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    sheladyanne  36, Female, Philippines - 10 entries
Jan 2012
8:59 PM PST

My First Entry at Inbox Journal!

Hello there Inbox Journal!

Maybe I could start welcoming myself here and maybe somehow introducing more of my self to my readers, if I got any. Please call me Anne, I work at some sales department company here in the Philippines and as of the moment I am writing this one at office. Yeah, let's just say out of boredom and being not so busy at work, I managed to bump in this site. Actually, I'm an avid blogger. I kept a blog at wordpress but unfortunately since I can't access my Blog here at the Office I failed to update it as always. Anyway, I am 24 and a fresh graduate of Bachelor in Science in Information Technology. Im so lucky and worthy that I instantly landed a job even before graduating. I really prayed for it!
Okay guys, I'm single 20�but not yet ready to mingle.. lol! I am actually in long distance love affair or whatsoever you call it. I prefer not to elaborate much of� details about this topic but in the long run, I'm pretty sure that in the long run I'll be able to share it with you all.

Writing, blogging, web developing, reading books, surfing the net, meeting new people, having new friends, keeping some of them for lifetime if possible and if we both have the connection20; is what interest me. I am a type of person who admires simplicity, you know, simple living, simple lifestyle, everything plain and simple.I also love travelling,�I just wanted to be in different places, taking snaps, enjoying each and every scenery, learning about different cultures.... -sigh- If I could just only travel abroad!20�! What else? I believed that I also have the talent of being a good listener, of well, yeah thats right. Most of the times, I do the listening rather than talking. Of course, I won't say and brag about me being good all the time. I also had my bad sides which every human nature I believed has.

I don't know but maybe my love for writing is what brought me here. I think Inbox Journal is a good�online journal�to track things and to write my thoughts. Good thing that it is permitted at our Office. Yehey! I might suggest it to some of my friends as well.

Expect that in the coming days, if still permitted that I'll be sharing my thoughts with you guys, anything and everything that comes in my weird20�and curious mind... I hope that you wont also be bothered if I sometimes popped in to your profile coz that is another thing which catches my interest too..

I can't wait till tomorrow! Bye for now!20



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    RonPrice  77, Male, Canada - 60 entries
Jan 2012
7:22 PM AEST


The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister is a 2010 British television biographical drama about a 19th century Yorkshire landowner Anne Lister.1 Anne Lister (1791-1840) was a wealthy, unmarried woman who inherited land from her uncle in 1826. Just for the record and to place Anne Lister and her diaries in some historical perspective, 1826 was the year the second president of the United States, John Adams, died and the year the first photograph was taken. Throughout her life Lister kept diaries which chronicled the details of her everyday life, including her lesbian relationships, her financial concerns, her industrial activities and her work on her 400 acres.

Ive been keeping diaries for more than 25 years, but I dont think mine will ever have quite the spice that these had or have. Thanks to the direction of James Kent and the starring role of Maxine Peake as Lister, with a script by Jane English a mass audience in this third millennium, more than a century and a half after the diaries were written, can get a taste of Anne Listers 4 million word diaries.

If my poetry is included in my diaries I can match Lister in quantity, but I cant turn the erotic screws on for millions and billions of viewers, mirabile dictu. My diaries are far too philosophical and religious, intellectual and exotic, concerned as they are with the new religion I have been associated with for nearly 60 years.2 A sixth of Listers words concern the intimate details of her romantic and sexual relationships. Ive never quantified that portion of my diaries, poetic and otherwise, that have a highly sensuous style and manner, content and mode. The film premiered at the 24th London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival on 17 March 2010 and was screened in Australia tonight, 18 months later. -Ron Price with thanks to 1ABC1TV, 13 November 2011, 8:30-10:05 p.m. and 2 the Bahai Faith.

Some said the film was sex-obsessed on those wild-windy Yorkshire moors: this story of the first modern lesbian, say some scholars of sexuality.� Her pioneering life and wide-ranging travels as well as her relationships in those sexually charged 4 million word diaries concerned themselves with the social & emotional lot of lesbians in an era of oppressive patriarchy.� The film did not preclude a bit of hot girl-on-girl action for those of a puerile and yet of a punctilious nature. Snatching that carnal ecstasy from stolen moments with her true love will have a claustrophobic and yet,� Im sure, a curiously liberating effect for some of those millions & billions who will see this film. Ron Price 13 November 2011
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    krupa  38, Female, India - 53 entries
Oct 2009
4:50 AM EDT

things tht i think abt
Tags: diary
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    Hedda  59, Female, Massachusetts, USA - 4 entries
Jan 2008
5:52 PM EDT


It's a new year so I decided that I would start writing my thoughts down. Hopefully it will help me heal this broken heart of mine, if nothing else, to see my life and situation in a concrete form. Maybe it will be easier for me to analyze my situation seeing it in writing. I've always wanted to keep a journal but I am so scatter brained that it's hard for me to collect my thoughts and keep them long enough to put them down on paper. It's all so overwhelming to me.

I'm reading this book now call the Sorcer's Crossing and in it the author speaks of recapitalization (going through every event, feeling you've ever experienced in your life and with your breath you release it's hold on you and gain back that energy that was taken during these events.It takes me months sometimes years to read a book. Like writing, reading books takes forever for me due to my lack of focus and scattered energy. I wish it were not that way as I really do enjoy reading.

I would love to be a writer but I just don't have that talent. Not right now anyway. My mother was a writer and my husband writes and so does my 8 year old daughter. I do have a knack with poetry though but I haven't had any poetry come to me in quite some time.

Some things that I write may be embarrassing moments that I remember and other things may be embarassing fears or a confused outlook on things. I was thinking of making this journal private but I feel that I can gain so much more insight into myself and what's actually going on if I share it with you and maybe get some feedback.

Alot that I write will more than likely focus around my relationship with my husband and my relationship with my daughter. Also I will probably mention my aunt whom I'm very close to and a few other people in my life. Also, my religious feelings, past, present and future will send alot of your heads reeling.

So let me just say welcome to the Diary of a Confused Soul.



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