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Aug 2009
12:25 PM EDT

I'm going to Paris

I've never had a passport since I was a child and the reason being is, I've never been interested in going anywhere, because I think the UK�is the most beautiful place in the world!

But ever since the Channel Tunnel opened, I've had a need to just have a go on a Eurostar train through the tunnel. Just really for the experience as its an amazing piece or engineering. Just to board a train at the very, very beautiful St Pancras international railway and leave for Paris would be just amazing!! And then travel at 186mph to Paris will be the biz!

So now I have my passport, I have today booked myself on to a Eurostar for Paris. I will be in Paris for 2 hours and then back home.

I'm so so excited :-))

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May 2009
11:31 PM EDT

Its Sunday

Its Sunday and its really lovely and sunny. This is my first day off work after a hard but very enjoyable week. I'm still amazed with every haircut I do how much i still love being a hairdresser. Now i'm getting older I'm finding it harder to work long hours, but I find it easier to syke myself up to work longer. The gym is making me stronger and to be honest I'm the fittest I've ever been and the strongest, so I'm hoping it will be all good stuff the keep me working till I can't work no longer or no one want me to cut there hair.

�Oh what to do!

Do I go for a run outside and just burn a few calories bearing in mind its lovely and sunny.

Or do I stay in doors and rack the treadmill on full incline and really burn some fat off and keep on burning the fat off for the rest off ther day.

I really should do a few weights aswell.

And do I go to Wakefield on the train this afternoon as a treat as I love train travel, but its around �50 or do I drive and only use �20's worth of petrol and treat myself to a new pair of trainers tomorrow.

May be instead of writing this and having a dilema as to what to do, I should just get off my laptop and JUST�DO�IT! what ever that will be� LOL

May I should just add my personal life to my appointment book and then I would know what to do.


At what point will people realise that the bible is a book of story's to educate people on how to live a better life as human beings. It was a book that suited the time it was writen and has no place in today's life. The bible was wrote by a human being and not somthing that lives on little clouds. The church has no right to keep churning it up and using it to condem people and to put people down.

I'm gay and if you believe in god then god made me to. And he gave me the ability to love another man. I really can't see any wrong in love ( and just for all those bad minded people. I mean love between consnting adults )

But the church� and religous nutters who are obviously a liitle bit thick and constantly churn the bible out to condem the love that I may have for another man. May be if they stopped using the bible to hate, then the world would be an even better place than it is now!

2 comment(s) - 11:26 AM - 08/14/2009
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