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    Ranilyn  27, Female, Canada - 26 entries
Oct 2012
3:58 PM MST


Currently on gaia participating in the Halloween event in team Kurogan! Fun stuff. I forgot the random things Gaia would pull on their site...the little ads on the corner of our screens are really annoying though. The idea/game they come up with is simple - almost boring, really - but what I love is how people take it and really make it interesting. Mere posting in forums and simplistic mini-games are transformed by safe-zone and energy bump forums, healing zones, as well as the more sinister threads where you can request for a hunter to target that annoying user who is repeatedly killing you, and these hunters are backed by medics to ensure they don't have to deal with pesky drop in health by people who seek revenge.

Also trying to decide if I want to save my inboxjournal entries in my USB key in case anything happens so I'll at least still have a copy of this stuff. But then if I lend it to a friend when we're doing a school project, there's a chance they might browse through my folders and discover it. Hmm...speaking of making extra copies, I think I might like to also save everything in my USB on the computer - I'd hate to lose all the stuff in there again like the time Arvin broke my USB by playing catch with it. And is it a bad idea to type up all those pieces of papers with random scribbled rants/thoughts/etc? In the event that I lose them? But how safe is the internet? Those scraps of paper are the stuff I DO NOT want people to see. Maybe I should just make a written copy of everything. Okay, this is getting out of hand but there are pros and cons in every choice - but I ireally don't need like 4 copies of everything.

There is homework too that needs to be done. I'm starting with a couple questions on post-France WWI, then do some MAJOR catch up in math, and then drawing up a World-Lit proposal for tomorrow.

Perhaps I'll even find some time to do some writing. I miss writing - like free wriitng, where I just write whatever I want without worry for structure and topic.

Alright, back to gaia. I've got some vampires to kill and the dark elves are outnumbered 2-1 so we'll need some help. :D

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