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    Ranilyn  24, Female, Canada - 26 entries
Sep 2009
12:37 AM MDT

September 11th, 12:20 (1:23 Edmonton time) Los Angeles International Airport, Gate 121

������������ In about 2 hours, we will be boarding the SIA (Singapore International Airline) plane to Singapore, making a swift stop at Tokyo to refuel the plane. We will reach Singapore on Sunday at around one in the morning. (That would be sometime on Saturday)
����������� The internet at the airport here isn’t free, and is actually quite expensive, so obviously, I’m not going to use it. At least this is a great time for me to catch up on journal writing, which I have fallen behind in due to being exhausted when I got back from Disneyland.
����������� I know it’s not very smart to keep bits and pieces of your journal here and there, but seriously, I can type much, much faster on the computer than I can write on paper. Besides, I’m charging my MP3 and someone has to watch the laptop! It’s kind of annoying because I have to stand up though…
����������� I’m going to go back and write previous entries like I actually wrote it at that time, which in my opinion would be better than posting one giant entry.
����������� I’m disappointed I won’t be able to watch episode 29 of K.O san guo for a long time. We were all hoping that they would upload it by 8-9 am in the morning so if we woke up early and pack quickly, we would be able to enjoy the latest episode of the show. We finished breakfast, packed everything and then eagerly turned on the computer which had access to free wireless internet (Thank you, Best Western Inn!) and found out that it would be uploaded in 2 hours. Argh, at that time, I was on the bus shuttle heading for the airport. I would watch it right now, IF I get this hooked up to internet that doesn’t cost me a gazillion dollars for an hour.
����������� Well, that will be the end for now. My sister wants to use the laptop to type her story. I’ll go do my math homework, draw, and write stories or something fun like that.

OH, OH, I almost forgot. I will be sending postcards to people!! I forgot to send them before we got it to the airport and now its too late to mail it here in Los Angeles. I’ll just give it to the air hostess and she’ll do it for me I guess. My dad’s guessing that they’ll probably mail it from Tokyo, seeing as that is the next stop. Boy, as much as receiving a Californian postcard from Tokyo sounds extremely cool, it’ll definitely take much longer if I were to mail it from there. I’d hate for the postcards to reach everyone AFTER I get back from my visit back to Singapore!

Muahahaha, I love the laptop. It would have taken me so much longer to have written this entry.
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    DahoChloe  29, Female, Singapore - First entry!
Oct 2017
3:13 AM IST

Top 4 Nightclubs in Singapore

Do you have just one night to spend in Singapore and want to make the most of it? There is no need to run helter-skelter looking for places to party. Here are the top three night clubs to hit on your last or only night in the Lion City, no matter what your agenda.

Don’t fret over the travelling. The public bus transport system in Singapore will easily take you to any of the following places. If you are travelling from Malaysia, booking tickets from is highly convenient for any of the express buses and you will reach your destination safely in time.

To dance the night away – Attica, Clarke Quay
Want to spend the entire night simply in your dancing shoes? The destination for outrageous parties in Singapore is Attica. Variety is considered to be the soul of Attica and it is considered to be one of the hottest Night Clubs in Clarke Quay. The Club is known to have 2 levels wherein level 1 is filled with flashing lights, long couches and loud music playing in the backgroundA Dance Floor is offered on level 2 of the club. It is known to attract a vibrant and young crowd of locals as well as tourists.� Top notch house music played by DJs from across the globe meets sophisticated art and food for an unforgettable night.

For the love of drinks – Tippling Club and Orgo
your evening has to be one where you slip away on some of the finest drinks available and Singapore has that and more for you. Classics such as Dropje Daiquiri and Juniper Sling taste best at the Tippling Club. While Orgo is meant for the martini lovers.

Widely considered to be one of the best live music clubs in Singapore, SONAR is conveniently located on the shopper’s paradise that is Orchard Road. As well as live music, SONAR has DJs playing before and after the band. Sit/stand downstairs if you want to be a part of the crowd or head upstairs for a quieter drink at Elysium Lounge (By reservation only, opened in Dec 2014). The club is open throughout the week. It alternates between live music performances and club DJ sets. It is known to feature singers, dancers and Djs from all over Asia which includes countries like Japan, Korea, Malaysia. Singapore, China, Thailand and Taiwan.�� There is no cover charge unless there is a special event.

Trace Club
Trace Lounge is one of the latest clubs to set up at Clarke Quay, the epicentre of Singapore’s after-dark action. Located on Magazine Road next to Central Mall and just a few minutes’ walk up the river from Clarke Quay MRT, Trace goes heavy on the EDM and hip hop, with some top notch lighting effects (we love the lasers) and sound system to match. Following the trend of many other clubs it is open only for 3 nights of the week which is Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.� They also have a special Ladies Night on Wednesday.
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    SuzzukaWang  29, Female, Singapore - First entry!
Nov 2017
11:56 PM IST

Bus journey to Kuala Kangsar from Little India

Little India is truly as per what its name suggests. The Indian citizens settled here in the late 18
th century and this little pocket today will remind you of the sights and sounds of the country. It is located to the east of the Singapore River, is right across the most economical, and pocket friendly accommodations for tourists. This place is truly the most colourful and vibrant part of the city of Singapore. A shopping experience will not be like one of your regular experiences here, as you will come across a vibrant range of products that have been handcrafted by the local Indians here.

This place is quite different from the scene of the local air-conditioned shopping mall as it is a roadside street market with stalls set one after the other. There are also temples of different religions standing across this street. The place is sure to leave a long lasting impression on your memory Products here are priced comparatively lower but at the same time are quite durable. When I shopped here for the first time, I was quite surprised at the amount of shopping that I had done and the cash that I had left over. I am quite lucky as I had no idea about this place and came across its name for the first time from , where I was booking my bus tickets for my next holiday tour in Malaysia. This place will definitely leave you spoilt for choice as it is a completely diversed neighbourhood with people from different ethnicities visiting here all throughout the year.

The culture, food is also quite different from what you get to see across the world. Whether it is electronics, souvenirs, fresh food, clothes, artwork and traditional Indian products, all of them have been priced quite reasonably. Make sure to visit City Square Mall across the street, which is a little more civilised than Mustafa Centre but at the same range of products. The place is marketed as Singapore��‚��„�s first eco-friendly mall as it has been built with technology that is not harmful to the environment.

There were about three Operators plying on the route between Little India and Kangsar. Starmart Express, the One Travel and Tours and Transstar Express were among the popular Operators plying here. Starmart Express has about six buses plying throughout the day letting it have a monopoly over the other Operators. However, Starmart Express being a Luxury Coach Operator it attracts people only those who are seeking luxurious travel. The prices are accordingly higher starting from SGD38. There are about 27 seats in each Bus and the total duration of the journey is about 9 hours. However, if you leave earlier in the day you can complete your journey in 7 hours, as you will avert almost all traffic. Starmart has buses plying from 7:00 am in the morning uptill 10:00 pm in the night, leaving the time of travel completely up to you!

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    FlingKoey  29, Female, Singapore - First entry!
Nov 2017
1:37 AM IST

Best 3 activities for kids in Singapore

Best 3 activities for kids in Singapore


Singapore is most likely one of the family-friendly destinations in Asia, because of the abundance of attractions taking into account all ages, a spotless and proficient open transport framework and it is generally minimal size. Teenagers will love the parks and dynamic attractions while even youthful families will experience no difficulty getting around as strollers and pushchairs can be utilized all around. The best activities with youngsters in Singapore frequently exploit nature, be that on Sentosa Island simply off the southern tip of Singapore or in the numerous fun and instructive parks and historical centers scattered all through the downtown region.

Traveling in and around Singapore is quite convenient and hassle free since it has some major bus terminals and express buses and your preferred mode of bus transport can be booked online.

Singapore Discovery Centre

All age, any weather attractions are on offer at Singapore Discovery Centre, offering everything from paintballing to 3D movies and even zorbing. Indoor activities include learning what goes into recording the news in mock television studio and a look back at Singaporean history and culture designed especially to be relevant to children.

Gardens by the bay
These otherworldly structures spread out across Marina Bay will surely amaze children of all ages, especially come nightfall when they turn into a spectacle of light. The famous Supertree structures offer an impressive skywalk over the gardens, over-sized seashell-shaped greenhouses recreate chilly mountain climates and there are hundreds of trees and plants to discover.

KidZania Singapore
KidZania Singapore opened at Sentosa Beach Resort in 2015, adding to the already-long list of family-friendly activities on the island.�The new complex promises to entertain as well as educate youngsters, with several different zones of fully interactive learning stations dotted around the indoor 'kid-sized city'. Some of the highlights out of the 80 or so role-play activities include a fully sized fuselage of a Boeing 737, a replica bank and a mini hospital where the kids can brush up on their triple-coronary bypass skills.

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