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    Margaritas  31, Female, Canada - 14 entries
Mar 2013
6:08 AM EDT

Something I wrote in 2011

At dawn I asked myself�why
I look down, never see�you
there is never enough to understand�me
somehow we learn to like,�but never to love�
The day I touched your hand in�trust,
Lost, maybe foolish as well
I wanted to be�there�to look after you
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    Margaritas  31, Female, Canada - 14 entries
Mar 2013
6:01 PM EDT

I wish you start claiming you surrender

(Photo: Lou Doillon)
So, I think I'm forgetting him. Now, I'm looking around and hoping again, believing in love again! Well, this time I hadn't stopped believing, but I was hurt and now I'm getting back together!�

And I see you and you look perfect, but I know you are not, cause no one is. So I stay in my corner and I don't talk to you.

Is it me you were looking at today?

"If you dare come a little closer"'
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    MyNameIsSteve  30, Male, Illinois, USA - 6 entries
Jan 2011
2:42 PM CDT

Life Sucks.....

Im back to having nothing. Nothing that makes me happy, at least. Obviously im still alive, im breathing, i have the basics. But im missing things that i need. I cant say what exactly im missing because i dont even know. I just feel empty, segregated from everyone else. Everyone in�the world seems so diverse to me, but at the same time, so very monotonous. All anybody cares about is the image they're throwing to the world, trying to fit in as best as they can without even once considering�being real, being themselves. There is no more originality anymore (sometimes i wonder if there ever was to begin with) everyone is just borrowing the mind of the one next to them. No one can think for themself. A pepsi is still a fucking pepsi�even if it comes in a coke can. The only image i try portraying to the world is who�I am and what i stand for. I think i've don a good job so far at doing this, but some times i wonder if the world looks at me the same way i look at myself in the mirror, but i doubt it.�I dont know what to do, how to feel, or where to go from here. I believe in fate, i know i have no control over whats going to happen. If something was meant to happen then its going to happen one way or another. I feel like im waiting. Waiting for SOMEthing, but i dont know what. As much as i hate change, somethings have to change. That's just how things work. Fuck my life.

1 comment(s) - 06:51 PM - 01/23/2011
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