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    Lolastar18  33, Female, United Kingdom - 28 entries
Aug 2010
8:51 AM EDT

Bow Chica wow wha

Heyyy! wassup? Soo, schools out for summer :D Happy happy! Four weeks left -_- And the bad thing is when i dont want it to go quickly, IT DOES then, when i want the week to speed up a bit to an event, it goes so slow! I'm more then happy to have all this time off of school. But so many great things are happening this week! im not doing anything tommorow. But On Wednesday something SO EXITING I MIGHT PEE MYSELF is happening. I wont wright about it till after though. Then Thursday im going to see Hairspray, (not the movie seen that got the DVD) On stage. I dont know if it is the big Broadway-ish one. But I think Hairspray is exeptionordnarily good!! so Maybe i will enjoy the onstage one. Then on friday its shopping time :D And i cant wait untill Halloween, and November My Neice will be born! then christmas. :O Im getting a Laptop For Christmas, I will make sure of it!! I need one badly. I always Use computers. Im always on Facebook, and Twitter keeping up with the Gossip and my friends. Then Youtube... Is one thing i cannot live without, I dunno about you guys. But i CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT YouTube !! So, I need to beg my Mum and Dad to go half and half to get me a laptop. I dont really want much else. in fact. Thats the only thing i want!

1 comment(s) - 03:35 PM - 08/25/2010
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    Cafegurl17  35, Female, Missouri, USA - 3 entries
Apr 2008
12:53 PM CST

Laptop Woes

Wow my parents are awful, this morning it was go ahead and get your laptop for college and this evening it is i dont want to spend any more money on computers what's your problem!

What's all that about!!! Now thanks to her not wanting to spend money i can't afford to go to college till next year! Way to go mom! make me never graduate and annoy me to the point of going insane....

i am so stressed out between babysitting,working, cleaning, running the house,and trying to get in a couple of hours of study� i can't take it anymore. and on top of it all she won't allow me to move out or get a college loan! This is total cabin fever like. I don't know what i'm going to do about it all.... I mean what do i do? i'm cornered in awful cercumstances� with no way out in site. Plus living in this house and sharing a bedroom with everyone is driving me nuts!

Well maybe i'll elaborate on this subject later but right now i need to let off some steam....

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    thinguyen14  29, Male, Georgia, USA - 7 entries
Dec 2018
5:52 AM +07

Lenovo X1 Carbon

Lenovo X1 Carbon in Singapore – Rethink Your Notebook

The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon series has been favored by businessmen from around the world because this laptop series boasts some of the most business-centric laptops in the market. With this proven formula, Lenovo continues to consolidate its winning designs by focusing on its best features. Now, Lenovo is proud to unveil the fifth-generation of Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon.

Vibrant & Colorful Display Screen

Lenovo ThinkPad Carbon laptop flaunts a 14-inch display screen (1920 x 1080 resolution) that promises vivid and vibrant display quality. Whenever you watch videos or playing your games, you will be surprised that you can enjoy immersive viewing experience. Its display screen also offers great color accuracy and amazing viewing angle. If you worry about glare, its display screen incorporates anti-glare feature so that you can view under direct sunlight or bright light conditions.

Impressive Design that Inspires

When you compare the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon laptop with its predecessor, you will quickly conclude that it is slimmer (from 0.65 to 0.6 inches) and lighter�(from 2.6 to 2.49 pounds). With just an 8% smaller footprint than its predecessor, Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon is easier to�hold and carry.�While�most Lenovo�ThinkPads�are available in black color only, but this Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon is available in both silver and black colors. Thanks to its�slightly�rubbery texture, it makes your palm rest feels like a comfy gel pad. At the same time, both its lid and bottom are fun to hold and touch.

True Peace of Mind

Aside from its gorgeous looks, the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon laptop is made to withstand some heavy punishment with its tough carbon-fiber and magnesium chassis. In fact, it�passes MIL-SPEC tests for extreme temperatures, shocks, vibrations, and sandblasts. It even goes through Lenovo's own proprietary bump and drop tests. Not only that, this Lenovo laptop features�dTPM�2.0 encryption and�vPro�for both security and remote management. It also comes with a built-in fingerprint reader which you can use to log in via Windows Hello.

Superior Staying Power

When it comes to laptops, a good battery staying power is important�especially when you need to travel around. This Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon laptop will assure you with up to 15.5 hours of battery life. When your battery hits low, you do not have to worry because its rapid charging feature provides 80% power in just one hour. When you stop for a lunch break or a layover, you will be able to charge your laptop and�get your battery back up to more than 12 hours.

Housing the incredible Intel Thunderbolt 3 technology, it can bring lightning-fast Thunderbolt to USB-C speeds up to 40Gbps. When you can connect a cable from your USB-C port to a Thunderbolt 3-enabled device, you will get�four times the data and twice the video bandwidth of any port type. At the same time, it delivers power. You can even use the Thunderbolt Dock to connect to two 4K displays.

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    yshielynn  30, Female, Philippines - 11 entries
Jan 2019
10:12 AM PST

Are you ready for Foldable Phones this 2019?

Would you buy a foldable phone?

Compared to some 10 years ago, smartphones have evolved significantly. From using monochromatic screens with only a few pixels to a massive technological wonder, who knew you can store a gadget with the same processing power as a laptop? If you think that smartphone technology has plateaued, its about to take a gigantic leap this 2019. Many cell phone brands today are now on the race to create the first foldable phone this 2019.

One of the most vocal about creating a foldable phone for 2019 is Samsung. There are unconfirmed reports about a 7-inch phone with a screen that can be folded like a wallet. Some alleged leakers are even calling it the Samsung Galaxy X with the price reaching as much as $1800, and to be released within the first half of 2019.

Another massive name in smartphones, Huawei looks like its going to beat Samsung phones to the race. The Chinese tech brand has already beat Apple as the second biggest smartphone supplier in the world, its possible that they just might be the first brand to develop a foldable phone. Huawei is now developing bendable OLED displays with BOE Technology Group. The goal of the foldable phone, however, was to create a media buzz so large that it could beat Samsung. Looking for Huawei phones price list? Check out Huawei price Philippines.

Xiaomi is also gearing up for a 2018 foldable phone release. The third largest smartphone maker is allegedly working with a Korean tech parts manufacturer to create an out-folding type phone. Besides Xiaomi, Oppo is also making a similar approach with their foldable phone plans for 2019.

Although foldable phones look like something from Futurama, many brands are on the race to become the first to introduce it to the market. Back in 2016, Lenovo demo-ed engineering concepts featuring a phone that can fold around your wrists as well as a foldable tablet. Though these phones are mere concepts, Lenovo pointed out that foldable phones are not much of the display but how to make sensitive components bendable. Moreover, Lenovo are among the best laptop brands in the Philippines including ASUS, DELL, Acer, HP, and a whole lot more. Check out the latest laptop price Philippines!

For Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, and Oppo, there is much work to be done to make a foldable phone work. We cant wait to see what these brands have in store for us this 2019.

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