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Jan 2010
3:53 PM CST

Perhaps it is the beginning of a mid life crisis...perhaps it is the 7 year itch...perhaps�it is because he has always been in my heart...Whatever the reason is it doesn't matter now. I am on the fast track of this affair and the irony is...this is the second time we have had an affair with each other. The first time I was 23...N was 29 and engaged. I had met his fiancee and even liked her. His circle of friends let me in quickly and we began to hang out also helped that he and his friends hung out at the bar I worked at. After work one night him and his friend were going back to his place and invited me along. I went and as we were talking I looked over and something had changed...I don't know if it was something in my mind or something in my heart but it took me only an instant to realize that I was starting to fall for N. His impending marriage didn't matter to me at that moment. I had fallen for a guy that was going to be married within the year...

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