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Mar 2007
4:10 AM EDT

Ok i havent written in a long time. we have our moments of bliss and then a hurrican comes through. Im tired of bein accused of cheating all the time and then he says he forgives me. For what i didnt do anything. He reads my journal entries and goes through my things. What am i guilty of. At this point im not going to say sorry for things i havent done.No more. I have to much going on with my son. my work and him to .. why does it have to be so complicated. I cant lie to him i cant telll him the truth it really doesnt make a difference because he believes what he believes. This is my journal where i can let things out without being judged. He asked me not to write his name on the internet and that is fine i have deleted his name. I respect his privacy. He spends loads of time online sharing whatever he is sharing looking at things married men shouldnt look at. I have accepted that i cant change that or anything for that matter. Comment of other women lunches with other women. he say he does all these things because of me. thats a cop out he doing it because that what he wants to do. i dont blame anyone for the things i do. i own up to them. Im such a bad wife. fat ashtray. losser. ive learned u have to be careful what u say. Being angry and screaming doesnt help either but i get to this point . i hold it and hold it. it doesnt make it right i am not perfect although he would love me to be but no one is not even him. thank god i dont have the balls to say what i think about him because love does make u nicer even though they are not.Im done writing READ THIS if you wish but its my journal. MY JOURNAL MY OUTLET no one replies not one has comments just a place for me to write. this will be the only entry that you will see every other entry is private and for me to see only. My Private thoughts are mine. All future entries will be posted as private and none will be accessible. these entries also protect the privacy of others involved in my thoughts and i have to respect that.
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    About Me: I am a 29yr old mom of a son and wife of a husband. i work and live this boring life with no drive to change. Im very blunt. I just moved to a new town on the west coast of Florida .. Iam alone i have no friend ..

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