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    ekin1972  58, Male, United Kingdom - 2 entries
Aug 2009
12:25 PM EDT

I'm going to Paris

I've never had a passport since I was a child and the reason being is, I've never been interested in going anywhere, because I think the UK�is the most beautiful place in the world!

But ever since the Channel Tunnel opened, I've had a need to just have a go on a Eurostar train through the tunnel. Just really for the experience as its an amazing piece or engineering. Just to board a train at the very, very beautiful St Pancras international railway and leave for Paris would be just amazing!! And then travel at 186mph to Paris will be the biz!

So now I have my passport, I have today booked myself on to a Eurostar for Paris. I will be in Paris for 2 hours and then back home.

I'm so so excited :-))

3 comment(s) - 12:57 AM - 09/04/2009
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    Trace  59, Female, USA - 38 entries
Jun 2007
3:17 AM EDT

Aww Maan!! The funk coming out of that room in the morning when he opens the bedroom door (and leaves it open) is HORRIBLE!!! Every time he comes out he leaves the door wide open, and I go right behind him and close it. He has to notice that the door is closed again when he comes back!! I'm hoping he will get the hint....but he doesn't. Then I go and light an incent in the hallway....he still don't get it! Then I notice that he'sdressed and out the door with clean clothes on, and I never ever heard any water running in the bathroom!! Now, he was out yesterday mowing lawns and it was hot as hell yesterday. Never hear him in the bathroom brushing his teeth!! Dayum, and this dude has a wife too.

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