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    cutieliciousx21  29, Female, Michigan, USA - 16 entries
Mar 2009
6:34 PM EDT

that boy...

that boy called me up the night of my last post, and he ASKED ME OUT ON A DATE. and ever since, we've been hanging out at lunch and after his band and my chemistry. well, we're probably going over to his house on saturday and watching a movie! i keep thinking about kissing him and being with him and just everything about him. he put his arm around me for a really long time today, but it felt weird because i'm a tad taller than him =/. well, it seems as if he really does like me, and i'm not looking forward to gulf shores only because i wont see him AT ALL. :(. well, i'm hoping that the thursday night before i leave, i can hang out with him and maybe go on a date with him. i really want to spend the whole evening with him and have our first kiss. but you can't plan these things. they have to just happen. like mine and david's first kiss. i doubt he'll kiss me infront of his family. and i doubt we'll be left alone. not that his rents dont necessarily trust me, but just that we're only 15/16. but i really hope that she trusts me. even though i dont have any reason to be trusted. (but she doesn't know that). ;) haha. jk. well, i can't wait to just go on a date with him, i'm feeling so needy, like i just NEED to be with him. and i'm scared that i'm falling too hard too soon, because i know how much he can hurt me.

love always,

1 comment(s) - 11:09 PM - 03/27/2009
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    thekewlestdork  27, Female, Illinois, USA - First entry!
Dec 2008
3:20 PM EDT

I'm so confused. Please help.

Ok well my name is Caitlin and I'm in the 7th grade. I don't have a big sis but a big bro. whos not very helpful. *lol* In grades kindergarden thru 4th grade a guy I am completely in love with was at my school and in my grade, too. His name is Alex. I have always had the same feeling when ever i see Alex. Except its gotten a little bit stronger. I start to shake if i see him or i get really really quiet. I have a "friend", Angel, (who I hate) whos mom sits me. Alex and Angel are like best friends but in fifth grade Alex transford. Sometimes Alex comes over Angel's house but all I can do is look at the floor the WHOLE time because im afraid that i will lock eyes with him and he might think im weird. I don't know if he likes me but everytime i say just one little thing to him then i start to shake like crazy! I want him to know but im too shy and im worried about what he would think, if he likes me and his response. Please help me!

*The Kewlest Dork*

3 comment(s) - 11:50 PM - 04/03/2009
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