anyway, what has everyone Been up to Lately? How has Life Been Treating you all? How are you all Doing? I Miss Talking too you all. Sorry that I havent Written in so long. So fill me in on what I Missed, and how everything is. Talk to you all Soon. With Love, & Support, Krysta
1 comment(s) - 05:49 PM - 09/05/2007
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