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Sep 2009
12:37 AM MDT

September 11th, 12:20 (1:23 Edmonton time) Los Angeles International Airport, Gate 121

������������ In about 2 hours, we will be boarding the SIA (Singapore International Airline) plane to Singapore, making a swift stop at Tokyo to refuel the plane. We will reach Singapore on Sunday at around one in the morning. (That would be sometime on Saturday)
����������� The internet at the airport here isn’t free, and is actually quite expensive, so obviously, I’m not going to use it. At least this is a great time for me to catch up on journal writing, which I have fallen behind in due to being exhausted when I got back from Disneyland.
����������� I know it’s not very smart to keep bits and pieces of your journal here and there, but seriously, I can type much, much faster on the computer than I can write on paper. Besides, I’m charging my MP3 and someone has to watch the laptop! It’s kind of annoying because I have to stand up though…
����������� I’m going to go back and write previous entries like I actually wrote it at that time, which in my opinion would be better than posting one giant entry.
����������� I’m disappointed I won’t be able to watch episode 29 of K.O san guo for a long time. We were all hoping that they would upload it by 8-9 am in the morning so if we woke up early and pack quickly, we would be able to enjoy the latest episode of the show. We finished breakfast, packed everything and then eagerly turned on the computer which had access to free wireless internet (Thank you, Best Western Inn!) and found out that it would be uploaded in 2 hours. Argh, at that time, I was on the bus shuttle heading for the airport. I would watch it right now, IF I get this hooked up to internet that doesn’t cost me a gazillion dollars for an hour.
����������� Well, that will be the end for now. My sister wants to use the laptop to type her story. I’ll go do my math homework, draw, and write stories or something fun like that.

OH, OH, I almost forgot. I will be sending postcards to people!! I forgot to send them before we got it to the airport and now its too late to mail it here in Los Angeles. I’ll just give it to the air hostess and she’ll do it for me I guess. My dad’s guessing that they’ll probably mail it from Tokyo, seeing as that is the next stop. Boy, as much as receiving a Californian postcard from Tokyo sounds extremely cool, it’ll definitely take much longer if I were to mail it from there. I’d hate for the postcards to reach everyone AFTER I get back from my visit back to Singapore!

Muahahaha, I love the laptop. It would have taken me so much longer to have written this entry.
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