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    sweetpea2779  43, Female, USA - First entry!
Jul 2006
6:42 PM EDT

Today, I had to work 1-6 not much else has happend. I had to restart a blog because my space will not let me open mine up. So, this is my new site. Hope everyone is doing good.
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    ellen  56, Male, USA - 2 entries
Jul 2006
12:23 PM PDT

How can I trust someone if that someone has broken my trust, My heart is empty, Its cold as ice, As it reach to break, It leaks out of water, That water drips and slips away, That trust, That moment, All within those you have broken, I may not trust you or your friends but that don’t mean we can’t be friends, Just friends without that trust, You have to work your trust with me, You have to make me understand why should I ever trust you again, You have to repair that broken trust, You have to work hard, That don’t mean be hateful towards me, Just show me that I can trust you once more.
1 comment(s) - 05:32 AM - 04/29/2007
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    ChrisBrownLover  26, Female, USA - 2 entries
Jul 2006
5:25 PM EDT

HEY! I WAS SO BORED I THOUGHT I WOULD MAKE UP A POEM. Wet- When I'm all wet when i see you I dry all up. And when I'm all Dry I get all Wet again but when your nnot around I Just feel like I should move to a Desert , Or I should move to my imaginary Land called "Rainy Town."-Dry
1 comment(s) - 08:05 PM - 12/18/2006
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    RMEHRT  41, Male, USA - First entry!
Jul 2006
11:25 AM EDT

So i met this guy who is irresitable and so not the right one for me as far as my mom is concerned but i can't help but like him so much. I have noticed him coming into my place of buisness alot and he stays for hours. I started flirting with him about 2 months ago to see if there was anything there and to my suprise he flirted back. So last week i made cookies for everyone and hoping i might see him i brought him some also. He came in that night and i gave them to him. man his smile just makes my heart jump and its hard to keep my thoughts PG when i am around him. That feeling i haven't felt in a long time. ANYWAY!!! her ate the cookies and i asked him how they were. He told me the only thing they were missing was my phone number! i could of died. I thought this guy must be joking. he's way out of my league. Hes the kind of guy you see with a pamela anderson look alike. Some size 0 blonde bombshell. I'm so not in that catagory. I'm 6 ft tall and weigh 215 pounds. I'm an ex army medic and i work in law enforcement, lol not the girlie type at all. But i have alot of good things about me most of these things don't matter to people this day and age. So here i am in a awesome but awkward moment where this hott guy is asking for my number and what do i say? I say whatever, then laugh and go about my work. I'm a dumbass i know, i thin i just blew it i say to myself! But thank the lord he knew what a joker i am and he asked for it again about 5 minutes later. So i gave him my number! WOOO-HOOOO i was so excited. This guy actually asked for my number. So later that night I get a text message. It was rob and he asked if i missed him. did i ever! we talked for awhile had a great conversation. i like this guy more and more. we set up a date to hang out on monday evening. I was so excited i couldn't wait to go. Monday evening comes and no phone call. no rob. no nothing. I waited ans waited. I should of known i say to myself as i listen to music in my room. I just should have known.So i start feeling like amybe i should just call it quits this isn't a good way to start anything. so i texted him and told him that i would see him around my workplace and hope everything was ok. I got a call around 9pm he asked if i was mad. I wasn't mad i was disappointed. and i told him so. Its thursday now and he barely texts me anymore i hardly see him anymore and we have yet to go out on one date. LOL my luck i swear, Are you thinking what I am thinking lol IF he ain't callin then he ain't interested. So i try to leave it be. Yesterday i didn't hear from him at all.So I tell myself i have never chased anyone and i ain't about to start now. If someone doesn't like me for who i am then they can kick rocks. these are the things you tell yourself when you want to feel better when what your really feeling is if only i was 30 pounds liter if only i was prettier if only i was this and if only i was that , he'd like me, he'd call me if i did look like pam anderson. Because face it you can have all the honor and integrity in the world. You could be freakin mother theresa but what really matters is tits an ass people. you get everything with tits and ass. Its crazy. So I brace myself for a long lonley life LMAO. Its really not so bad i do really enjoy being by myself but somedays it would be good to know that you have someone who has your back and who thinks you are beautiful. That would be nice. So now i hae put the thought of Rob out of my mind, and then Chris calls me up. NOw Chris is a fishing buddy of mine. Also very fine. Chris is awesome, he's sweet and funny and a great fishing buddy. well turns out that we flirted and stuff but decied to stay friends. Out of the blue he calls me yesterday and asks me to spend some time with him friday night, But it doesn't sounds like friends hanging out if you know what i mean lol. So i wonder about that, Its funny. the things we go through in a avarage day lol
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    angel1360  61, Female, USA - 4 entries
Jul 2006
1:54 PM PM

"gratitude"a hard thing to realize some times...I am grateful for my parents..who tho know now a part of my past that they were unsure about.have accepted it..and are a great sense of security for me..I almost lost my dad earlier this year and I am very greatful that it wasnt his time to leave this world,and like all families we have had or share of problems but I wouldnt trade him for the world...I am also grateful to have found the love of my life..he too is ill as I,6 months older,he's a yankee I am a "grits"...he is my Angel..and I love him so very much..I have been married 3 times but I have never loved anyone as much...
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    fjmorris15  33, Male, Canada - 5 entries
Feb 2002
11:40 PM CDT

DFS Associates Acquisition Services Tokyo Japan on Mergers and Acquisitions: International

The continuing pursuit for growth and popular drive toward globalization pushes farther the introduction or expansion within Tokyo, Japan as a prime investment target for many global companies. Subsequently, the middle market offers numerous acquisition opportunities in all geographic areas and industry sector.

Our headquarters are located in Beijing, where our global team operates in close coordination closely with our investment banking experts in the Japan to match middle-market sellers with the widest available network of positive financial acquirers throughout the world.

DFS Associates is recognized as a trusted investment banking company worldwide, recognized as a leader in mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, tax efficiency and divestitures, especially in the middle tiers of the private sector.

DFS Associates demand from our people the highest levels of professional conduct, observance of high ethical values and expert performance beyond client, employee and shareholder expectations within our entire organization.
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    post  34, Female, India - First entry!
Jun 1998
10:20 AM IST

chris hemsworth net worth

If you are a fan of the Marvel cinematic universe, you might want to check out Chris Hemsworth's net worth. This Australian actor earned over $170 million by the time he was 50 years old. His success has helped him to earn a good amount of money, but the real story is much more complex than just his net value. To get a better idea of how much the Australian actor is worth, read the article below.He's had a great career in Hollywood, starring in several movies and television shows. His films include Vacation and Blackhat, as well as The Huntsman: Winter's War and In the Heart of the Sea. His most recent films include Ghostbusters and the upcoming 12 Strong, which earned him another $30 million in revenue. His net worth is estimated to be at least $100 million.After making his movie debut, Hemsworth ventured into the world of movies and TV shows. His 2009 performance in Star Trek: The Next Generation was a hit, and he was cast as Thor in 2011. The film earned him $30 million worldwide. In 2014, Hemsworth earned $37 million. He reportedly has seven-figure endorsement deals with Hugo Boss and Tommy Hilfiger. His other investments include his own app and an Audi Q7 worth $90,500.��chris hemsworth net worth
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    cheapflighto  26, Female, California, USA - First entry!
Jun 1996
2:18 AM IST

How do I check my flight status on Alaska Airlines?

How can I check my Alaska Airlines flight status?

Alaska Airlines is considered the fifth largest airline service provider in terms of its fleet size, the number of passengers, and destinations served. Having its headquarters in Washington, Alaska airlines facilitates both domestic and international flights. One can easily check their flight status through different modes. Keep on reading to know how to check the real-time status of your Alaska Airlines flight. You can refer to the instructions given below, whether you are by yourself or have a family member traveling with Alaska airlines, to check the flight's status.

Alaska Airlines flight status

Passengers can check the real-time status of their flights in seconds with the advanced technology that allows passengers to track down the flight. Follow the procedure as per your compatibility.

Through website

  1. Launch the official website of Alaska airlines via the preferred web engine.
  2. Be ready with your reservation number, date of departure. Once you are on the website, enter the details.
  3. Now proceed further and click on the check status button.
  4. All the flight details like location, status, and routes of flight will appear on the next page.

At airport

You can reach out to the customer care center of Alaska airlines at the airport to check the status of the flight. Alaska airlines use the highest level GPS tracking technology to ensure the passengers can get access to their flight status. The airport staff will tell you the exact location and estimated time of arrival or departure then and there.

Other than the information mentioned above, one can reach out to the customer care toll-free number to check the�flight status Alaska airlines in a very effortless manner. Just provide the necessary details to the customer care expert, and they will tell you the exact location of the flight. As the Alaska airlines customer service team is available 24x7, so feel free to contact me anytime.

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    merrydom  22, Female, New York, USA - First entry!
Aug 1995
3:50 AM IST


Los Angeles is the largest city in California and the second-most populous in the United States of America. Bed bugs occur at any season so if you are searching for bed bugs control companies in Los Angeles the following are the top companies which provide services in exterminating bed bugs infestations:






GAM EXTERMINATING: GAM Exterminating is a pest control company offer services in exterminating bed bugs, ants, spiders, beetles, fleas, wasps, centipedes, roaches, termites, mice, rats etcetera. GAM Exterminating was established in 2012 and is committed to green practices. This company uses eco-friendly products for eradicating pests. GAM Exterminating uses Integrated Pest Management methodologies to get rid of pests.

My Termite Company: My Termite Company is a family-owned company. This company is providing its services from 2011. My Termite Company offers reliable services and also provides wood repairs for residential and commercial premises.

GLADIATOR PEST CONTROL: Gladiator pest control has been giving their services in Los Angeles for more than 10 years. This company provides services to commercial and residential properties.

Ronin Termite & Pest Control is a family-owned company. It is certified and licensed by the structural pest control board and a member of Pest Control Operations of California

(P.C.O.C). This company uses modern techniques for eradicating pests.

Stanley Pest Control Company is providing its services for over 75 years. This company offers services to residential, commercial, and industrial phases. It is a family-owned business.

I had bedbug problems at my home and wanted a reliable service. I took advice from my friends and they all suggested to me about the GAM Exterminating Company. I searched for this company on the internet and called them for inspection. GAM Exterminating provided me a free inspection and the technicians working with GAM Exterminating used non-toxic products for eradicating bed bugs from my property. Their service was very effective and reliable. Now my home is free from bed bugs and I am very elated by their service. If you also want a pest-free property you can call GAM Exterminating on 310-947-8947.

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    rjanagama  32, Male, New York, USA - First entry!
Oct 1994
9:13 AM EDT

Deployment Support Engineer

A Deployment Support Engineer plans and supports new system installations, software and hardware upgrades, and other onsite services. To initiate these processes, this individual collaborates with project managers, customers, and product development teams.

Deployment in IT involves ensuring that new software or hardware is functioning as it should in an organization’s ecosystem after it has been installed, configured, tested, and modified as per requirements.

Moreover, support engineers analyze and troubleshoot technical problems of diverse technologies and platforms, besides suggesting what equipment and applications to be purchased in their client network architecture. They also research, trial, and deploy new IT solutions and services as per the requirements of their organizations. Support engineers should also have expertise in the services or products offered by their enterprise.

Importantly, they would need to be good team players with excellent customer service skills. �

Job De scription of Deployment Support Engineers

They are the first point of contact for users who require support for their PCs, laptops, mobile devices, networking, telephony, applications, and printers, among others.

Deployment Support Engineers also resolve and address issues of all users within an organization, help the onboarding of new employees by setting up their PCs or other devices. They deploy hardware, software, and other equipment and undertake protective maintenance assignments on all equipment. They carry out tasks by complying with warranty requirements, while monitoring, operating, managing, resolving, and restoring to service any device that has the authority to access the network. Finally, by monitoring and evaluating tickets raised, issues and requests for support, they develop trends for network infrastructure.

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