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    SabrinaW  39, Female, New York, USA - First entry!
Apr 2020
6:09 AM EDT

Common Application Essay: Top Secrets of Perfect Writing

The Common Application (also known as the Common App) can make the application process easier. Instead of writing many essays, you can register on the website of this not-for-profit organization and submit the same admission essay to any of 456 member colleges in the United States and other countries.

Now you can apply wisely using only a few clicks of a mouse. However, it makes the quality of common application essays extremely important.

Take a closer look at top secrets of perfect writing and learn how to make application essays truly brilliant.

Common application essay: 6 options

You can choose between these six topics for your common application essay:

  1. Evaluate an important experience, challenge, or ethical dilemma you faced; discuss how it affected you as a person.
  2. Discuss a problem of personal, local, national or global importance and its significance to you personally.
  3. Write about a person who has influenced you greatly; discuss that influence.
  4. Choose a fictional character, a historical figure or an artwork (painting, music, literature, etc.) that has influenced you; discuss that influence on you.
  5. Describe an encounter that illustrates the importance of diversity in a community from your point of view.
  6. Your choice.

Common application essay format

Note that each of the above options focus on you as a person. Surely, your writing skills are important for writing a winning college application essay. However, proper presentation of your personal qualities is even more important. No matter which category you choose, make certain to relate it to your personal experience and development.

For example, if you choose the second topic and decide to write about global warming or AIDS orphans in Africa, make sure to make it your personal reflection and explain why this issue is important to you. Tick the box you have chosen in the application form to avoid confusion of application officers. Kindly note that one variant of your essay will be sent to all colleges. No specific versions for different colleges or universities are permitted. Actually, this is what is meant by a "common" application essay.

Common application essay: word count

Pay attention to the requested word count of a common application essay, since for 2011-12 the limit was set to 250-500 words. It does not mean that the assignment has become easier to write. It means that college commissions prefer quality over quantity. Try to make your admission essay clear and succinct. Try to express more ideas using fewer words. Even though most college admissions officers promise to read all of your essay up to its 501st word, you should not put your papers at risk. Members of most commissions agree that nearly all common application essays exceeding 700 words would be better if made shorter. So, cut unimportant words whenever it is possible.

Common application essay: avoid redundancies

Check this list of redundant pairs of words and see how you can easily make your common application essays shorter and clearer:

Redundant Right
end result result
final outcome outcome
large in size large
round in shape round
at an early time early
of a bright color bright
basic fundamentals fundamentals

Common application essay: know your enemies

Here are some more words to be cut out from your common application essays:

  • Basically;
  • really;
  • specific;
  • particular;
  • type of;
  • sort of;
  • generally.

You may delete these words from your common application essays and see that sentence structure will be improved, and the meaning will not change.

You are welcome to use this quick guide from EssayPro company when working on your common application essay to make your dreams come true. Good luck with your application!

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    susanbrady  30, Female, New York, USA - First entry!
Apr 2020
3:56 PM EDT

General Guidelines Of Academic Writing

As a student, when taking the classes and reading the assignments, make notes of every terminology, idea and reference to the other works to which you are not familiar and take out some the time to learn more about the unfamiliar concepts. Unluckily, a lot of students do not become skilled at how to be the best learners in the period of their studies. If you have not yet learnt how to smooth the progress of your own knowledge and academic development, now it is high time you to learn this key skill with The capability to make out the gaps in your own information is always crucial as it helps you take the steps to remove the areas of flaws with a sound education.

You must study all that you can about the research methodology in your discipline. The research methodology is largely split into the quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methodology and within these broad areas are a lot of precise sub research methods as well. So you have to comprehend the research methodology that is usually used in the sub-disciplines you are paying attention to and how it is compared to the other research methods you could employ. In addition, you must become skilled at using the terminology in the most accurate manner making it a part of your everyday terms and expressions.

If you are using the statistics, think about auditing a stats course or buy some excellent textbook on the statistics. You also have to gain knowledge of how to talk and write about the statistics in the approved manner. Merely being able to enter in the numbers in SAS or some other software and running the functions is not the same as comprehending the statistics. For meaningful practices, you are supposed to be able to talk proficiently about the population selection, usage of variables, forms of measurement, appropriate equations for analytical functions, and other related stuff.

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    monicapeterson  32, Female, New York, USA - First entry!
May 2020
9:18 AM EDT

An Analysis of John Rawls? ?A Theory of Justice?

John Rawls'� groundbreaking book, “Theory of Justice” was first published in 1971, revised in 1975, and is considered to be one of the primary texts in political philosophy.� Rawls’ book is about the philosophy of justice and political structures.� An analysis of John Rawls' "A Theory of Justice" examines Rawls' theory of justice, compares it to other theories on justice, looks at the origins of Rawls' theory, and shows how and in what social, political, and moral structures it is applicable.

Prior to writing an analysis of John Rawls' "A Theory of Justice", it is important that you first find reliable sources on “A Theory of Justice” and as well as read some examples of analysis and annotated bibliography exampleof John Rawls' "A Theory of Justice".� Both will help you better understand the theory and inspire ideas to discuss in your own analysis of John Rawls' "A Theory of Justice".
A brief biography of John Rawls can serve as a good introduction for an analysis of John Rawls' "A Theory of Justice". John Bordley Rawls, born on February 21, 1921 was an American philosopher known for his moral and political philosophy.

Next, an analysis of John Rawls' "A Theory of Justice" should examine the objectives of the book such as addressing issues on democracy, social equality, and conflict of interests present among individuals. An analysis of John Rawls' "A Theory of Justice" should then list and discuss the key figures mentioned in the book, including Saint Thomas Acquinas, Aristotle, and Jeremy Bentham. The two principles of justice mentioned in the book should also be discussed in an analysis of John Rawls' "A Theory of Justice". The first principle states that “each person is to have an equal right to the most extensive scheme of equal basic liberties compatible with a similar scheme of liberties for others” and the second principle aims to solve social and economic inequalities. Finally, an analysis of John Rawls' "A Theory of Justice" should examine the arguments against Rawls’ two principles from other known philosophers such as G.A. Cohen, Amartya Sen, and Allan Bloom.

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    milagarcia  34, Female, Louisiana, USA - First entry!
Jul 2020
9:23 AM EDT

Case study examples

Provided that you have to carry out a case study, you should know that it implies deep investigation of an individual, group, or event. You may even want to look at some case study examples before you start writing your own. As well, you can entrust this task to professionals from the "pay for someone to do my homework" service, who are able to write your case study examples better than yourself.

It is widely accepted that the case study is known to the the puzzle that must be resolved. For the most curious customers who are eager to know how to deal with this kind of academic writing, our professional team can give some effective pieces of advice. Thus, the professional case study must contain the particular problem that must be solved by the readers.

The peculiarity of the case study writing is the fact that by means of such a work the author should invite the readers to analyze the offered problem and solve it in the best possible way. After thinking it and analysis of the information the main goal of the readers is considered to be to arrive at particular conclusion concerning proposed solution.

In addition, it is important to remember that a good written case study is not necessarily a de scription. The readers of the paper should feel in such a way as the author of the paper felt at the very beginning of his or her case study, facing the situation and trying to figure out what particularly was going on at that time. Some students often fail to do that. That's where our team may help to succeed! The de scription of the case may provide the information to the reader concerning the detailed course of the case, so the readers will not have to work it out hard. Sometimes it is difficult to arrange, indeed. However, with the high quality support of our team it will no longer bother you, indeed.

Academic assistance
Our experienced experts in academic writing will supply all needful materials to accomplish the task: they will do the research, provide the analysis of the case, as well as the writing itself. Both theory and practice are up to us and all for our customers! The best quality research is the key to success of our clients. That is why our company is looking for the best solutions in academic writing supply.

We strive to economize both your own effort and time delivering you top quality case study examples. Our team of experts provides you with pieces of writing that meet the main university standards. If you get your case study essays executed on a paid basis, you look forward to value along with good assistance. That's exactly what you receive if you order case study examples.

Our guarantees
We promise to offer you original case study examples, devoid of plagiarism. By means of our company, you may be confident that your case study examples are entirely unique and they contain no stolen information. Each case study example you buy is created from scratch and systematically researched as outlined by your requirements. At our site you may obtain case study examples of high level and at acceptable prices.

Thus, our strong points are known to be quality, high speed of the task accomplishing and delivering to the customers, following the highest academic standards, effective library and on the I-net research, etc. Do not miss the opportunity to safe your time and get positive mark with the professional assistance and support of our team!

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    sheylaphillips  37, Female, Florida, USA - First entry!
Aug 2020
9:25 AM CDT

The Benefits of Custom Term Papers

It creeps up into every single college student’s mind, at one time or another: the thought of acquiring custom term papers. Perhaps you are under a deadline that you simply cannot meet – with students frequently carrying up to eighteen credit hours a week, that happens more often than one might think. Perhaps you have to write a term paper that you simply cannot focus on, are not interested in, or just do not totally understand. There are a variety of reasons students want to buy term paper services. A lot of them are scared to do more than consider it, however, especially with all the college essay writing services, products, and web sites used by college professors these days.
Sometimes, however, the thought of purchasing custom term papers is too tempting to deny. This is common and it does not make you a bad student. It is a guarantee that even a student who makes the Dean’s List every single semester has considered this at one time or another. It is always better to do your own work, without a doubt – but sometimes, quite simply, you just cannot do that, for whatever reason. If you need a good term paper and simply are not able to write it yourself, then a term paper writing service may be for you – but there are a few things you need to think about first.
For starters, you cannot choose just any service. There are several things you need to watch out for because you definitely do not want to have the big, black mark of plagiarism on your record. At best, you could get a failing grade for that assignment. At worst, you could fail that particular class entirely. At the very worst, you could actually be dismissed from your school – colleges and universities, graduate schools and undergraduate schools, even middle schools, and high schools all take plagiarized term papers very seriously, and you need to stay well away from that trap.
If you need to look into a custom college term paper, you need to be even more careful. A number of professors now require students to submit their term papers to anti-plagiarism web sites. Make sure that any service you choose guarantees that their custom term papers are 100 percent original.
You also need to make sure that they promise a good term paper – a concise, completely accurate custom term paper, with the appropriate sources, cited, a title page, and a bibliography. Make sure that they promise solid thesis statements and a completely accurate, well-founded argument.
It is always a good idea to look at reviews from other students who have used any web site which offers custom term papers. Whenever possible, see if you can get into contact with some of the people who have left positive reviews, to make sure that they are legitimate. It is crucial that you read through any paper you receive from such a site before you hand it into your professor. In fact, it will never be to your detriment to read through it and rewrite it in your own words, if you have the time.
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    Helga33  34, Female, New York, USA - 2 entries
Oct 2020
12:48 PM EEST

100% Plagiarism Free

You must be familiar with the feeling every student gets not once, not twice, but often much more than that in his or her life. It?s that time when you just wish for someone else to do your homework. So, you decide to try and google�Homework For Me�but get overwhelmed with the results, none of which seem right to you. This time, rather than abandoning the idea and risking getting a bad grade, you can rely on experts at to take care of that problem. Just visit site and in a few minutes, you?ll be free to do whatever you want. Chances are, you?ve heard about academic help services from your friends, and maybe even not the best things. If so, that means none of them have used HomeWorkForMe. Students often rob themselves by choosing some questionable writing companies instead of industry leaders hoping to save money. You?ll be glad to know that is quite affordable. The company?s goal is to really help students and provide the best quality for the most reasonable prices. To make sure you are satisfied with the finished product, you also get free revisions. Unlike some other companies that charge their customers for that, HomeWorkForMe thinks that it is only fair that you get your perfect paper for the money you initially pay. Finally, there?s customer support available at all times, ready to answer your questions and resolve any issues. has experienced experts who can deal with any task you?ve got, whether you?re a high school or university student, so waste no time and get the help you deserve.
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    byronkinkade  29, Male, Florida, USA - First entry!
Dec 2019
1:24 PM EDT

Literature Search: How to Make It Faster and More Interesting

Conducting a literature research is an important part of college studies. The ability to find necessary information as quickly as possible is an indispensable skill of a successful student. Some people have to spend an enormous amount of time on their papers because they don`t know how to do a literature search. Of course, you always can buy a research paper for college, more brave will find here are tips that will help you find information faster.

Literature Search: Where to Start

Searching for literature is not as hard as it seems, if a person knows how to use informational resources. This is how you can start your research:

  1. First, you can go to the library and browse through a library catalogue. There are many subject indexes and they will help you find information on every topic.
  2. Secondly, there are many online databases such as SAGE, EBSCOhost, JSTOR, ProQuest. They will offer you many up-to-date and relevant articles about the topic of your paper.
  3. Internet resources such as Google Scholar can also be of great use to students who look for relevant information.
  4. Finally, you may ask your professor or teaching assistant for advice. They will definitely tell you what kind of sources you should use for your paper.

Literature Search: Understanding the Logic of Search Engines

Nowadays, the Internet has become the most popular means of finding information. Yet, some people don`t know how to use this tool effectively. Prior to beginning any search for literature on the Web, you should understand how this information can be retrieved most easily. There are several things that you should do for this:
  1. First, you need to identify the main keywords related to your topic. You should also write down synonyms to these keywords.
  2. Secondly, when you write a search query, make sure that it is no longer that four words, because otherwise the search engine may offer you many irrelevant web pages.
  3. When you want to find exact matches to your query, put your keywords in quotation marks.
  4. If you want to sift out irrelevant web pages, use�Boolean operators, like And, Or, Not.
  5. You should also carefully evaluate the sources Internet offers you. Remember that blogs and commercial websites are not always credible. You should access first educational and governmental websites.

Literature Search: Evaluating Sources

When you have already found many sources, you have to choose the most credible ones. This is how you can rank your sources in terms of credibility:
  1. Peer-reviewed studies published within the last five years;
  2. Books written on the topic;
  3. Official documents published by governmental agencies or international organizations;
  4. Encyclopedia entries;
  5. Newspaper articles. It is possible to use newspaper articles, but you have to make sure that you are not relying on the data published by the yellow press.
If you take into account these recommendations, you will see that any literature search can be made much more productive.

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    KateNill  34, Female, New York, USA - First entry!
Oct 2020
3:47 AM EEST

What is Write Paper for Me?

Have found yourself stuck with college assignments? Have no time to complete one more essay or research paper? Don�€™t know how to start writing a thesis statement or have trouble creating a title? Keep in mind that you are not alone. Thousands of students have the same problems, and they face them daily. The best way to get rid of the academic workload is to hire professional online helpers providing assistance with all kinds of college tasks. Have no idea what writing service to choose? Feel a bit lost? Then pay attention to the reliable and trustworthy service WritePaperFor.Me. We have helped thousands of students to boost their grades and to save their precious time. Our writing service WritePaperFor.Me provides all kinds of academic assistance any time day or night. If you are looking for help, just get in touch with the experienced writers from WritePaperFor.Me. Let us know all the paper details you need and our experts will start completing your order immediately. Have doubts about the affordability of the service? No need to worry. Our prices are the lowest online. Pay just $6,99 per page of your essay and stop struggling every time you have to do one more writing. We guarantee confidentiality and delivery before the deadline. Even if you need our assistance ASAP, feel free to share details of your homework with us. The minimum deadline is six hours. Our writers will do their best to provide quality writing for such a short period of time. Yes, they are like superheroes, who will save you from academic trouble.WritePaperFor.Me has so many benefits and will help you with your paper, no matter how challenging it is. Just Check it here and stop having a headache every time you get a boring task from your Prof.
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    mellowmawerick  38, Male, Nebraska, USA - First entry!
Mar 2020
10:04 AM MSK

Narrative Essay Topics Should Contain a Story that is Interesting

Narrative Essay Topics are Best Written Based on Personal Experience

Students in high school and college are often assigned narrative essays among other types of essay writing, as a part of their writing assignments. In order to be able to select good essay writing service, they need to firstly know what a narrative essay is and how to write one. Only then will they be able to submit a successful narrative essay.
Defining the Narrative Essay

Unlike other essay types, the narrative essay is written as if telling a story. This type of writing provides students the ability to be free with what they write as it enables them to express themselves in a moving and creative manner. Writing a narrative essay is similar to that of telling a story. Therefore, your narrative essay should include characters, plots, settings, climax and an introduction and a conclusion. Every story ever read includes these important features and your essay too, should include them as well. The only time a narrative essay is not written as a story is when students are assigned the writing of book reports. Experience with narrative essay writing makes the college application process easier too.
Topics for the Narrative Essay

There are many narrative essay topics you can use to write great essays. These essays are not difficult to write if the right topics are chosen. With the selection of a good essay topic, you are well on your way to write a good essay. Below are some topics you can consider for your narrative essay coursework writing.
A memorable day
An embarrassing moment
The greatest vacation you have ever been on
An experience which left you questioning your faith
A chance encounter with an unusually frightful person
A death defying act
Surviving a tsunami or earthquake or any other natural disaster
An experience that changed your life
As you can see the possibilities for good topics for narrative essays is limitless. If you find a good topic you will be able to write passionately and expressively.
Selecting the Best Topic

Most students resort to essay writing help because they do not know how to select the best topic for their essays. This happens when they are given a choice with topic selection and do not know what to choose.

Topics for narrative essays should be enjoyable to you. Topics for narrative essays can be highly technical or very simple. The best topic when selecting is one which you feel happy writing. This will reflect in your essay.
Topics for narrative essays can be written on easily if they are based on your own life experiences. Writing a non fictitious story will make the flow of words better than when you have to think about what to write.
The next time you are assigned narrative essay topics for writing, you should consider the abovementioned criteria and you will be able to submit a successful narrative essay.
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    trisharoberts  31, Female, Florida, USA - First entry!
Mar 2021
9:25 AM BST

Informative Essay

What Is an Informative Essay?

As its name suggests, the informative essay is meant to provide information about a given topic. Unlike other types of essay, it excludes the writer opinion on the subject in question. Some examples include news reports (not editorials), manuals, and observation journals. All of these examples present information or instructions in a logical order so the reader can quickly absorb it. For the same reason, they exclude extraneous information that could confuse the reader.

Writing an Informative Essay 1.

As with all assignments, it is vital to understand what is required of you for this type of essay. Is the topic assigned or do you have to choose one yourself? Is there a certain writing style required? What does the professor want you to prove with the informative essay?
2. Once the topic is chosen, research will be necessary. This can be done is depending on the type of topic in a library, a lab, or online.
3. A chart or brainstorming session can help set out the most relevant ideas and points discovered during the research time.
4. The structure of the informative essay should be planned carefully in order to keep a streamlined flow of information. Make an outline to give you a visual guide of where to put each point.
5. Writing will take several drafts. The first can be as sketchy as you like, but make sure your citations are placed correctly.
6. Edit and revise the drafts thoroughly. The aim is to convey your findings in a straightforward but meaningful way.

Help With Informative Essays
If you do not have the time to spend doing research and keeping to your assignment deadline, then it`s wise to hire professional writers to supply a custom essay.

Write My Essay Company works with experienced academic writers and editors who can provide tailor made papers and essays for students at all educational levels. We are a reliable, affordable online writing service providing high quality at relatively cheap prices. Buy your essay from the "write my essay for me free" company and you can be confident that the entire assignment will be original, properly researched and referenced, and your reference pages will be free.
Need help with an essay? Whether you are just starting college or completing your PhD, we can help take a load off your shoulders. Take a look at our online samples or speak to one of our team 24/7.

More Information:
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