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    hopelessromantic  34, Female, Philippines - 16 entries
Jan 2011
6:11 AM PST


Dear Jakoy,

I thought my feelings for you were all dumped in oblivion, but I was so wrong. It's like a vintage bomb dug out of nowhere and was accidentaly detonated,what a huge blast! I never knew it coming. I thought I have gotten over it long before we ever talked again, but yeah sad to say it's always there, just waiting for the right time to come alive, again!

I've decided to take a break from the internet for some reasons, including you. I want to get away with you and forget about my feelings over again. Its hard to love a friend, it's even harder when he lives so far away, and you know what's the hardest? He likes/loves someone else. How am I suppose to fight for it when in the very first place I know that I already lost the battle. Unrequited love has been hurting me for the past years. It sucks! :'(

I'm missing you a lot. I always think about you, day and night, every second ad every minute of the day. As days pass by I know that my feelings keep on growing, stronger and deeper. I can't hold it back anymore. So I hope this drastic measure would work and not be such a futile attempt at the end.

I love you Jakoy, with all my heart, body and soul. I wish we live closer so that I could just show you upfront how much I Love you. I guess though, I just have to accept that some things are not meant, just like "us". Nevertheless, I'll love you and I know it for sure that you'll always be a part of me.

*hugs and kisses*

be safe and may God be always with you.

Don't forget to smile always

~Big J ♥

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