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    beautifuldisaster271  25, Male, Florida, USA - First entry!
May 2008
9:11 AM EDT

how lovely

Damn,wtf people need to get over their shit and mind their own fucking buisness.This group of kids was pissing me off so I slapped the girl (sasha),and then she slapped me back,and her friends are mad and getting everybody else (strangers included)�invlolved because they can't face the music and fucking solve their own issues.DAMN.One of the girls (Andrea) told me she was going to get her older brother to come over to my house and beat me up,shoot me,idk because I called her a whore,lmaoooo.Well what do you think I'm gonna do?She wears friggin cameltoe hip-hugger jeans,jordans or heels,halters or�glittery ghetto text shirts that say a bunch of shit all over it.And sasha is just a little cock eyed bitch who doesn't know how to respect people.And her brother acts like he's high all the time.It may seem like I overreacted to the situation,but I've had too fucking much going on in my life and I was having a shitty day,and this little hoe just comes up to me on the bus showing me a picture of Whitney Houston or somthing and yelling out "HEY EVERYBODY LOOK IT'S CASSANDRA!!!".And she kept on going after I said to stop,so HELL YES I'm gonna slap her.Well,tomarow is going to be hell,but whatever,Sasha is ugly,masculine, and cockeyed and Andrea is HIDEOUS,she's got no personality,she is also cockeyed,and she smells like fish.


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