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    Ranilyn  29, Female, Canada - 26 entries
Jul 2010
4:55 PM MDT

JUST look at it the from the other view okay?! You e not the only one thats getting hurt!

I'm tired of being the understanding one; tired of being the middleman; tired of seeing both sides of the situation and being the only who could; tired of being the mature one in freaking everything; tired of trying to ask people to PLEASE open your mind, and just TRY to see from another point of view. Is that really too much to ask? You don't have to agree with them - sometimes I don't either, but please just try to see where the other person's�coming from!

I"m not trying to side with anyone. I"m not trying to antagonize you�by being on "the other side." I don't agree with either one of you. I"m simply trying to let you understand what the other person's thinking and why they act that way - not saying that its right or wrong. I'm trying to give you�an unbiased view of the situation, not defend the other person. In fact, I usually do the same thing to the other person, I tell them what YOU think, what�THEY needed to work on,�and WHY you reacted the way you did. And�guess what? Do guess who's the scrapegoat who gets BOTH of the vented feelings of hurt.��It's too difficult to try an alleviate these misunderstandings, too difficult to nurture forgiveness and love between people (especially when you get�the brunt of it and people get angry and act childishly immature...anyway...) �but it's so stupidly painful to watch people fight and argue, how they think they're think the�one that is being hurt�and do not stop for a second to see how they're hurting the other person, how its JUST miscommunications. I have no idea if that's a real word, and truthfully, don't care at the moment because it sums up what� I was trying to say.

Frankly, I think the both sides are at fault, neither is right, both too narrow minded to see from past their own perspectives. WHY CAN'T PEOPLE BE A LITTLE MORE UNDERSTANDING?! Yes the way to solve this problem is to ignore the other person even if they're not even talking about the fight anymore. Yes, leave the room because I'm in here. Yes, please talk rot�behind the person's back and in front of people care for the both of you and hurt them too. Yes, thank me for making you cry and asking me if I thought I had achieve my goal because that's exactly what I wanted when�it was definitely not easy to get up and actually try to do something about it rather than watch it happen AGAIN passively.� Yes, please bring up every single time you can think of about how the other person did you wrong. And you say I'M the one who needs to grow up.

As you can see I was rather upset, and that was a rather long rant that had been in me for awhile. For anyone who actually got this far, who read this far, I want to say I appreciate it. To wrap it up, I just want to say that next time someone puts you down, or hurt your feelings deeply, or you get into a fight, please try and consider try to see from the other person's point of view. When you get hurt, chances are - not always but most likely - �you have hurt them somehow too, if not before they hurt you, definitely during the heated conversation that follows. �Don't retaliate because they're done something to you, then it'll never end, and then you also hurt the people who are watching, because its usually such a small and STUPID thing.

Well, the world calls...
Have a g'night sleep everyone!
With love, Supersolvers
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